What music are you currently listening to?

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by sleepy_sarge, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Nocomply New Member

    Just got the re-issue of So Much Hate - How We Feel 12". Classic norwegian hardcore makes me happy!
  2. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I just listened to The Rebel by Johnny Panic, via a link on MSN. I really liked the album artwork, but the music was kind of meh. It's a sound that was massively overdone even before the 90s ended. They say they took as their inspiration all the mediocre music around, determined to raise the bar... I'm not sure if they quite managed the second half of that trick.
  3. HalfJack New Member

    At the moment, I'm going through a Shins stage. They're an awesome little band, some of you might know them from the movie Garden State.

    Happy sounding melodies with some slightly bitter lyrics. Love the vocals, very defined. I'm not entirely sure how to describe the overall effect. But it's super. =D

    And I re-discovered the Pixies last week. Hurrah, eighties cult bands.
  4. Dane New Member

    OOoooooh i havn't listened to the Shins in a long time, i might have to check them out again. A good band, I'd sy thats a pretty acurate descriptioin :eek:

    edit to add:

    I have a spare Reuben tick for the Manchester Academy Gig on Thursday, I know its short notice but does anyone want it? Message me if your interested. Thanks
  5. Nester New Member

    I picked up John Butler Trio's "Grand National" a while ago. I'm still loving this band.

    YouTube - Zebra

    YouTube - John Butler Trio

    YouTube - Good Excuse - John Butler Trio

    Plus John Butler may very well be the only person with dreadlocks I respect. They frighten me slightly actually.

    And then there's still Jackie Greene. Still my favorite artist not many people have ever heard, but everytime I play him for people they love him....or they're just trying to make me feel good. I'll take either. The man's a great musician.

    YouTube - Jackie Greene Bonnaroo

    YouTube - Sweet Somewhere Bound

    And really the reason I'm posting this: I'm seeing them both in concert this summer. JBT at a small bar and Jackie Greene at the state Zoo (strange venue). I refuse to see arena shows.......unless possibly when the White Stripes tour for "Icky Thump"
  6. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    This week, I have been mostly listening to...

    Frank Wildhorn's The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Civil War.
    Spiers & Boden's Bellow and Eliza Carthy's Rough Music.
    The Who Live at Leeds.
  7. Sunna New Member

    I'm going through a massive Muse stage right now
  8. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I'm getting more into music right now. I have really liked the National, the Technical, TechniKult of Flesh and a local band, Rock Bottom. Rock Botttom is so local, I work with the lead guitarist. If you want you can listen to all those bands on myspace.
  9. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

  10. Hsing Moderator

    That's great! :smile: Especially considering its just a voice, a guitar, and home equippment for the recording.
    I like the introduction quote...
  11. Anna New Member

    I've been listening to Freedom Fields by Seth Lakeman and Tunes by Spiers and Boden. I'd like to be listening to a CD of sea shanties, but I can't find it.
  12. Hex New Member

    My guilty pleasure song for the week: The Avril Lavigne song 'Girlfriend'.
    *shamed face*

    My main reason for the song? It's happy, and counterbalances a lot of the things I'm listening to lately to get into a good mood for drawing. I'm working on webcomic pages right now, and since it's a dark comic by nature I've found myself listening to the Dresden Dolls and Funker Vogt in the lighter parts, and Korn and Marilyn Manson in the darker ones.

    Randomly interspersed with the death metal and darkness stuff is the soundtrack to the TV series 'Firefly', which is amazing.

    Hooray for eclectic!
  13. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Like Hsing, I like the quote, and she has a great voice ! If they consider that to be basic recordings with mistakes, I can't wait to hear more ! :smile:
  14. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Thanks, guys! I'll pass on the compliments. I don't know if he remembers that he's been hosting it, but Bauke put up a recording of Fiona singing a song by her friend, Rumer of Rumer & The Denials.

    I love it.
  15. Dane New Member

    I've been listening to 65daysofstatic a lot lately, I'd heard of them but never really botherd to check them out. Last months i bought a magazine called soud check (because it had an interview with Biffy Clyro and a song i didn't have on the CD that came with it), on the CD was a song called "Primer" by 65, I loved it. I've got all their songs from their myspace, I'm going to buy their latest album "The Destruction Of Small Ideas" when i have enough money.
  16. Stercus Stercus New Member

    At the moment Weird Al Yankovic is the featured artist on my mp3 player. But also featured are Madness, Queen, The Beatles and The red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    yes I do have a varied (And slightly weird) taste in music.
  17. Pinkystupot New Member

    I myself like a lot of different styles of music but recently I've really gotten into Rufus Wainwright. He's an extreamly good singer/songwriter. I don't know what genre to place him in as he plays piano and guitar. Its not exactly folk but then I can't think of any other description. He's playing Glastonbury this week so I'm looking forward to watching the highlights on TV. Check Him Out!
  18. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I've been listening to Emerson, Lake & Palmer's 1992 (or was it 1993?) comeback album, Black Moon. It's not exactly the prog rock I'd expect from a trio who are, arguably, prog rock's ultimate supergroup, but it's passable dad rock. I like Greg Lake's voice, anyway.
  19. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I got my Dad the complete Flanders and Swann for Fathers' day, it is actually very funny stuff and we listened to it together, although of course some of the jokes are rather out of date, of course. My Dad cried at the Hippopotamus Song, because he was there at the show when they recorded it. It was sweet.
  20. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    My favourite song of the momment, and this is from someone who works on a music show, no less, is Generator by the Holloways. It's the summer song! listen to it!

    They are on myspace if thats your bag.
  21. Electric_Man Templar

    Dude, that was last year's immense song, you're so behind the times!
    As was everyone else, which is why they've re-released it.

    Still an amazing song though. Even if I did hear it before (nearly) everyone else </snob>
  22. sampanna New Member

    I'm in the mood to listen to protest songs, something on the lines of Malvina Reynolds' "Little Boxes" or Leonard Cohen's "Everyone Knows".

    Any suggestions?
  23. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I love Flanders & Swann! Have you got the one about the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics on there? And the Reluctant Cannibal?

    Sam, there's a really good Best of Malvina Reynolds album that my mum has, with more than just Little Boxes on it. I like the one about the little mouse (who fucked up the clearing house), and Bury Me In My Overalls.

    Otherwise, try early Joan Baez and Bob Dylan or maybe Richie Havens. Or Country Joe and the Fish.
  24. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    I've been listening to Steely Dan a lot lately. I like their second album a lot.
  25. Katcal I Aten't French !

    In "the Complete Flanders and Swann" what don't you get ? :lol: Yep, the whole lot ! including the hippotamus song, the warthog, the gnu and all the rest of the stuff ! If you're good I may just bring it to Octobercon on my mp3 and we can listen to it and laugh our heads off like right geeks.
  26. Mynona Member

    I've been listening to a lot of heavy music lately, I've been kind of down. Cosa Nostra, Ebba Grön, Rammstein and Sonata Arctica (thanks Roman) feature the most on my MP3.

    can also have something to do with the twice-a-week torture (physio-therapy) sessions I have to live through. They tend to play Elvis... you can't exercise to Elvis. I bring my own music instead (and I was taught to exercise to Hammerfall, Nightwish and Rammstein)
  27. Perdita New Member

    I went to see a band called Duke Special on Sunday - they were amazing!

    Playing with them was a french singer called Emily Loizeau who was really good.

    I would highly recommend both if anyone gets a chance to have a listen!

    Also: bump! - becuase I like to hear what you folks listen to
  28. Cyan Guest


    I've been listening to Fall Out Boy, RHCP's Stadium Arcadium (great), Bach's piano works, japanese flute (soothing), Muse, Xavier Rudd, Thirteen senses's Into the fire,... Did I mention I'm a music addict?

    I can resist anything but temptation - Guess who
  29. Dane New Member

    sounds like you listen to whatever radio one tells you too and some classical. If you look around a little you'll find artists that like music more than money.

    I've been listening to the garden state Soundtrack a lot this week. My favourite has to be the waiting line by Zero 7. Such a relaxed song, i can't help but sway. And i've been re-lovin' The Postal Service after hearing the cover of Such Great Heights, by Iron and Wine on the Garden state soundtrack. Not just a great film, Zach Braff won an Grammy for the soundtrack. Not surprising really, every song sounds like it was written for the part it featured. even the coldplay song.

    Also Sam if your still interested in protest songs: Nirvana's cover of the man who sold the world never fails to impress me. And Theres a band thats been getting bigg lately called say anything. Their album Is A Real Boy... is not only a great soundtrack to the play they wrote but has many exellent protet songs. Their Song Admit It!!! is a little cliche but the lyrics are brilliant.
  30. Cyan Guest

    Well, I only listed a little bit of what I listen to, I also listen to french artists, japanese artists, in fact anything a long as the music suits my mood. I didn't listed them because most of them aren't known worldwide.

    Here are some : Georges Brassens, Leo Ferre, Renaud, Diam's, Kamini, Laureena Mac Kennit, Segovia, Charles Aznavour, No one is innocent, Mes souliers sont rouges, Dan ar braz, Alan Stivell...

    I admit I like even very well known artists like RHCP or Muse and don't see what I should be ashamed of. But, I'll listened to the ones you mentionned. Thanks.
  31. chrisjordan New Member

    Meh, whether Radio 1 likes it or not doesn't really make a difference, however much their playlists might benefit from a little more variation in the 'alternative' department. And every other department. Personally I can't tell one indie band from the next. Radio 1 and Myspace and all these crazy popular things seem like components in a big regurgitation machine most of the time. But Muse...Muse rock. And if you like Fall Out Boy, I don't understand you but...if that's your thing, sure. :razz:

    Weird elitism can go both ways, really: sticking with what's popular, or sticking with what's not. If it's really about the music, it shouldn't be an issue at all.

    So I've been listening to the Spice Girls. Ha! I joke, of course. They were yesterday. Today is Propellerheads.
  32. Orrdos God

    See, this sort of slightly snobby attitude to music bugs me a bit. Bands get paid to do what they love to do, and if they are being massively successful and people are buying their music, shouldn't they be getting a cut of it?

    Nor does popular = rubbish.

    Indeed, i would venture the slightly outlandish opinion that maybe popular means.... good?

    After all, if it was shit, who would listen to it, let alone pay money for it?

    Now, don't get me wrong, my personal tastes mean that i hate a lot of popular tunes. I find about half the songs on radio one fucking awful, and half are listenable with the odd gem thrown in.

    However, I would imagine that to be popular, they would be good examples of their genre.

    Happily, you avoided the phrase "sell out" cause that really gets my goat. The idea that a band can only be good until they become popular, and suddenly they're too tainted by money and forgotten about the music, man.


    Granted, a lot of bands seem to be popular purely through being the "cool" band of the day (hello arctic monkeys), but, just because you like them doesn't mean you are a mindless sheep, and I think you should be more careful who you brand with that brush in future.

    Especially since she lives in france, and is most likely unable to listen to radio one.
  33. KaptenKaries New Member

    Then again, if people only ate good food MacDonald's would be out of business. ;-)
  34. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Yeah, but people don't eat in McD's becuase they think the food is 'good.' They eat there becuase they think it's quick, easy and cheap.

    Likewise, people might listen to more comerical pop becuase they think it's fun or whatever.
  35. KaptenKaries New Member

    My point exactly.
  36. Orrdos God

    Quick, easy and cheap doesn't mean bad.

    Just because something doesn't need 495 listens to get into, doesn't mean it's a bad tune.
  37. Dane New Member

    I wasn't Nesicerily saying listening to radio one was bad, i just thought it was a little funny that she said she's a music addict. what I'd think of as a music addict would be something along the line of the guys at Questionable Content. The kind of people that spend the majority of their days searching blogs and the love/hate Myspace for the most obscure bands and artists they can.

    I think its quite cool that you like the classical music, I like to listen to my girlfriends quartet quite a lot but i've never ventured into the world of japaneese flute. I hope you like the music I commented but I wouldn't want to force you into likeing what i like. Thats what really pies me off about radio One, it doesn't give you a chance to expand your tastes in music. From 7 until 10 they will play the same songs in 3 hour periods and after that its all dance and once a week they have a punk hour. Radio one just puts people into two boxes. you either like what we tell you too or you don't, in which case bugger off.

    Sorry if i offended you Cyan, it was meant to be light hearted, sorry if that wasn't how it came across.
  38. Cyan Guest

    Well, I wasn't offended. I think of myself as a music addict because I'll listen to any music (commercial or not) almost the whole day.

    I was glad to learn ther's something called radio one (national, popular, non comittal radio maybe?) which I'va never listened to.

    Thanks to all for your support, I'm releaved.
  39. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Oh I do thank whoever bumped up this thread, it's been too long since the last good flame war :biggrin:

    Dane, I think you're not fully getting the meaning of the word addict, an addict doesn't go looking for rareness or quality, an addict wants something to fulfill the need, whatever it is. I listen to the radio a lot of the time, and I don't particularly like most of it, but I like having music around me. I must agree with Doors on a lot of things he pointed out, and that's rare enough to make you think twice before doing that again. Please ! :biggrin:

    And Cyan... Renaud, Brassens and Diam's in the same playlist ? Woah, that's weird !
  40. chrisjordan New Member

    *flames Katcal*
  41. Katcal I Aten't French !

    *sobs* You love me ! you really love me !! **the tears put the flames out**
  42. Dane New Member

    OK, i missunderstood the meaning of addict, although like i said, in the context of music i know it as somthing else. I didn't mean to get on anyones nerves.

    back to the subject of music, i found this funny little story a little wile ago, i was more surprised to find the Vatican in the list that anything else. Although the Wikiscanner should be fun to play around with :D
  43. Cyan Guest

    Well Katcal, I never said I wasn't weird, I just need my fix of music to live.

    More seriously, I think each kind of music has a little something really enjoyable if you're in the right mood. The only sort I'm never in the right mood to listen to is RnB (can't love everything either).

    Btw, I only have access to the web at work, so I won't answer on week ends.
  44. Sunna New Member

    All I know is Muse rocks.....dreamy eyes
  45. Hsing Moderator

    I am thinking about giving Kwoon a try, since I've seen this video...
    Itis optically so overwhelming that I only noticed I liked the song after the second time round. (It really picks up speed after two minutes.)

  46. Katcal I Aten't French !

    By saying this, I realise the implications and all that but... right now I'm listening to the soundtrack from Hairspray... :cool:
  47. mazekin Member

    I have to completely agree with that Sunna...Muse....drool...oh yeah, and I love their music too :biggrin: Saw them in Dublin...heh heh heh

    I'm listening to my ? play list on my ipod. Named ? because I could never work out what to call it. First two songs are Aerial & Chop Suey by System of a Down, third song Clubbed To Death from the Matrix, fourth is Izrael "I can't pronounce his name drunk or sober" Kamakawiwo'ole's rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow (It's in the Black & White Kellog's Rice Krispies ad) and then the rest is Enya. I will only ever admit to listening to Enya on this board. I like my play list. It calms me down in work. By the time I've gone through the System of a Down songs, I'm usually ready to get calmer.

    If anyone can work out what I can call it, feel free to advise.

    Tonight, I will mostly be listening to that. And then to Metallica's Black Album to go to sleep. Nothing like Metallica to send you off to the land of nodd (I was going to make a sad joke about the Enter The Sandman, but I will take the high road with that one. And I'm too sleepy to think up a good joke.
  48. Hsing Moderator

    For those of you who like to discover unknown artists, and review and support theose newcomers they like, here's another resource:

    Welcome to Slicethepie
  49. Faerie New Member

    I recently downloaded the entire A Hangover You Don't Deserve album by Bowling For Soup. Currenlty playing out of my iTunes though is Nothing Better To Do by LeAnn Rimes.
  50. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I'm going to see I'm from Barcelona in concert in about 10 days !! YAY !!! I never thought they would come all the way to my lost part of the world !
  51. Nester New Member

    I got hooked on Dan Reeder a while ago. He was the first artist John Prine signed to his record label. Reeder's an old man with a real "lived in" voice that he dubs over and over in each of his tracks so it sounds like he's singing with a whole choir. Very relaxing music for the most part. Very folkish, relax at home or on a drive music. He also has a taste for some ridiculous songs like the old field chant themed "Work song" where he repeatedly informs us he has all the @%&$-ing work he needs. He also has a few songs of a bit more graphic nature.

    I definitely recommend his cover of "Whiter Shade of Pale." I prefer his stripped down basic version of the song to the original actually.

    ....god I've been writing music reviews too often.
  52. Cyan Guest

    I've been listening to Aaron (especially the song Lili), it's some sort of sad folk song, with a great voice, but I don't know if it's been released outside France...
  53. Katcal I Aten't French !

    It is quite a pretty song, did ou ever see the film it came from ? A very sad but beautful film with a strange ending...
  54. Cyan Guest

    No, I didn't know it was a movie song. What's the title of this film?
  55. Katcal I Aten't French !

    If I remember correcty, it was called "Je vais bien ne t'en fais pas"... ("Im fine, don't worry" for anyone who cares)
  56. Pepster New Member

    I've been listening to a mix of the Killers, My Chemical Romance, the smashing pumpkins Linkin Park and Johnny Cash.

    Oh and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy":smile:
  57. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    P-Funk, ELO, and The Groundhogs.
  58. Rewr New Member

    I generally listen to what ever is on the radio - I am totally usless at remembering names of groups/bands/singers, and their music.

    Alas I cannot therefore make any reccomendations. But will try and remember the ones you all have made.

    My taste varies - depends on my mood, or what I'm doing as to what CD I'll put on. I know I've got Enya, and Pink, - the cases are sitting on my desk! I've some Shakey, and Elvis too.
  59. IgorMina New Member

    Today I have been listening to The Ark and the sound track to "8 femmes".
    Unfortunately everyone seems to lose interest in The Ark, when I mention that they're Swedish glam-rock. And even if that fails to happen, curiousity becomes definitively extinct if I dare mention Eurovision. :p

    Believe it or not they are ark-tually good!
  60. Faerie New Member

    Christmas music, I've been downloading it since Halloween.

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