Who Could Play Vimes in a Movie?

Discussion in 'THE WATCH BOOKS' started by ArthurDent, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. ArthurDent New Member

    Hugh Laurie all the way.
  2. ArthurDent New Member

    I forgot to add someone else, how can I edit that?
  3. Marcia Executive Onion

    Arthur Dent, If you want to edit a post, just click on the "edit" button at the top right of the post. It's not necessary to make two posts one right after the other.
  4. Maljonic Administrator

    Just press the edit button in your first post, then you can alter your poll. :)
  5. QuothTheRaven New Member

    Never heard of any of those actors. Maybee it's because i am just an ignorant american.
  6. Hansi New Member

    Hell yeah, the others aren't even an option.
  7. ArthurDent New Member

    It's still not letting me edit my poll.
  8. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    A young(er) Clint Eastwood is who you need.
  9. colonesque10 New Member

    Pfff, thats poppy socks if I ever heard it. I think if not Hugh Laurie it must be Moorse, can't remember the actors name. :)
  10. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    John Thaw. He's dead now.
  11. Maljonic Administrator

    I think Sean Bean might be all right. :)
  12. Sinister_the_Pink New Member

  13. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Isn't Sean Bean a little too blond to play Vimes? He might make a good Baron if they couldn't get Fabio (I just have a yen to see him scratch that long hair like a wolf).
  14. timmmmm New Member

    What about Carrot?
    who do you think would best cast in that role?
  15. Maljonic Administrator

    Come up with a few names and start a poll. :)
  16. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    I think if Ben Affleck wasn't such a sucky actor he could play him. He looks right.
  17. ArthurDent New Member

    I’ve always pictured a young, buffed up Michael Palin.
  18. colonesque10 New Member

    Is this just in general every day life Arthur or as Carrot? ;) :D
  19. Cassiepeia New Member

    Oh definately Hugh Laurie. Anyone seen his show 'House'? LOL Yep, definately can see him as Vimes. :D

  20. Freya New Member

    Hugh Laurie has my vote. I had difficulty imagining Prince George in a hospital drama. However, "House" is one of the best series of the year and Mr Laurie's performance is terrific. As Vimes, he would have just the right kind of dark humour and dogged determination.
  21. Ecksian New Member

    Lately I've been re-watching some early Stargate-SG1 episodes, and I think Richard Dean Anderson would make a great Vimes.

    I know I know, he doesn't really look the part, and the thought of Vimes with an American accent makes me shudder, but RDA has that cynical disrespect for 'superior' classes down pat.
  22. Amonereb New Member

    I'm not sure about Hugh Laurie, but then I haven't seen house, but I could envisage Rowan Atkinson in his Blackadder days.

    ..btw Hello Everybody :)
  23. Maljonic Administrator

    Hello. :)

    By the way, I wonder why some people are hung up on the idea that the characters must have an English accent, is it simply because Terry Pratchett is English?

    The Discworld is an entirely different planet in a different universe, but the countries in it are based loosley on different parts of this world, many of them not England. Ankh Morpork is thought to be a cross between a few cities around our world, such as London, New York and Philladelphia (sp?), yet it is none of those at the same time. It's a lot like York where I live, but not identical. It's supposed to be a boiling pot of cultures from all over the Disc so there would be all kinds of accents, including ones that might sound American (i.e the Stargate chap is a valid idea), and will probably have an accent of its own that belongs to Ankh Morporkers born and bread.

    I think it would be more fitting to get people from lots of different nationalities to play the different parts. :)
  24. Ecksian New Member


    That's a really good point Maljonic, I never thought of it like that.
    I've just always thought Ankh Morpork had an English 'feel' to it, even before I found out Pratcho is English.
  25. Mady New Member

    Hey Ecksian, I know what you mean by Richard Dean Anderson. So far he's the best person I know that has the whole sarcastic thing going on.

    Oh by the way I feel I should mention this is my first post.
    Go Me!
  26. Amonereb New Member

    I think TP describes accents where they are appropriate quite well. XXXX has an obvious Australian twang to it etc. I'm not sure if he's dared to ridicule the American accent but I dont believe so. The type of words used by people in A-M are also very British. Buggerem is one that comes to mind.

    Having said all that I personally dont have a problem with american accents or americans playing roles in a TP movie. America has some fantastic actors.
  27. mowgli New Member

    Hugh Laurie DEFINITELY gets my vote :)

    (only 3 more days until the new House season starts! Weeee!)
  28. Zisteau New Member

    How about Bernard Hill as Vimes? You'd have to die his hair something dark, of course, but I think he has just the right combination of kick you ass with grizzled veteran.

  29. Maljonic Administrator

    I think that could work. :)
  30. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Please also consider Martin Donovan

    and Gabriel Byrne

    Martin Donovan is a Hal Hartley regular and also starred in "Saved" and Gabriel Byrn was amazing in "Miller's Crossing".
  31. quinn New Member

    After watching "Dog Soldiers" I always thought Sean Pertwee would make a good Vimes.
    Have a good day
  32. Maljonic Administrator

    I agree, he's better than all the people in the above poll at least I think. :)
  33. Hsing Moderator

    I had to look him up, and I'm not quite sure. But somehow I, too, can't picture any of the actors listed above playing Vimes. :)
  34. pmsurrey New Member

    I can't see any human playing any of the charators from any of the books. Each of the Guards or Witches or any of the people are beings unto themselfs. Yes, Lord of the Rings had humans but they were not the most important. I don't like the idea of some actor being Vimes or Carrot and then in the next movie some one else being them. I have the cartoon version of one of the books and thats fun because they could stay whit the book terry wrote. Whit humans they would have to change to many things for the storys to makes sense. I really don't want any one to mess with any of Terrys books, they are perfect just the way they are.
  35. Roman_K New Member

    Sean Pertwee looks to be a good possibility, but I'll have to see a movie he was in to be certain, to see if he's got the acting skills and, more importantly, the right voice.

    Pmsurrey, please take your time in writing your posts. Most of our members are not from English-speaking countries, so your post would be a bit difficult to read. Use Word if you can. If you can't, then you can't, but please do your best in writing your posts.
  36. pmsurrey New Member

    I am sorry if someone is not able to understand what I wrote. So as not to cause any one else discomfort please cancel my application.
  37. Roman_K New Member

    Erm, no one asked you to cancel any applications. I just asked you to try and write in a clearer manner if possible.
  38. Pixel New Member

    Roman - I think you might possibly be too eager to jump on some newbits for simple mis-spelling or typos - pmsurrey's post was intelligible and did not contain l33t-speak or similar - maybe a bit of paragraphing would have been nice, but not essential.

    Let's not forget that since we have rules/guidelines to help members who are not native English speakers, or who have problems with the written word, by the same token we should be reasonably tolerant about their mistakes.
  39. Maljonic Administrator

    I agree, way too harsh. I'd have hardly noticed there was anything wrong with his post if Roman hadn't said anything. There's no shorthand or anything and it makes sense, let's not get too carried away with rules.
  40. Pixel New Member

    Her post, actually - I just hope she hasn't been frightened off.
  41. KaptenKaries New Member

    It seems to be the default introduction rite. I also got someone telling me I'd written sub-standard English in my first post in the "Introduce yourselves" thread. ;-)
  42. Maljonic Administrator

    Oops, sorry about that. Anyway, I hope she comes back. :)
  43. Roman_K New Member


    Pmsurrey's English wasn't all that terrible, I admit, so my request looked more like a telling-off. Pmsurrey, you have my apologies. No one is overtly bothered or insulted by your English, and my post was little beyond a request to try and do better if you can. Stick around, you'll soon grow to like the place. :)
  44. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    No one was telling you off, just curious :) Samps said:

    I think if someone thats difficulty understanding a post the best way to deal with any misunderstanding is to explain the problem. It's not always rules or telling people off.

    For me pmsurrys post is hard to read, the block of text blurs into one kinda so I'll go from one line to a jump to the other. I can read it but i have to consentrate and a few paragraphs would make it much easier.

    I don't think roman expressed it the completely the right way, but his motives where fine. Perphaps a simple 'please try to break up your text a bit becuase blah, blah, blah'

    For you guys the post might of been easy to read but you don't have learning difficulties (spazness) or english difficulties, other people here do.

    I do think there is a fine line between being over harsh on the rules and the need to take into account the wide base of people we have here.

    If pmsurry was 'scared' from here becuase she was asked to make a bit for effort to help acomodate foriegn or english challagened people thats her lost, not ours.

    However, i'm sure shes just hasn't checked the boards and would be more that happy to such a slight alteration to her posting style to help the other members.

    edit: spelling.
  45. pmsurrey New Member

    Apologies accepted. As I stated I am new here. And was not aware of the fact that for many of you English is a second language. I will try to keep my comments short.
  46. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Thanks. Being new there is no way you should be expected to know. We're in the process of making a guildlines to help newer members understand the place.
    Also,there is no need to keep your comments short, write as much as you have to say but if you could just break up the text slightly it would make it alot easier for the few who struggle. We really apprecaite any effort people make so that the board is accessible to all, some times even the simplest changes can make a big difference.
  47. KaptenKaries New Member

    I know, I was just teasing Sampanna. That was why I added the ;) on the end. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  48. Maljonic Administrator

    Rhys Ifans isn't doing very well, who the Hell is he anyway? :)
  49. Hsing Moderator

    I seem to remember he's the guy who played Gimli in the LOTR films. He'd definately be a cast for Ridcully!
  50. Electric_Man Templar

  51. Maljonic Administrator

    Oh God no, he looks too unrough to be Vimes. In fact I'm not sure he'd fit in anywhere on the Discworld. :)
  52. Pixel New Member

    Rinso, I think you've hit it - the FAQ/"Rules" should be called "The Guildlines" - the statutes of the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Boardanians!
  53. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Nah, my fault. Your teasing is just to high class for me. I just mock his (her) sex. :)
  54. Ecksian New Member

    Actually, I believe he would make a good Carcer, or possibly Mr Teatime.
  55. Roman_K New Member


    A glass eye in one, a pinpoint pupil in the other... a Victorian Era costume...

    He could do Mr. Teatime. Carcer should be rougher, I think.
  56. koshu New Member

    Hugh would make a great vimes I mean there is no competition between all those other actors!!!!!:eek:
  57. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I must admit I haven't seen much of Hugh Laurie since Blackadder except maybe some costume film where he again plays a stuck-up aristocrat, so err, non, can't imagine him as Vimes on that, but I agree he's a good actor, so I guess he could...

    RDA, woh, yeah, I understand the cynical and disrespectful side, but as much as i love the guy, nope, he just doesn't have the looks... although... well, he is getting on a bit, looking a bit rougher... but nope, he's too tall I think, I see vimes as a small-ish, round-ish-but-not-fat guy, not big and muscular...

    I think this calls for a mixture of people, a bit of RDA's personnality, Hugh's talent and the physique of that guy someone posted a pic of... All we have to do... is find an Igor and an thunderstorm... :D
  58. Hermia New Member

    I agree about Hugh being a little too tall, but then that's just my imagination; I can't remember having read an actual description of Vimes. Nevertheless, I selected him. I wouldn't have a while ago, but now I've seen House I'm inclined to think he could play any part in anything!
  59. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Hugh as "that silly girl" in Titanic.

    Hugh as Arwen in LoTR.

    Hugh as the Terminator.

    yup, i guess you're right, I can imagine it... It's funny too ! :D
  60. koshu New Member

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