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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Orrdos, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Orrdos God

    Welcome to todays edition of "When Doors met" todays, special guest is a talented artist, official painter of the church of Orrdos, and a fan of turtles!

    Lets bring on:



    Hello, and welcome. We'll begin as always, with you giving us a brief autobiography of yourself :)

    Edit: This one was started in April 2004
  2. Orrdos God

    [b:ed3f551769]Posted by Hermes.[/b:ed3f551769]

    Let’s see, autobiography, such an interesting concept. Please excuse any blatant mistakes as I am by no means a writer :)

    Name: Samuel
    Age: 15, with a mental age that varies from 4 to 89

    I was born, and grew up (Or “am growing up,” alternatively. I still live here), near the District of Colombia over here in the states. More exactly, I was born in D.C. and now live in Potomac and/or Annapolis. Take your pick, as it really depends on when. My family includes my parents, a photographer and a government employee, and a brother, who can most easily be described as a slacker. There’s also a fat cat and intelligently deprived dog; we seem to attract ... different... pets, I guess.

    My life, both happily and sadly, isn’t exactly the most eventful. The only place I’ve been to out of the country was to Australia (When I was 6, so I’m not sure if it really counts), of which I only remember fragments. One piece of which is that you can get a hen and four baby chicks at Victoria Market for $20, and that koalas are typically woken up with sprinkler systems. Good things to know :)

    On a different note, an artistic note, I started drawing years ago, when I had the only good art teacher in the world. I stopped drawing when I had a horrible teacher the next year, and then started painting the year after when I didn’t have art as a class. The only thing I’ve learned from art classes is that the teachers are usually failed artists who just want to make people miserable as a way of making money. That’s it. I also do a bit of photography, although digitally as all the different aspects of traditional photography seem overwhelming to me.

    The elephants started back on the “It’s all about the elephants” thread, which was just a little bit after I moved to working digitally in Painter and Fireworks, if you were curious.

    And on religion, my parents are Christian, while I’m essentially a Pantheist (Dictionary.com: A doctrine identifying the Deity with the universe and its phenomena). Right. If it’s a little short... well, I can edit in some stuff about potatoes :)

    Oh, and relating to the political thread, I see nothing wrong with voting for Nader. He actually has some good qualities to him :p

    Edit: *Cough cough* ;)
  3. Orrdos God

    Ok, so, you're only 15? I must say, thats shocked me. I thought you were about my age.

    Pay attention kids, Hermes really IS mature :)

    Anyway, a question.

    What do you want to do with your life? Where do you see yourself in the future? Careers? That sort of thing :)
  4. Orrdos God

    [b:0b7f077d70]Posted by Hermes.[/b:0b7f077d70]

    I see myself doing little actual work, making huge amounts of money, having thousands of people at my command...

    What? Oh, fine.

    I plan on illustrating children’s books (or books of the like). Yes, that’s more of a long term goal. Most likely I’ll be working minimum wage in a supermarket doing commissions on the side until I’m 68...

    Eventually I shall sneak into a publishing company, murder a concept artist, change my name, and work as them (Wait, no, work as [i:0b7f077d70]him or her[/i:0b7f077d70]. Bad grammar there...) Then I will murd... [i:0b7f077d70]work[/i:0b7f077d70] my way to a more prominent position (The logic being: No one knows who exactly the concept artists are, and therefore one looking different wouldn’t cause any commotion, but if it happened to someone who receives actual credit then they [i:0b7f077d70]might[/i:0b7f077d70] just notice.)

    The fall back career is a being an “artist.”

    *See Hermes sitting in a rather nice chair on the side of a road holding a sign*

    ‘I am artist. Your mother say you feel bad for me and give me money. I not sell for 8 years, not eat for 6 years, not sleep for 4 years. You help me.’

    I figure it’s worth a shot ;)
  5. Orrdos God

    Lesee, if you could invite 4 famous people and 2 board members to dinner, who would it be and why?

  6. Orrdos God

    [b:7479cda64c]Posted by Hermes.[/b:7479cda64c]

    Assuming the famous people don't have to be living (Or speak an understandable language):

    Escher & Camoin: Both amazing artists, Escher slightly more so than Camoin. Escher's work always amazes me (Mainly the drawings using reflective surfaces: Hand with Reflecting Globe, Three Spheres II, and Eye). Camoin's painting style is why him, I think (And I generally like the Fauvist style). Either way, considering their greatness I'd be tempted to lock them in a closet with some paper at some point...

    Anyway, they're for entertainment. The more [i:7479cda64c]serious[/i:7479cda64c] famous guests would be:

    (Sigmund) Freud & Eysenck: They're for the conversation, conversation over the two boardspeople (You've figured it out already, haven't you? ;) ). Analysis over the minds of the two original Doormen would provide endless discussion and debate, which would possibly wander to other subjects. (Like Spoons. Now who's to say that psychologists can't have an obsession with spoons? ;) )

    Yes, I think that would be it :)
  7. Orrdos God

    [b:9cd4434c5a]Posted by Rincewind[/b:9cd4434c5a]

    Freud would say that my obcession (it's really just an interest, honest) with spoons is becuase i wnat to be my mother who is jealous of my fathers manhood. The crazy opitum sniffing nut job.

    *sorry about posting on the thread doors, couldn't help myself*

    Ps: Hermes i like my steak medium-raw. :)
  8. Orrdos God


    So, hermes, tell us about your tastes.

    What sort of music are you into? What books do you like to read? What do you like to do in your free time?

  9. Orrdos God

    [b:2f411fc75b]Posted by Hermes.[/b:2f411fc75b]

    Tastes. Yes. I have some of those.

    With music, I tend to lean towards Jazz, World, Classical, and Electronic (Definitely not the beep boop beep beep bip-bip-bip type) genres of music. This doesn’t stop me from listening to a little of everything (Except country and heavy metal. It may just be because the small amount of said genres which I’ve actually listened to, but I tend to not listen to those unless I have no excuse not to). At the current time I’m listening mostly to music by the Scott Amendola Band, Air, Thievery Corporation, and Michael Nyman (the string quartets).

    As fairly obvious, I like Pterry’s books. Next to the great Pratchett comes Italo Calvino, whose books I’m slowly working my way through. There’s also Jostein Gaarder, Orson Scott Card, and George Orwell. I remember liking the first two books in Phillip Pullman’s [i:2f411fc75b]His Dark Materials[/i:2f411fc75b], but I remember the last book as being a letdown. Watterson had something great with Calvin and Hobbes, that’s some classic literature right there :)

    Free time. When I have some, I usually waste it doing something stupid. Photography and other forms of art, various work that piles up rather quickly, and sleeping take up most of it. For a few months each year I spend a few hours a week making costumes for the play the little kids do at the local elementary school. Sometimes I’ll venture out into the light and go to D.C. for one reason or another. There may be a lot of politicians there, but you wouldn’t know it. The homeless people are more common sightings (The visible ratio is about 1:5)

    I think that’s about it then. Not only has my brain decided to go into low power mode, a mosquito is inside and has gotten me twice. This needs to be taken care of :roll:
  10. Orrdos God

    Ok, to finish off (at last :) ), lets talk politics.

    Now, since you're amazingly young you can't vote, but I daresay you've got some politcal opinions in there :)

    So, do share. What's your thoughts on Bush? Is Kerry the man for you? Do you even care?

    After Hermes answers this, then the floor is open to the audience to ask Hermes whatever you want.

    Bear in mind that Hermes has no obligation to answer.

    Thank you very much hermes, it's been a pleasure :)
  11. Orrdos God

    [b:dd4fbf1855]Posted by Hermes.[/b:dd4fbf1855]

    It has :)

    At the risk of sounding uninformed, ignorant, typical brash Texan, very un-North Eastern, and much else, I would have to say that I like Bush more than Kerry. This is all based on the very simple fact that Kerry just annoys me. Bush knows what he's trying to do, and whether or not he's doing it for the good of the people, that's better than an "anybody but Bush" candidate. But, in all honesty, I don't really care. Maryland is a Kerry state to the point of which if I even had a vote it wouldn't make much difference. Optimistic, isn't it? ;)
  12. Orrdos God

    [b:5652a08f7e]Posted by Rincewind[/b:5652a08f7e]

    Finally, this is open to the public, there been a queastion i've wanted to ask you for ages...Whats better badgers or monkeys? :)

    No, really.

    What would you say are your biggest strengths and your weakness?*

    * and you can't say Krptonite, becuase Superman claimed that.
  13. Orrdos God

    [b:c072649d40]posted by Hermes.[/b:c072649d40]

    No Kryptonite? Darn. I think my largest weakness is that I never finish anything. I'll work on something until it's within minutes of being done and then completely forget about it.

    I don't think I have any particularly interesting strengths. Maybe my complete dedication to what I'm doing. Until I drop it ;)
  14. Orrdos God

    [b:209c013ca6]Posted by plaid[/b:209c013ca6]

    so... your parent (i don't think you mentioned which one) is a photographer. how has that influenced your creative side? what did you learn from them?

    and on a broader perhaps more personal level, how do you feel about your parents in general? do you get on well? how much do you share your art with them? how much to they support your work? and i mean really support, not just obligatory parental encouragementjunk.
  15. Orrdos God

    [b:593a567878]Posted by Hermes.[/b:593a567878]

    My mom's the photographer. When I was little (7 or 8), she gave me a camera and showed me how to use it. She gave me advice, a bit of criticism, and a nudge here or there. Ive seen a few of her photographs, but that was all. I learned a lot about the perception and the emotion of art from her.

    I do get along well with my parents very well, minimal difficulties. I only show them the little artwork that I really like, which is rare. Most of what I do I don't particularly like, and a lot of it just gets thrown in a box. Most of their 'support' [i:593a567878]is[/i:593a567878] the obligatory parental type, I think my parents would prefer if I sat down and did schoolwork instead of painting :roll:
  16. Orrdos God

    [b:82ab69fa3a]Posted by Electric_Man[/b:82ab69fa3a]

    [quote:82ab69fa3a]Originally posted by Hermes.:
    I only show them the little artwork that I really like, which is rare. [/quote:82ab69fa3a]

    So have you shown them your Fred's? :)

    And do they have an opinion on you being such an active member of this board? (Or do they not know?)
  17. Orrdos God

    To settle an argument:

    Did you used to be known as "Hermes the random"?

  18. Orrdos God

    [b:7bae20b10a]Posted by Rincewind[/b:7bae20b10a]

    As your lawyer, i advise you, for legal reasons not to answer that question in accordance with the Rincewind is always right act 2004.

    Beside, we all know Doors is a liar, so he was lying when he said he wanted you to answer the question.
  19. Orrdos God

    [b:3bc0d0d9dc]Posted by Hermes.[/b:3bc0d0d9dc]


    Sorry Rinso, I think Eu's my lawyer. Although, if not charged in breaking the Rincewind is always right act of 2004, I'll give you a cookie :)
  20. Orrdos God

    [b:983926d45d]Posted by Colonesque10[/b:983926d45d]

    I'd forgot that you used to be called that Hermes. Ah...memories....

    Why did you change your name to just 'Hermes'? :)
  21. Orrdos God

    [b:032987b549]Posted by Hermes.[/b:032987b549]

    I don't remember. I think it was because "Hermes The Random" was too long, The should've been the, and I'm not actually very random in relation to some of the other members of the board ;)
  22. Orrdos God

    [b:40740434d6]Posted by Colonesque10[/b:40740434d6]

    Heh, yeh..Rinso...yeh I know... ;) :p :D
  23. Orrdos God

    Ok, thats the end of that one.

    Again, feel free to ask more questions.

    Hermes, if you could give us an update on whats been happening with you since we started this, that'd be great.
  24. hermes New Member

    Roughly in order since way back when:

    Made a webcomic*, Sheba died, got a kitten, went to France, came back from France, made a second webcomic**, wrote a book, went to California, wrote a sequel to said book††. Various side projects, painting, and photography are all also going on at the moment. And school. But the less time spent thinking about that, the better.

    *No Quality guarantee: blagaria volume one
    **Still no Quality guarantee, but less of a lack of a Quality guarantee than the last: blagaria volume two: coffeeshop cthulhuca (A Battlestar Galactica parody)
    †Cat Line. It's infamous, really. There's a preview here.
    ††Cat Line Goes to Britain. I finished it a couple days ago, now I'm making the cover.

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