What's Your Favourite Watch Book?

Discussion in 'THE WATCH BOOKS' started by goldGOLDgold, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. goldGOLDgold New Member

    Hi, I'm new. I noticed the this part of the board was almost empty so I made this post. The title pretty much explains it all. Also you can add why it is your favourite if you feel like it... I don't.

    My favourite watch book is Night Watch

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  2. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Jingo, definitely. It was the first Discworld book I read.
  3. Electric_Man Templar

    Men At Arms: funny (numerous scenes), emotional (Cuddy), allegorical (the effects of guns) and a very good mystery.

    It was also the first watch book I read, and possibly the one book that got me irrevokably hooked on Discworld.
  4. colonesque10 New Member

    I would have also said Men At Arms if I hadn't of read Nightwatch. Men At Arms was class with the whole murder mystery thing and Cuddy of course, god rest his soul. But for me Nightwatch is one of the best books he's wrote, gripping and entertaining throughout. :)
  5. ArthurDent New Member

    A tie between Men at Arms and Night Watch.
  6. Maljonic Administrator

    I like them all really, I chose Guards! Guards! because it's the first time you really get into the Watch, I loved the title when it came out and it's got a dragon in it. :)
  7. elphaba New Member

    I have to say that the Watch Books are definetly my favorite but if I had to pick one it would have to be Night Watch. It was more poignant and heroic then the others without losing it's trademark Pratchettness.
  8. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I haven't voted yet, because I still can't decide.
  9. Hansi New Member

    I voted for Night Watch it's definitely one of my favorite books ever. The only thing it lacks is more Detritus :)
  10. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    [quote:576814b1dc="Hansi"]The only thing it lacks is more Detritus :)[/quote:576814b1dc]
    Seconded! I love Detritus. :)
  11. janible New Member

    It really is hard to choose between Night Watch and Men at Arms. I finally went with the latter because I love watching the relationship between Carrot and Angua develop. Both books are top on my list of favorites, though!
  12. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    I really can't pick. It seems it's what ever book I read last. I was going to say 'feet of Clay' but now I'm re-reading 'Men of Arms' it has soem great bits to it.
  13. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Definitly Night Watch. It clears up some of Sam's history for me :lol:
  14. Roman_K New Member

    Night Watch. I'm more inclined to like dark settings, as this book had, but Jingo was a close runner-up.
  15. THEBEAR New Member

    its gotta be feet of clay it wasnt even the first book i read from the series but i find the comedy in very good and its mixed well with the serious bits

  16. Squidward New Member

    I liked Night Watch the best. Carcer Dun and Sam Vimes had this whole Batman/Joker thing going that I really like. I also enjoyed the poignancy of the later chapters. They kept their humor even when they were tackling tough situations. Although I really don't think there was really a point of Death's showing up. He doesn't really habe to talk in every novel.
  17. Hsing Moderator

    Ah, so you're one of the other two who voted for Feet of Clay. I was alone there for a while. :)
    I thought it had an excellent criminalistic plot, which blended well with the Discworld atmosphere and, as you said, serious and comic bits.
  18. Tephlon Active Member

    Wow, this one is really hard. The Watch books are my favorites.

    I must say that Feet of Clay and Nightwatch are trying to fight their way to the top. I love Feet of Clay, one of the first DW novels I read, and I think the mystery is very well done.
    Nightwatch just fills in so many holes, plus it features Lu Tze, which makes up for Detritus missing. Carcer & Swing still freak me out.

    Undecided for now.

    Thud! ... I should probably reread before placing it anywhere in the top 10.
  19. shadowgirl New Member

    just finished feet of clay, so i voted for it. i really enjoyed the humour and you can see how different this book is from the earlier ones (in my own opinion). but i enjoyed maskerade also. i loved the bit when granny and death played poker! :lol:
  20. Smoking_GNU New Member

    I really cannot say, because i have not read Thud yet. But from the ones i have read i would say "Night Watch"
  21. shadowgirl New Member

    i havent read thud yet either. so my fav is feet of clay. night watch comes second.
  22. SunshineDaydream New Member

    I haven't read Thud yet either, but this was a hard one because I like all the others. I think Jingo is probably my favorite, but I remember them all fondly, and could probably vote for any of them except for Night Watch (further explanations might entail giving away parts of the plot, so I won't go into detail).
  23. Perdita New Member

    This is a really tough question - it's really hard to choose but I think that I would have to answer Night Watch - i loved finding out about Vimes early life and I loved how many the older characters were linked by an historical event.
  24. drunkymonkey New Member

    Guards Guards.
    Simply because of that brilliant part where Vimes and The Patrician are in the cell. I thought the part about the cell door was excellent.
    Plus, the clues that the coppers discovered were marverlous. I loved the part where Wonse asks 'did they all get out?'
    The hooded guys were great too.

    But I loved THUD! OMG I don't know which one to pick!
  25. LaughingFire New Member

    Aaaaaah! Can't decide! Not Guards! Guards! just because his writing style hadn't developed to its potential yet; everybody shows the signs of being in their first incarnation, especially Carrot and Havelock. And Vimes is still drunk. >> Haven't read Thud! yet, and The Fifth Elephant and Feet of Clay only got one read apiece because they were someone else's library books. Note to self: Either borrow or buy, they bear rereading....
  26. Sir_Vaims New Member

    I voted Jingo,but i am in fact split over that and Night Watch! i love Jingo because it includes all the Watch characters,whereas Night Watch is more consentrated on Vaims who,by all means,is my number 1 character!
  27. LaughingFire New Member

    Hey, Sir_Vaims... I notice you're from Bulgaria. They changed the spelling in translation? The spelling of 'Vimes,' I mean.
  28. Human New Member

    I feel the love for Feet of Clay. Just because I'm Jewish, and the golems were inspired by Jewish culture. Has anyone else noticed they all have Yiddish names?
  29. LaughingFire New Member

    ...'Dorfl' is Yiddish? I'm not disagreeing - I know about eight words of Yiddish. Hmm...Yiddish names? Must reread.
  30. Human New Member

    Well, not specifically Yiddish. But the sound is supposed to emulate Yiddish.
  31. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    I never got the jewish reference before....although not all the golems had yiddish sounding names e.g Mr Pump.
  32. Sir_Vaims New Member

    I am spelling Vimes with an ''a'' because that's how it is spelled in bulgarian,but if it bugs anyone i'll change it.
  33. Sir_Vaims New Member

    Sorry! I don't seem able to change it. i didn't do it on purpose.
  34. Hsing Moderator

    Sir Vaims, if you're talking of the spelling in your avatar, I don't see any reason why you should change that. On the contrary, as it is [i:d40aadcd26]your [/i:d40aadcd26]nick, let it keep its individual -in this case Bulgarian- touch! :)
  35. Maljonic Administrator

    Yeah I agree, keep Sir_Vaims it's cool. :)
  36. This is such a hard poll!!

    I voted for Men at Arms as i loved the whole Carrot and Angua plot where she gets "killed" and he takes her back to the Watchouse rather than going to Vimes' wedding -LOVE IT

    Although after voting i realised how much i love The Fifth Elephant with the Trousers of Uncle Vanya and Nightwatch was awesome, i ALWAYS wear Lilac on May 25th ;)
  37. Sir_Vaims New Member

    Good,old Dickins and his ''lilac'' plot. Night Watch is a wonderful work.
    ''Truth,Justice,Liberty,Love at reasonable cost and a hard boilled egg''
  38. Hsing Moderator


    Although after voting i realised how much i love The Fifth Elephant with the Trousers of Uncle Vanya and Nightwatch was awesome, i ALWAYS wear Lilac on May 25th ;)[/quote:ed654c8253]

    I thought you were only allowed when having been present at the events! ;)
  39. [quote:4adc5860d5="Hsing"]

    I thought you were only allowed when having been present at the events! ;)[/quote:4adc5860d5]

    Ive read the book so much it feels like i was there lol :lol:
  40. Sir_Vaims New Member

    yeah,i know what you mean.
  41. Stubbsy New Member

    My god that was a hard decision! I love all the Watch books; Vimes is my favourite character so these are definitley my favourite books.

    I went for Night watch cause the whole Vimes/Keel teaching himself to be a good copper was seriously funny!
  42. My favorite Watch book is Fifth Elephant, followed closely by Feet of Clay.
    You know, I love the watch books. Feet of Clay was the first TP book I ever read, the next one was Gaurds! Gaurds! and I loved them both. But I could not get into Night Watch. I was so excited for it to come out, and when I finished reading it, I put it down and went "huh". Most of his books I read more than twice because there are things I missed before and there are really great stories. Night Watch, however, I have only read once and really have no desire to read it again. I cant even really put my finger on what I didnt like about it. :?
    But, I digress.
  43. Hsing Moderator

    Huh, another parallel - my first books were also "Feet of Clay" and "Guards! Guards!"...
  44. Watchman New Member

    Guards! Guards! was the first Watch book I read and while liking it, I still prefered the Wizards, it wasnt till Men-At-Arms when Angua read the journal in Vimes' belongings with the list of the widows he gave his wages to that I was really drawn into following Vimes as my favourite character. Suddenly any faults he had were forgotten about and saw him in a new light. So [b:e0d05660c6]Night Watch[/b:e0d05660c6] got my vote for the simple reason that it was practically entirly revolving around Vimes and set back in the times when Ankh Morpork was even darker and grimer than under the Patrician's rule(I'm a sucker for a good dark background). Also, with opponents like Carcer and Swing the bad guys were laid out from the beginnings and had good amounts written about them, developing them into full personalities in their own rights, which hadnt been done so much in MaA or GG in order to conceal their identities for the finale, to my mind anyway. Plus, it didnt involve Carrot hardly at all, and I dont like Carrot, never have, he's just too damned... perfect :evil:
  45. The_Poker New Member

    Very difficult for me to choose. It was down to Night Watch, Guards! Guards!, Men At Arms, and Jingo. In the end, I went with Guards! Guards! as that was really the first book that made me fanatical about Terry Pratchett. It could have easily gone either way. All fantastic stories.
  46. poons New Member

    As others have said this is a hard choice, since the Watch books are my favourite in general. Guards, Men at arms and Feet of Clay particularly, hmm...I have to go for [b:27dba23ea7]Men At Arms[/b:27dba23ea7] but it is a close call. I like how the watch has to take on new recruits and Detritus and Cuddy are funny together, Gaspode gets an outing and Carrot meets Angua.
    The story flits between all the characters and their part in it brilliantly.
  47. tanatie New Member

    I voted nightwatch because it just gives you sich a great insight at the characters when they were younger...
  48. urquhartfay New Member

    [color=green:fe879ea1eb]it is night watch, but i almost put jingo. the thing with the demon daytimer at the end of jingo (i won't spoil it - go read it!) still gives me the chills whenever i think about it.[/color:fe879ea1eb]
  49. Fatman New Member

    Tough call between Jingo and Night Watch.

    Sam is such a fantastically created character, reading a Watch book makes you feel like you're slapbang inside his head.
  50. gabba New Member

    Jingo had me in stitches, and it was relesed at a time the middle east was on the news, was I always felt it was a break from all the seroius stuff going on in the world..

    Ill never forget the football match at the end :)

    Nightwatch was a fantastic book, but for some reason parts of it horrified me, it was a part of the diskworld i never really thought about and when they broke in to the "The Specials" (was that the name i forget) the imagery was good but unlike him..
  51. randywine Member

    I love all the watch books but there is something special about Jingo, the dis-organiser / trousers of time, Nobby / Colon / Patrician, the incredulity Vimes felt at the actual 'Planning' of a war, Vimes's butler, etc etc...
    I feel that this book in particular is a rich tapestry of plot, story and character, and it loses none of its sparkle when I come to re-read it(which I do more often than is probably healthy :? )

    I could probably say the same sort of thing for most of the books, but to me, Jingo will always be slightly above the rest.


  52. wannabenanny New Member

    Men at arms for me and the DH. all votes from Australia,yahoooeee
  53. NobbyNobbsJr New Member

    My fav watch book would have to be NIGHTWATCH caus vimes gets to bak in time and u get to meet nobby as a kid who has an obsession with a spoon
  54. Ba Lord of the Pies

    There are many people on these boards whose first language is not English. It is more difficult for them to read than it is for native speakers. It becomes even harder when people use chatspeak and abbreviations. For their sake, it is good to type words out completely. This is not a chatroom. There is time to not only check over posts for spelling and punctuation, but in fact to consider their content to make sure it adds to a thread.

    So please, try again. In English this time.
  55. wannabenanny New Member

    the poster is 13,maybe this being his first real message board you could cut him some slack or to be correct give him some time to learn the nicieties of message boards as a whole.
  56. Maljonic Administrator

    [quote:82ff572da7="wannabenanny"]the poster is 13,maybe this being his first real message board you could cut him some slack or to be correct give him some time to learn the nicieties of message boards as a whole.[/quote:82ff572da7]

    I guess that answers this: http://www.terrypratchettbooks.org/fortopic901.html

    and your mention on this then: http://www.terrypratchettbooks.org/post23122.html#23122

    Ba wasn't being unfriendly by the way, we say the same to everyone. Obviously we do cut some slack for some members, a few of which are dyslexic and some have been as young as 13 in the past. I think it's better to mention stuff that we don't lkike right away if possible, all part of learning the nicieties of this message board. It's not a telling off, just a little pointer that everyone gets when they type in shorthand text. :)
  57. Silvermoth New Member

    I'm a Jingo fan myself. Plenty of Detritus makes for a very good book. lol
    TrishaXXX cam
  58. discaimer New Member

    Nightwatch. Come on I love the all the watch books but this one packs a punch. Possibly TP's best, the theme of real heroism in impossible circumstances , the power of the narative .I know we're spoiled on TP's consistant quality ( I sometimes think he'd be taken more seriosly if he had fewer books) but even among giants this book towers.
  59. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I don't know. NW is amazing, but I think T5E and Jingo are extraordinarily good books when placed under analysis.
  60. discaimer New Member

    There are no bad Discworld novels and I dig the Watch. NW is such an ambitious and powerful work it almost deserves it's own category. T5E is weakened by it's rewrite, Thud. I can't criticize Jingo except to say that the many characters ,converging plots and lightheartedness kept it from focusing the impact of NW.

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