Why did Myria LeJean become different from the other auditors?

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  1. Why did Lady LeJean become different? She could survive dreaming, chocolate, and even set traps for the other auditors. Why?
  2. Electric_Man Templar

    She was the first auditor to take human form, it was the human body that corrupted her against the other auditors.

    The other auditors in Thief of Time were human for less than a day at the climax of the book, whereas Lady LeJean had been one for at least a couple of weeks. As such she had gently adapted to the obstacles that the 'new' auditors were freshly and forcefully exposed to.
  3. But still, it doesn't explain how she survived dreaming. . .
  4. Electric_Man Templar

    If you remember, when she first incarnated, she would return to auditor non-form after each time that she had visited Jeremy. During this period she did not really partake in any vices at all, so the chocolate/dream issue didn't come up until after she was used to the standard bodily functions.

    Eventually, she found the body agreeable and decided to keep occupying it. From a taste bud perspective, she eased her way through dry toast up to more tasty foods, so that was manageable.

    If you recall, she said the experience of dreams nearly killed her. However, we don't know if that would have killed her if she had only just started occupying the body, because that wasn't a reason that any of the other auditors died.
  5. Oh yeah. . . I forgot about that. . .
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    Jeremy Clockson

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