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    Okay gang, this will be the official announcement/discussion thread for the tutorial campaign. If anyone's salvaged stuff from the old thread, here's the place to post it. I don't see any problems with posting writeups and After Action Reports (AARs) in other threads if you'd rather work on creating your own little gamefic.

    And to kick things off with an official announcement: We will be playing on Sunday the 21st, as of 11pm on Thursday.

    If anyone who won't be attending could be a dear and remind me of that, I'd appreciate it. I think Ella said she's going to be out, so I'm thinking she can run off to get help at the start of the fight if she doesn't want anyone else to play the character.
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    That's my dad's birthday...
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    OK, I'm going to post my character stuff up here in a mo, and I'll just post the link to the original thread for reference for anyone else.
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    Name: Narluèn
    Race/Class: Grey-Elf Wizard
    Age: 144
    Height: 5'5''
    Weight: 130lb
    Appearance: Silver Hair, amber eyes, skinny.

    [i:118531b915]Personal History:[/i:118531b915]
    Narluèn Naraskedel was born as the only child of his elderly cleric parents in the mountain halls where all his forefathers had lived. As his parents’ activity level fell they rarely bothered to test him physically, but much preferred to test his mind, which they did at every opportunity. Due to this and his natural aptitude, he had a vast knowledge of elven history by the age of 7.

    He usually preferred to spend time in the family library than to go out and play. In particular he enjoyed studying in the Arcane magic section, and would read anything he could find on this subject. His parents knew little of the specific practice of magic outside of that known by all elves. They valued knowledge above all things and had built the biggest private library in the village. When Narluèn inquired about the magical books, his parents would dismiss his questions and would direct him to other, more clerical books. It was clear that they wanted him to follow in their footsteps; in fact, they could barely imagine any other path for their young son.

    Narluèn was 30 before he dared attempt to cast one of the many spells he had read about over the years, a levitation spell. It did not prove easy. It took 10 years (and the patience of his kind) before Narluen was even able to levitate pebbles. By the age of 90 he knew by heart the theory of many common spells, but his practice of them was still poor at best. His parents still wanted him to become a cleric like themselves, and persisted in teaching him the way of dedication and prayer. After some soul-searching, Narluen realized that his parents would never help him to follow his own wishes, but would always want him to do things their way. Therefore, he decided that if he was to become a wizard, he would need to leave the village of his childhood and find a teacher. Narluèn worked on his own to prepare some potions that he thought might help him, and then embarked on the journey to the other side of the mountain range.

    It was an arduous trek, and on many occasions Narluen thought he would be killed – if not by the creatures he hid from in fear, then by the elements themselves. When he reached the other side of the mountains after many days’ journey, it was with tired relief that he walked into the settlement that he found there.

    He was greeted by an elderly grey-elf wizard, who, unbeknownst to Narluen, had been magically calling him after becoming aware of the presence of another magic-user in the area. The old elf’s name was Tirral, and he was happy to take the younger elf under his wing. Narluen gratefully accepted the offer to become Tirral’s apprentice, and he stayed with him there in the village. Gradually, he learnt how to use the spells that he had long ago copied into a rudimentary spellbook. He also learnt that the potions he had made before leaving home were useless, but his tutor educated him in the basics of alchemy, so that he learned to brew potions with real magical power. After several years, the time finally came when the elderly wizard told him that he should leave; he could only learn more now by applying his skills in the world.

    Narluen decided it was time to journey back home to see his family again. When he arrived at the village gate, several elves stopped him at the gatehouse.

    “Halt! Who goes there?” they said,
    “I am Narluèn Naraskedel, I was born here and have now returned.”
    “Enter Narluèn, but we should warn you that your parents are no longer at the peak of their health.”

    Narluèn found that his parents were now bedridden and ill. After some time, he realised that he had left one of his potions behind and it had contaminated their drink. The best elven healers said that they might only last another 20 years without a cure. Narluen determined that he would go out into the world to find a cure. He would not return home again without the means to save his parents’ lives.

    [i:118531b915]Personal Philosophies:[/i:118531b915]
    Follow your own path, not somebody else's
    Make your own decisions
    Atone for your mistakes
    Always look to improve
    Don't harm a friend

    [i:118531b915]Grey-elven Culture:[/i:118531b915]
    Grey-elves are more aloof than normal elves. Their naturally high intelligence leads them to believe that they are above all other creatures. Grey-elves are happiest among their own kind.

    To find the antidote
    To become a great Wizard
    To be recognised as a wizard by his parents.

    That his parents will die before he can find a cure
    To be forced to do the will of someone else
    That he will lose his magical abilities
    That he will not see another grey-elf again
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    Thanks, Ben. Here's mine:

    Name: Azgrim Helzak
    Race: Dwarf
    Age: 44
    Height: 4’3”
    Weight: 140lb
    Appearance: Black eyes, coppery-brown hair, tanned/ruddy skin, muscular.

    [i:aeb3f5b35d]Personal history:[/i:aeb3f5b35d]
    Azgrim grew up in the heart of the Darain clanhold, in the dwarven city of Antek. He was named for his great-grandfather, Azgrim Delten, a cleric of Moradin, the dwarven “Allfather”, forger of souls. His parents were not surprised, therefore, when Azgrim showed an early interest in the dwarf lore he learned at the temple.

    From the tender age of ten, Azgrim would go to the temple for lessons and smithing practise (although he was little more than a baby), as well as the combat training he later received, like all the other young dwarves. Azgrim would also help his father, a weapon- and armour-smith of some renown, in the forge.

    Azgrim began training in earnest to become a cleric of Moradin at the young age of 30, as the temple’s clerics felt he showed great promise. He worked hard in the temple, as well as studying the dwarf lore and learning the ways of prayer and divine magic. A very devout young dwarf, he maintained a deeply-held belief in parts of the lore that even the other clerics felt were somewhat... apocryphal.

    One night, at the age of 43, not long after his investiture, Azgrim had a dream about the legend of the Iron Clan and the great temple of King Albin, which had been sacked by orcs – and of the Holy Anvil of that temple, which was sundered and its pieces scattered. Azgrim dreamt that a dwarf with skin like bronze, and with hair and beard of black smoke, walked out of the temple ruins and spoke to him, giving him a quest from Moradin himself: to find the pieces of the Holy Anvil of Albin and to rebuild it.

    When he relayed this dream to the other clergy, they called a gathering of the clan elders. Some were sceptical, as this anvil was the stuff of legend. But the clerics insisted that all their divination affirmed that Azgrim’s dream was genuine. So the elders agreed to help equip the young cleric for his quest.

    His mother exhorted him to bring honour to his family’s name. His father helped to forge the maul that Azgrim crafted as his weapon against deadly foes, and made the armour that he would wear, bearing the sign of Moradin on his breastplate. A great feast was held for the young dwarf, and many blessing songs sung for him as he embarked on his journey, listening for the word of Moradin to guide him.


    The following are notes that I have made to help me understand the character and know how he would behave in different roleplaying situations. This will help me make decisions that are in-character, and really act Azgrim’s part properly.

    [i:aeb3f5b35d]Personal philosophies:[/i:aeb3f5b35d]
    The strong must protect the weak.
    In unity is strength.
    I walk in the footsteps of my ancestors – I am crafted of the same stuff and was born of the same fire.
    Suffering is the fire that refines the gold of our souls.
    Where I have a duty, it must be fulfilled.
    Fearlessness in the face of futility is the proving of the soul.
    In community, every dwarf is the sum of all.
    Nothing that is made of dwarven hand is stronger than the rock on which we stand.
    A promise the price of a dwarf’s honour.
    Do not lean your weight on fissured rock.

    [i:aeb3f5b35d]Dwarven culture:[/i:aeb3f5b35d]
    Being a traditional dwarf means he demonstrates; reserve, discipline, maintenance of mental personal space, stoicism, lack of ego boundaries in terms of community.
    He believes dwarves greatest creations of the Allfather; therefore, while he might not approve of a non-dwarf’s behaviour, he would expect no more of them.
    In a dwarven community, you [i:aeb3f5b35d]must[/i:aeb3f5b35d] be able to rely on another member to do as they should – therefore he believes community needs come before individual needs.
    He believes the ruling of law is final – it must be accepted without grudge in order to keep the peace.
    When necessary, he would lay down life for other members of the group. He believes there is nothing to fear in death; and when faced with peril or ignominy, there is no option but to fight.
    He expects people to respect elders and to cherish children.
    He is content with routine and simple things.
    He believes one must be diligent and thorough in all things – in all you do, you should strive for perfection.
    He believes in taking joy in community and celebrating individuals as a community.
    You should not tell others what to do if it is not your place, but do the right thing yourself.

    [i:aeb3f5b35d]Roleplaying notes:[/i:aeb3f5b35d]
    Since he believes a group is greater than an individual, he thinks it’s better to be in a group than on your own.
    Beliefs above mean he thinks you should: never break a promise; always protect your friends; always carry out your duty; never shirk a fight; honour your family name; show no fear.
    At all times remember that we are nothing without Moradin’s blessing.

    He keeps his thoughts to himself.
    He does not expect as much of a non-dwarf as of a dwarf.
    He obeys the law of the land.
    He helps the needy (unless they contravene his moral code).
    He keeps his word.
    He doesn’t always get jokes.
    He is disciplined.
    He is not good at distinguishing self desires, as opposed to group desires.

    To find the pieces of the Holy Anvil of Albin, and rebuild it, thereby completing his quest.
    To protect his friends.
    To heal sick people.
    To kill orcs and other evildoers.
    To fulfil his responsibilities.
    To bring honour to his family.
    To glorify the name of Moradin.
    To return home.

    Failing to fulfil his quest.
    A friend or weak person being killed when he was around to prevent it.
    Moradin laying him aside.
    Being unable to keep his word.
    Bringing dishonour to his family.
    Never returning home.
    Being thought a coward.
    Giving in.

    [i:aeb3f5b35d]Overall aspirations:[/i:aeb3f5b35d]
    To fulfil the will of Moradin and bring honour to his family.
    To be stalwart as a rock.
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    Name: Arnthé Aparain (Jacobus Custorias)
    Race: Half-elf
    Age: 29
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Appearance: Blond hair, green eyes

    Personal History
    He is the bastard son of a disgraced Elven diplomat and a young human prostitute. The Elven diplomat was unaware of the pregnancy and therefore he has never met his father. His mother was killed in a street robbery when he was just a baby. She named him Jacobus. The watchmen who found her took Jacobus with them and he was soon taken in by the captain of the watch and his family. He was mostly happy here, although he tended to isolate himself because he never truly accepted his adoptive family as his family. At the age of 15, the point of adulthood for humans, he starts his career in the watch. He is very succesful here, as his Elven side gives him an advantage over his fellow watchmen. He also becomes a reasonably skilled fighter. On one assignment at a famed scholar's mansion he spots a book on Elves. Quickly skimming through it, he knows he has to have it. He steals the book and memorises all the information in it. He uses it to become familiar with Elven history and the Elven language. Reading it, he also becomes obsessed with the stories about the famous Elven hero Arnthé. He becomes convinced that one of his Elven ancestors was a great fighter.
    Some months later, his adoptive father finds the book in his bedroom. They have a row because his adoptive father, as a servant of justice, wants him to return it. Jacobus takes the book forcefully and flees the city. After a panicky flight Jacobus decides to leave his old life behind, and adopting the name Arnthé he starts travelling. After a week he meets a veteran elf mercenary who takes Arnthé under his wing. The mercenary teaches him all he knows, including the traditional Elven ways of fighting.
    They travel together for a few years. On a dangerous mission the mercenary loses a leg, although Arnthé manages to save his life. The mercenary decides to retire and gives Arnthé his elite Elven sword. More experienced and better equipped, he sets out to find adventure and information on his father.

    Personal philosophy
    His motivation for adventuring is two-fold. Firstly, he wants to find his father. Secondly, he's not sure of his purpose, of his place and fighting is all he knows how to do. That's why he's not particularly interested in money.
    He has lost most of the people who were close to him and because of that he is very protective of the people around him. He needs to be close to them, although he never gives too much of himself away. He also doesn't like killing a creature when it doesn't present a direct threat to the group.
    Socially he focuses on reason. He gives his opinion, but never shares his emotions.
    Politically he believes in helping those in need. He also tends to idolise aristocrats.
    He loves animals.

    To find his father
    To find a home
    Recognition of the elven community
    To get the approval of his father

    To be unable to help someone close to him
    To lose someone close to him

    Overall aspirations
    To become a skilled elven fighter like his ancestor
    And through fame find acceptance in the elven community
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    ack... um... if that's my father in law-s birthday, we MAY be cancling the game then... in fact... bah, let's NOT expect to play this week, as I think there's a bar-be-que in the works that would interfere.
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    [i:fd04b51471]Name: [/i:fd04b51471]Caleb [i:fd04b51471]Race/class: [/i:fd04b51471]Human Monk
    [i:fd04b51471]Age: [/i:fd04b51471]21
    [i:fd04b51471]Height/weight: [/i:fd04b51471]5’6”/155lb
    [i:fd04b51471]Appearance: [/i:fd04b51471]Caleb’s rather small for a human male but he’s not weak in any way. He’s sinewy and strong but his build is slight. He’s got coppery skin, dark hair pulled back in a severe ponytail, and large blue eyes. He’s young and his lack of height and build makes him seem even younger than he is. He wears rather nondescript clothes, leather sandals, linen breeches and a short dark top. He has a sash around his waist, a sling tied to it, and backpack. In his sash you can also find two kama and in his hand you often find his quarterstaff. The only thing that stands out in any way is the small silver pendant around his neck, supported by a black leather thong.

    [i:fd04b51471]Character history:[/i:fd04b51471]

    When Caleb was five his mother died in childbirth.

    His father yelled at him for not showing proper respect and the young boy ran away. He spent some time wandering the market. A monk travelling between his monastery and another picked the young lost boy up. The monk asked where his parents where and when asked Caleb answered, truthfully, that his mother was dead. The monk thought that the boy was a poor beggar’s or whore’s, because of the stained and ruined clothing, child and picked him up, taking the boy with him to the monastery.

    For many years he was trained in the monastery and his excellent dexterity showed quite early. An elven master monk took the youngster under his wing and taught him. The younger monk soon exceeded his peers in dexterity and thus many of the more physical aspects of the training. But he was not solely a brawler or fighter, no, he concentrated almost as hard on his meditation and what he thought would help him find what he saw in everyone else but was lacking within himself.

    He had noticed, as well as the others in the monastery that there was something different about himself. Although he understood most things there was a few that eluded his grasp, time and time again. The masters and the other adepts talked about their friends or families with feelings. They spoke of hurt, joy, sadness and compassion. It was all alien to him. His master tried his hardest to make his otherwise exemplary student understand.

    His elven master soon took his young charge out into the forest and taught him the proper way to move, hide and hunt in the forest. In the beginning, the young Caleb had used his new skills for sneaking out of the monastery without permission but this habit was soon ‘corrected’. But Caleb still used his skill to sneak into the kitchen from time to time, a growing boy and all that. Many hours spent in the library had found Caleb some sort of peace. He’d discovered a book in which a tale was told. The tale of the monk Zouken and how he had rosen from human into a demigod by just being extremely good at what he was doing.

    Caleb never told anyone at the monastery his last name or anything about his life before the old monk finding him.

    His master had ‘finally’ convinced the other masters that he was ready to be allowed outside the monastery walls by himself. But they also wanted to test Caleb, to see if they had been successful in teaching him to feel. They sent him out extra-muros (outside the monastery) to see if he could interact with ‘normal’ people, they’d told him it was his last test before he could be accepted as a master.

    [i:fd04b51471]Taught philosophies:[/i:fd04b51471]

    Someone has to speak for those who have no voice.
    The nail that sticks out the most is the one most likely to be hammered back.
    I must obey my Master in all things, his word is not law but my everything.
    Without discipline, I am nothing.
    Without order, the world is nothing.
    I am what I can be, but I can never be that which I am not.
    Mastery lays in knowledge, both bodily and mentally.
    Help others to become what they can. Do not help those who don’t need it, that will only make them less than what they are.
    Fear is useless, you have better things to do with your mind.
    Don’t expect to know everything, learn instead.
    Always keep and protect your honour.

    [i:fd04b51471]Roleplaying notes:[/i:fd04b51471]
    Set those above you before yourself and your wants. You are nothing in their presence.
    Do not follow those not worthy, if no one strong enough is around, take charge, and do it well. You owe it to those beneath you.
    Never complain, if it’s too hard you haven’t worked enough. Goes both ways.
    Never lie, expect truths. But sometimes you might benefit from not telling the whole truth.

    He keeps his thoughts to himself unless expressly order to speak up.
    He distrusts those who aren’t as good as himself.
    He is a follower and will follow those strong enough to be master.
    He expects others to follow orders as he does, obediently. But that doesn’t always mean blindly, a dead follower can never help his master again.
    He can stay and work with a group but he’s a loner by heart, groups usually mean a lot of people weaker than himself and he doesn’t like the responsibility.
    He dislikes joking but tolerate it as long as it doesn’t happen when seriousness or stealth is needed.
    He keeps his honour and expects others to maintain theirs aswell.

    To pass the test, to prove himself worthy.
    To make his Master proud.
    To learn that which is hidden from him.
    To learn to use the nunchaku, he is, unfortunately, not compatible with this.

    Failing the test and thereby also his Master.
    To be unable to follow an order.
    To become dishonourable.
    Drowning. Will swim if needed but goes out of his way to avoid it.

    [i:fd04b51471]Overall aspirations: [/i:fd04b51471]
    To become to someone else what Zouken is to him
    To become worthy of his mastery.
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    [quote:ef3e67b337="Garner"]ack... um... if that's my father in law-s birthday, we MAY be cancling the game then... in fact... bah, let's NOT expect to play this week, as I think there's a bar-be-que in the works that would interfere.[/quote:ef3e67b337]

    Text me if you change your mind, preferably some time before we're due to play...
  10. Garner Great God and Founding Father


    I'll try to text people if anything changes, but I don't want to de-cancle the game without at least 24 hours warning, so if you haven't seen anything to the contrary by about 4 or 5pm tomorrow, assume that the game is OFF for this sunday
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    Name: Sevan DeVelunee
    Race: Tiefling
    Age: 21
    Height: 6' 5''
    Weight: 175
    Appearance: Light-colored skin, blue eyes, long red hair, and a thin beard. Sevan takes meticulous care of his appearance. He bathes often, only sleeps in his leather armor when the environment is obviously dangerous, and is often found trimming his hair and beard during the evenings.

    Racial: As a Tiefling, Sevan has traits that mark his Infernal bloodline. His eyes glow fiery red when he is angry, and his blood tends to smoke when it leaves his body.

    Personal History:
    The first thing Sevan remembers is the dirty alleyways of Sigil, ever-changing, ever-shifting. A young urchin had to learn fast if he wanted to survive, for if the ordinary denizens of the City of Doors weren't dangerous, the visitors from the lower planes certainly were. Young Sevan had seen more than one friend become a snack, and had learned early that being faster and smarter meant living longer.

    His lever out of the streets was, ironically enough, due to another kind of lever altogether, one applied to a closed window. Sevan, with no coin in his pockets and with no food in his stomach, had decided to attempt breaking into a small hovel to try and cover these basic necessities. He was caught, only a step inside the hovel, by a magical trap left by the hovel's owner. Fortunately for him, it was not a lethal one, and but left him caught until the owner returned.

    The owner, an aging Swashbucker, had a good eye for talent when he saw it, and gave Sevan a choice. He could either remain as his apprentice, and learn the Swashbuckler's way, or be turned in to whatever could be called justice in that part of Sigil. Sevan weighted his options, and decided to accept the offer. He had nothing to lose, and all to gain, and indeed he had gained something more akin to a father than to a teacher. Indeed, he later the old mentor's last name as his own, and carried it with pride.

    Sevan's arrival to this new world was not intentional. While bringing food from the market, he decided to whistle a tune to lighten his mood. That tune was his undoing, as an archway he passed through brought him to a place unknown and unexpected. Sevan quickly adapted, though, and turned to a life of adventure. Perhaps he would seek out the way back to Sigil, some day, but for now he had the present to live in, and fame and fortune of his own to seek.

    Sevan is of a light-natured sort, never to take the law seriously. If to achieve a given goal he needs to break a law, he would not hesitate to do so, as long as no innocent is physically harmed. His life in the new world so far had taught him that there was more to life than the grimy streets of Sigil, and had brought a care for life that he had not had before.

    The treatment Sevan got in the first town his journeys took him to came as a surprise, though. He had sought out the familiar hum of city life, as he was unused to the outdoors, and the small town, barely a village out of it's diapers, seemed a welcome respite.

    His first destination upon arrival was one of the better taverns, as his mentor had taught him to appreciate quality, but he was quickly drawn into a fight. A group of local thugs had tried to demand protection money from the tavern-keeper, and Sevan could not help but intervene.

    The anger flashing from Sevan's eyes, with the red fire of his Infernal blood, unnerved the thugs only slightly. They had seen magic before, after all, and took Sevan's gaze to be little more than a fancy trick. When they finally managed to wound Sevan, though, both the thugs and the other occupants of the tavern realized that he was not entirely human. The smoking blood, both on the wound and on the blade, revealed Sevan's lineage for all to see. Sevan had grown up in a place where a lineage such as his was common, and no one had cared about it overtly. The look of fear that had replaced the look of gratitude on the tavern-keeper's face broke Sevan's spirit that day, and he was quick to leave the town.

    He had learned his lesson, hard as it was. Here, in this alien world, he was an outsider, and he would have to prove himself greatly before he could ever be accepted.

    Personal Philosophies:
    Enjoy the little pleasures while you can.
    Freedom is above all, be it your own or someone else's.
    Do everything with style, do everything with grace, and always make sure to be at your best if the pretty barmaid is watching.
    Those below deserve a chance to climb higher. Those who strive to keep them below should be taught a pointed lesson.

    Sevan is a very social individual, but has learned from his life in Sigil that trust should be given only to those one knows well. He will keep his deeper opinions and facts about himself, to himself, until he believes you to be trustworthy enough. He will be free with his thoughts and opinions otherwise.
    His word is only binding if he feels it should be at the time.
    He will respect a leader figure only if the orders fit his own opinions. If he believes a different course of action should be used, he is likely to do as his own mind dictates.

    To prove himself to the world.
    To improve his capabilities.
    To return to Sigil one day.

    Returning to the streets.
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    I'll start work on moving the write-ups today. As I want them to appear, together, as story-like as possible, I want all the writers in question to work with me on this one. Mal, is it possible to move a post inside a thread? Sort of cutting it to bits and rearranging it as neccecary?

    edit: I meant cutting and rearranging the thread.
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    Name: Jitma Mendachia
    Race: Human
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'5''
    Weight: 115lb
    Appearance: Jitma is extremely sinewy, like she was made of steel cables. Her features are nonedescript; brown eyes, brown hair plaited into a braid that goes around her head and olive-coloured skin. Her clothes are rather loose fitting but allow a great range of motion. Her only protective item is a studded leather armor.

    Personal history:
    Jitma was the middle child in a family of ten, that did not easily make ends meet. Her parents did not have a harmonius marriage and this reflected on all of the children. Many left home early and none had great family ties.

    When she was eight, a passing wizard saw great psionic potential in her, and convinced her parents to send her to the monastery of Kaffal, goddess of War Dance. Jitma learned to read and write, as well as manipulating her psionic talent but she didn't like life in the monastery much, since she did not have neither the patience nor the dedication and fidelity needed for a good nun. The only bit she liked about the monastery was the dancing lessons, but since they were part of the religious process novices were barely shown the basics. This annoyed her, because she was by nature very agile and hated using her skills only in combat training.

    So, at the age of fourteen she left the monastery and started life as a wanderer. At first she thought about passing herself as a boy, since she had the figure for it, as a precaution against ill-wishers. After living in the world for a while though she realised that a) no gender was safe from ill-wishers b)she had the right to be violent when threatened c)she enjoyed being a girl.

    Now at 17 she is pretty much the child that left the monastery. She cannot commit herself to anyone and anything and likes taking life as it comes. She still likes music a lot and will jig at any tune. The one thing she has learned is the value of money, and while she is not a miser she is always after financial security, partly because of her childhood experiences.


    Personal philosophies:
    If it's not interesting, it's not worth the trouble.
    What, was it nailed down anywhere?
    There is one thing better than money and that is a secure place to bury them.
    I believe in the equality of the sexes; all men and women exploit the ones near them.

    Roleplaying notes:
    Jitma is loyal to whoever is paying her. She would undertake any campaign that is not openly evil.

    She can be social and cooperate with others in a group, but don't expect any lasting friendships.

    More dancing lessons

    Being violated
    Being poor and unable to work herself out of her situation

    Overall aspirations:
    Financial security
  14. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    okay gang, we're at a funny point now. the game is scheduled for tomorrow, and I think only Roman is going to be unavailable. so we might have Ba play his character.

    if CJ is available, he can either fill in for anyone else who's absent, or we'll work something out.

    edit: today is NOT sunday.... erg.
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    Name: Sol'Nurvarlanna Traathfel Woodwise
    Rank and Class: Half human elf druid
    Height: 5' 5"
    Weight: 128lbs
    Appearance: While Sol'Nurvarlanna (shortened to Lanna) is identifiable as part elf, her distinguishing characteristics come from her human father. She, unlike most half elves, was born with light blue eyes instead of the traditional elven green. Her hair is fair and light, and her skin pale.


    Lanna was born to an elven mother and a human father. Her mother, Vil’Anynezara Casathkash was a Priestess dedicated to Corellon Larethian, head of the elven pantheon, and her father, Quinn Woodwise, a human ranger. He was a restless, wanderer type for most of his life; a highly skilled ranger. Her father met her mother in the woodland she dwelled in; he was pursuing a filthy, hulking two-headed giant – half ettin, half dragon – in a wild chase across the earth, seeking to kill it for its brutal savagery in his own lands of the North. He drove it into the warmer climates of the Lidinora Woods hoping to put it out of its element. Here the elf priestess and human ranger met, and fell in love. Together, they managed to corner the beast, and using the combined forces of magic and skilled bowmanship, sent the injured creature falling into an age-old deep, rocky chasm.

    They arrived back at the elven city bringing good news: the beast had perished. They also had some more, surprising news: Vil’Anynezara was pregnant. The elves rejoiced.

    However, in the 7th month of the pregnancy, a presence was felt within the forest. Something was prowling around that should not have been there. The elves could sense it. Suddenly, the great draconic ettin burst into the elven city, damaged, weaker, but definitely not dead, laying waste to the place as Quinn had seen it do too many times before. He took up his weapons and fought furiously with the beast, determined to stop it before it hurt the elven community further. He was successful; all of his arrows met their mark, and the ettin, already weakened by its fall, died. However, during the struggle, Quinn was also severely wounded. The elves did all they could, using their most complex healing spells, but the damage was too great. He died within hours.

    Lanna was born to her newly widowed mother and brought up among the elves. However, from the moment she was born she was defined as different. She had inherited her father’s blue eyes, and was named Sol'Nurvarlanna Traathfel in his memory: “To the father’s memory, with hope for the daughter.”

    She grew up hearing her father’s name in song and story. He had become a hero of the elves. She was curious to find out more about him, but the elves had turned the facts into legend, leaving an air of mystery about the true nature of the epic fight.

    Vil’Anynezara (shortened to “Zara”) took Lanna out into the woodland and showed her how to collect reagents for elven spells. As she grew, she learnt the elven skills of magic and archery, and was brought up to revere nature. The elven archers taught her how to use a bow after she expressed interest by watching them train for hours and hours on end. Zara noted this, and was proud to see her daughter had inherited her husband’s ranger skills with the bow. However, as time went on, Lanna was showing less and less interest in her mother’s skills at magic. Indeed, the times she did try to learn complex magic, she showed less than the usual elven aptitude for it.

    Zara knew there was nothing she could do to force her daughter’s natural path, but she remained slightly disappointed that it was not the true elven calling. However, despite this, Lanna found herself intrigued by the skilled ranger’s use of magic, and started spending more time with the priesthood of Obad-Hai, a god of nature.

    However, she began to observe that there was something that didn't feel right about the attitude of the priests towards nature. She realised that their main concern was with the beauty of nature, but also, the preservation of it. Lanna started to develop her own feelings about it; Nature was not good or evil, the important philosophy was about balance. She would purse her lips when the priests tried to keep the human hunters out of the forest, because she knew that the deer were overpopulating. The balance of nature was important. She realised it was foolish to rely on one side over the other.

    Lanna started to become more of an outsider. She spent less time with the priests, and more time wandering the forests alone, hunting alone, living in an independent fashion. The priests would gaze reproachfully at her because of the path she seemed to be taking. However, Lanna knew she was different. She had grown quickly, and was beginning to feel her adulthood as the elves around her remained youthful.

    Lanna grew on. One day during one of her walks through the woods, she spotted a large owl in a tree. She realised that the owl was not of a species commonly found in this part of the woodland. She then realised it was odd to see an owl out during the day at all. She had a very definite feeling about this bird; it was special. The owl flew away. Nothing but Lanna’s innate natural senses compelled her to follow it. She followed the owl deep into the woods, deeper than she had ever been before; until, many hours later, she emerged into an unknown glade she had never seen on any of the rangers’ maps. The glade housed a community of druids.

    Lanna spoke with the druids, and became friendly with them. She admired their approach to Nature, and she realised that she had a connection with them, a connection with nature that the owl must have sensed as well. She returned to the glade time and time again, observing, listening, talking, learning, until she had become a druid herself without even realising.

    Lanna began to spend most of her time with the druids. The elven priests were not very happy about this, but her mother was content with the knowledge that her daughter had found her true calling, and that her father would be very proud of her. Lanna's main philosophy of balance grew into a belief that the real danger to nature is not finding a way to live in harmony with it.

    For some time, her life was her role in the protection of her grove and woodland. However, one day, she was walking through the forest when she felt a restlessness, a strange presence, a curious imbalance. On her guard, she drew her bow and tried to sense where the creature was. Suddenly, a large wolf leapt out of the trees at her. Lanna took aim and fired. The arrow went into the wolf’s side, but as is the creature was so large, it was not killed. The wolf turned and ran away. Lanna followed.

    The wolf entered a cave. Lanna went in and saw a young cub, born lame. The wolf had been bringing back kills for its young, who couldn't even walk alone. Lanna realised the wolf was only trying to care for its cub. But the wolf was dying; the exertion of running with an arrow in its side had drained it of nearly all its energy to go on. Lanna, realising her mistake, put all of her energy into soothing the dying mother’s mind, and letting it know that she would heal the cub herself.

    Exhausted after the run and the mental power she used to calm the mother wolf, Lanna slept that night in the cave. When dawn broke, she buried the mother wolf and took the lame cub back down to the glade with her, where she had him restored into full health by the chief druids. She talked to the druids about this strange lesson she had learnt about Nature. They understood. They suggested that she see more of the woodland than just the one forest. The druids then told her about her father, about his fight with the ettin, and about his life before coming to Lidinora. For the first time, Lanna heard of the other lands her father had visited. The druids suggested she find the land of her father, and explore the roots of her family tree.

    Lanna left the forest. The healed cub followed her. While Lanna didn't believe she owed the cub anything, she did feel a connection with it. There was an understanding between them - this is nature’s way, it cannot be fought. Lanna named the cub Salix. Lanna and Salix explored many new places together: different woodlands, old ruins, new shades of being, seeking understanding of the complexities of nature. She knows that it is an ever-changing thing, but her desire is to find peace within this chaos. She knew of wizards and scholars and their teachings of laws and fact, but Lanna wants to go deeper than that.

    Taught philosophies:

    Nature is not one sided.
    To live in harmony with nature, there must be a balance.
    Rules, social hierarchies and other man-made systems matter not to her.


    Lanna gained her individulaism from her elven upbringing.
    Authority doesn't mean a lot to her.
    Lanna's only ties are to herself and nature.
    She does not consider herself bound by societies restrictions.


    To emulate her father.
    To prevent unnatural, extreme damage to Nature.


    Becoming tied down to something
    Causing unintended damage to nature
    Not preventing an extreme crime against nature when she was capable of doing so

    Overall aspirations:

    To understand the complexities of nature
    To learn more about her father and his quest
  16. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Session is still planned to go ahead for tomorrow.

    Ba is presumed to still be filling in for Roman, Buzzfloyd will be filling in for Delphine.

    hopefully much combatative action will transpire.
  17. chrisjordan New Member

    If you're still doing the actiony bit, is Alton back at the inn for another session?
  18. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    unless you want us to write him in like he'd been there all the time. or we could say that he snuck along. It's up to you.
  19. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Okay, unless anyone has any brillaint insights for an in-character motivation for Alton to have secretly snuck along, we're going to rewrite things a bit and say he's been there the whole time.

    watch this space for any specific updates, or just show up on time so i can fill everyone in tomorrow
  20. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Gah. not the best of sessions today...

    Still, we shall learn from this, or die trying. My suggestions:

    1) Until we've got the hang of the basic rule structure, we don't try to learn anything else - which means no using other programs that might include battle maps.
    2) Battle maps, as visual aids, are going to be essential for most of us. I, as the DM, need them to keep track of where everyone is and this is important if we're going to follow the rules as written about movement, instead of just going with estimates and hunches. You, as the players, probably have different needs, but at least one or two of you have found the excel sheet to be a good idea if not essential. It'll cut into keeping a vivid descriptive tone, but while we learn the rules we can sacrifice a bit of that.
    3) Stragtegy and tactics. The characters in this party include at least four people who should have extensive training/experience in combat; at least two of them should have a measure of training in group combat as opposed to personal combat. I think the party needs a combat leader, and it needs one badly. The characters we've got aren't inherently or automatically well suited to taking orders from each other, and since this is a teaching exercise i have no problem if we have a strategy leader who works out of character.
    In character, Sevan and Aidan make the most sense to me as fight leaders. Their backstories and their stats make them well suited to it. In terms of players who know the rules well, I think Roman's better suited to it than doors. This is just my suggestion. If we're looking at out of character leadership, Ba is probably the most seasoned player with this ruleset, but his character is the least likely to take a leadership role. I'd like to know what you guys think.
    4) Leader or not, I think we need to plan out the course of action for next week BEFORE we sit down to play. as Grace said a few times, she simply doesn't know how to fight. When I said that course of action X, Y, or Z would be dangerous, she shut down thinking they would be suicidal. As a group, we need to work out where our strengths and weaknesses are and what we can do to improve on that.
    This fight is in a tricky position. I'm fully prepared to bend rules and reality as much as needed to make it work for the players, but the players need to come up with their plan of action. It's not playing a game, it's just acting a script otherwise.

    Now, there were some questions about the rules for a few things.

    I'll try to dig up some resources to help clarify things and make it easier for folks to get into. Since we've only got the SRD for most people to rely on, and it wasn't written to be easily accessible or self explainatory (neither was the Player's Handbook for that matter...), I think some supplimental material might be necessary.

    If you will catch me on AIM over the next week, I'll have some more stuff to give out, but for right now here's some links that may or may not be helpful.

    1) http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/arch/rg this serries of articles examines various aspects of the rules of the game, sometimes in excruciating detail. "All about movement" might help clear up some confusion from today.
    2) http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/arch/gs this serries, now concluded, focused on particularly tricky rules and presented them in a transcript format which I found very illuminating to read. There should be something in there about attacks of opportunity, which might be helpful.
    3) http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/er/20030221a this is the FAQ page, the Main 3.5 FAQ is what you're after. Bound to be some clarifications of some rules in that.

    Most of that probably won't be the most immediately accessible info, so I'll keep looking for some more user friendly stuff. If anybody finds their own, please link ASAP!
  21. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    It's been suggested that we could all profit from some smaller groups for training sessions... maybe three or four new players with one or two of the experienced ones.

    I dunno when roman's gonna be back, or when ba might be free, but I'm up for the idea on any night I'm home.

    If nothing else, it'll be fun to knock together some simple characters for quick demos.
  22. Cynical_Youth New Member

    I agree with a lot of points raised here. I think the battle map works very well and it doesn't really interfere that much in terms of roleplay.

    I think Sevan would be a good choice for combat leader, I hope Roman wants to take the position. Especially for the first few combats, someone barking orders will be much appreciated.

    We should decide on a course of action before next week and this thread would be well-suited (suggested by Garner, and I agree completely).

    So... my suggestion for a strategy (also formed after a discussion with Garner):

    Form a group with the heavily armoured melee characters, centred around the Tin Can, to the front and the vulnerable characters at the back. We run towards the woods, sticking together, and drop prone at the end of our move. This gives us an AC bonus against arrow fire so we should hopefully be able to reach the woods in the next round without taking too much damage.

    Okay, tell me what you think. :)

    Edit after seeing Garner's new post:
    That would be a good idea. Count me in.
    I'm available:
    Monday, Tuesday evening and morning, Saturday and Sunday.
  23. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    that's really a compromise view based on suggestions from Ba as well.

    Looking at it as a soloist, I'd say the way to go is to have a crossbow locked and loaded, charge to within 40 feet of the trees, and drop prone. on my next turn, use a move action to hop up, shoot any orcs in site, and fall prone again. If there are no orcs in sight, move up to 30 feet closer, and fall prone as a free action.

    The problem is, if you get caught on your own, you could get swarmed. standing or prone, four or five orcs all attacking you at once could spell the end!

    So, moving in mass is the key, i think. Moving in formation is not so vital, but thus far we haven't seen any Area of Effect (AoE) attacks, so there's no dire need to spread out.

    if we form up on the dwarf tin can, move at that dwarf's base speed (80 feet max per round, in a flat out run, 40 feet as a double move, 20 feet standard), and fall prone as a free action at the end, then enemy archer fire is not such a threat. if people with crossbows were keeping an eye from the rear and only moved a single move action, fell prone as a free action, and then used their standard action to ready an attack against any orcs coming out from the woods, you could have a fairly solid defense, but you'd move much slower.

    until we actually SEE the orcs, there's little need to worry about covering fire.
  24. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Okay, this Gametable program that Tephlon suggested looks like it could be useful.

    There's only two things we need:

    1) You have to have Java Runtime Environment v1.4.2 installed to use the program,

    2) We need someone who can host it. BT does something funky with the IP addresses, so I can't. Ba can, but he's on a dialup and we get a bit of lag. Hopefully I can experiment a

    Now, you can get the program itself from:


    and they have a link to download the Java stuff. Some of you probably already have it installed. To check, just go to Control Panel, Add Remove Programs, and scroll down to the J's.

    if you see Java Runtime Environment and the version number is 1.4.2, we're good to go.

    Hopefully one of our other broadbanders can successfully host for us.
  25. Roman_K New Member

    I have been testing this for the last few minutes. Hosting, for me, is out of the question due to firewall restrictions at the uni. Joining, due to said firewall restrictions, may also be in the same state.

    Nifty little thing, though.
  26. Roman_K New Member

    For those still unaware, the session for today has been CANCELED.

    Thank you.
  27. chrisjordan New Member

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull out of the roleplaying altogether. Sorry guys, but I just don't have the time. I'm getting a lot of work from school at the moment, and it's only increasing in amount.

    Thanks for putting it all together, Garner. Now I can draw myself up to my full geeky height and say, 'I've played D&D.' :)

    Edit: bad grammar.
  28. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    no worries, CJ. it happens. if school calms down and you want back in, just say so.

    apologies to all for the lack of notice on cancelation. i needed a chill-out day.

    is there anyone who's going to be out on next sunday? if not, we can try to get back into the story then.
  29. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Not me, I'm available all Sundays. I think getting into a back story is a good idea if we can get everyone together again.
  30. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Okay gang!

    sorry about the past couple of weeks with the zero-warning cancelation.

    I'd like us to all be together to resume gaming this coming sunday. Is everyone available? (discounting CJ, who's been intruded upon by school)

    if so, then we'll get back to the real game instead of the fightclubs, and there'll be a significant change.

    Ba's ranger will be with the party. He's always been with the party. Do not probe this, as it may collapse the entire space time continuinium as we know it.

    If the party cannot find a solution to the oil field encounter, then we'll take it as a learning experience.

    failure IS an option. keep that in mind. it's just not a very good one.
  31. Electric_Man Templar


    I should be there.
  32. Cynical_Youth New Member

    I'll be there.
  33. Roman_K New Member

    I will most likely be there.
  34. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Ella's being iffy. Watch this space. she may have access by the weekend, she may not
  35. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Ella's out for today, and something's come up for Buzzfloyd and I.

    I'm going to volunteer Roman, without checking with him first, to run some sort of one-off game for the day. If he isn't there, it's all his fault!
  36. Roman_K New Member

    Apologies, but there will be no session of any kind today. I'm just unprepared for the task of running one at the moment.
  37. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    still no ella. all are free to curse her name and shake their fists at her for her un-onlineness.
  38. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Game on for tomorrow. If 3 or more people fail to show up by about 4:15, i have some other stuff we can do.

    There may even be talk of Discworld GURPS.
  39. Delphine New Member

    I'm going away for the weekend... Sorry for not saying earlier. I don't mind you playing without me, go right on with it. sorry!
  40. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    gah. and this being the first weekend you've got net :p

    game still planned to take place at 4pm UK time tomorrow.

    if by 4:15-4:20, three or more people have failed to show up, we'll find something else to do, or everyone can go about their daily business.
  41. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    quorum was not met by 4:30pm. no game today.
  42. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    no Myn today. dunno if anyone else is not gonna make it. so, we'll see what we've got by 4:15ish
  43. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    missing about half the group today. no game held. shame on all of you. especially roman.
  44. Roman_K New Member

    [quote:c67b97f971="Garner"]missing about half the group today. no game held. shame on all of you. especially roman.[/quote:c67b97f971]

    The Roman who was there on time, you mean? Or is it some mythical Roman that I've never met?

    It's all Ben's fault, anyway.
  45. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    should be here for the game today. might be late, but should be here.
  46. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    No game today, gang. Got a family function at 4:30.

    Apologies for the lack of notice
  47. Roman_K New Member

    [quote:c0c324e1c5="Garner"]No game today, gang. Got a family function at 4:30.

    Apologies for the lack of notice[/quote:c0c324e1c5]

    Oh well. Unfortunate, but no harm done. I'll work on pogs today, and make sure that everyone likes theirs*.

    *those who have no idea what I'm talking about, shouldn't. Except for CY, who will get an explanation today if he gets on AIM.
  48. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    we wouldn't have been close to quorum anyway, so i don't feel remotely guilty. not that i would have anyway.
  49. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    this sunday, there's going to be another family function, this one hosted at casa de garner, but we should be able to specify an earlier start (i think) which *shouldn't* interfere with the game at all.

    IF everyone wants to try for it this close to the holidays, that is? this is the last sunday before HanuKwanza (i try not to observe christmas anymore, ever since the year i first saw decorations up before halloween in local department stores) and, as my mom will be out visiting between the 23rd and 2nd, that enforces a two week minimum gap.

    if you know you won't be available, be a dear and let us know by saturday, or early sunday please?
  50. Saccharissa Stitcher

    I'm cool with the early start
  51. Electric_Man Templar

    I'm available to play this sunday
  52. Cynical_Youth New Member

    I'm okay with an early start.
  53. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    due to church conflicts, we've rescheduled the advent service for this afternoon. however, grace has a concert she'll be singing in that starts at 6:30, so we may need to cut the session short early or start early or i dunno...

    there's no danger of canceling it though.
  54. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Ba's game.
  55. Saccharissa Stitcher

    And so is his High Priestess
  56. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Okay gang, tentatively going to start at 3pm tomorrow if everyone can make it. it looks so far like everyone can, but just in case, i won't cancle the game on account of quorum until 4:30, same as usual.

    grace and I will need to leave around 5:30ish i think, further details as they can be confirmed.
  57. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Looks like I might be able to make the 1 Jan session. Not sure at this point, but I will be back that day I think. Still could be too late for the session, though.
  58. Roman_K New Member

    I won't be available on the upcoming session. Apologies.
  59. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    whoops... um...

    yesterday was a sunday, wasn't it?
  60. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Yes. :)

    I got home early just to be there.

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