Who could play Vetinari in a movie?

Discussion in 'THE WATCH BOOKS' started by Pinkystupot, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. kasyx New Member

    Personally, i think either Jeremy would b good :)
  2. junkpunk New Member

    I didn't like Jeremy. He looked fine but just didn't have any personality for me.
  3. wilva New Member

    Mr sexy man Rickman for which part?? Rincewind? Sam Vimes? (surely he'd be too tall :wink:?)
  4. alexbutterfield New Member

    jeremy irons looked perfect, but over acted a bit - too pantomime

    twoflower by Sean Astin was good

    David Jason was the best acting which made up for him not looking the part - just too old looking for me.

    What about other parts?

    Vimes? I saw a suggestion of Dennis Quaid once, and I can see it, grisly enough, right age. I don't imagine it would ever happen but...

  5. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Hmm, not bad. He's got the right degree of ugly.
  6. wilva New Member

    Mmm never underestimate the pull of "ugly", Dennis Quaid as Vimes I like the idea!
  7. alexbutterfield New Member

    what about moist?

    its a tough one

    paul bettany?

  8. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I can see that. Although Paul Bettany is perhaps too distinctive looking. Gary Oldman might be good, because part of his ability to play any character is in his very non-descript face.
  9. alexbutterfield New Member

    yeah, but maybe oldman is too much of an old man

    aaron eckhart, from thank you for smoking. hes ind of bland and charming
  10. brendan New Member

    whos is vetinari

    :shock::sad:jeremy irons made a good one in the tv special
  11. peapod_j New Member

    Jeremy Irons was brilliant in "The Coulour of Magic" and he's back in "Going postal". I am realy looking forward to finding out who is going to play Moist. The good thing with Irons is that he can keep a straght face easaly and I'm prity sure that Vimes or someone mensions about Vetinari being hard to read but I may be confused.
  12. alexbutterfield New Member

    They are making Going Postal next? awesome choice.

    lot's of characters to be cast then...
  13. alexbutterfield New Member


    Paul Bettany (maybe he's too big a star)

    Other suggestions were, James McAvoy (too famous), David Tennant (too annoying)


    Shirley Henderson

    Michelle Gomez from Green Wing


    Mackenzie Crook

    Reacher Guilt

    Stephen Fry


    Phillip Glenister
  14. randywine Member

    LOL, I'm totally with you there...

    MacKenzie Crook may be a little old for Stanley but I think he would be good choice.
  15. peapod_j New Member

    Tennant is to well know and all the Doctor Who fans will be expecting him to do somthing Doctorish.
  16. alexbutterfield New Member

    on the other hand - he's quite a big name at the moment and would bring in the crowds (of Dr Who nerds)
  17. peapod_j New Member

    Yer but the thing is that I love him as the Doctor same with the person who plays Jack in Torchwood. I will always think of them as the Doctor and Jack from Doctor Who. Its hard to think of them in somthing else. I don't think David Tennent could pull Moist off well.
  18. brensson New Member

    Were he still alive, I would gone for Jeremy Brett (the best Sherlock Holmes) but as it is, I think Alan Rickman would be perfect in the role of Vetinari.
  19. Carrington New Member


    For me it's got to be Alan Rickman as Vetinari - he just suits it perfectly and is a damn good actor too!

    Saw a clip on YouTube of Jeremy Irons and absolutely hated it - how could he give him a speech impediment? That's just not Vetinari at all!
    Also saw a clip of Charles Dance - difficult to tell with such a short clip but one thing which was screaming out at me was the fact his hair was his usual ginger. Vetinari's hair should always be black.

    I love the suggestion of Philip Glenister as Vimes, I've never been able to decide on anyone who would suit that role until now but I reckon it could work.
  20. brensson New Member

    I agree Alan Rickman would suit it well, or Richard E Grant would do a good job in the role too.
    Wasn't keen on Charles Dance :sad:

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