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    First part of one adventure of mine. The resat is to be typed tonight, or tomorrow...

    Not much of the Kyasid in this part - yet! :p

    An adventure plot line, developed with the help of RomanK and Garner (thanks to Roman and Clay) and some brazen Anita-Baker-novels-ripp off! (Good thing that none of my Rpers ever read them…)

    Add more stuff. This is not meant to be a kind of fiction thread where I lay out my story and you read and comment. Add bits, steal bits, add your own plots you have on your hard drive.

    Here you go.
    A loosely connected party of four Camarilla Vampires currently residing in Berlin are being sent into the Westphalian province, each on different quests, or so it seems; what the Camarilla ultimately wants to see examined is the same problem.

    The Tremere is being sent to the small town of Steinfurt to meet up with an old friend of his mentor, a Kyasid, who has some knowledge to share after having vanished for quite some time. He and his library now reside in an old, windowless windmill in the forests of the region. He is a somehwat quiet, but polite host to the Tremere…

    Two more chars are being sent off together right into the same small town, to examine reported sightings of vampires where only three known kindred should reside, and just as they start their little trip, a mysterious series of murders in the region makes it into the newspapers. The two, in my case one Gangrel who wants to leave Berlin for a while and one woman whose Clan is not yet quite clear to the rest of the party, arrive there believing that they are meant to protect the Maskerade and deal with one or more vampires on a rampage…

    One more vampire receives an invitation from an old friend – both are Nosferati (sp?) who already knew each other during their life time. The Nosferatu also believes his buddy wants him to help prevent a Maskerade breach, so he can continue his undisturbed existence in the West German province…

    As my players insisted they are not on friendly terms and don’t trust each other (that’s easier when playing D&D, they don’t bitch half as much and do it for honour…) it was quite a hassle to bring them together. Until then, they found a viciously maimed body, dealt with the local press to get some info, failed to break into a police facility, and were introduced to the third kindred in town – a member of the local noble family which has been, erhem, advising them for, say, the last three hundred years or so… The fact that the two other kindred are known to him, and that he introduced the Kyasid to some gustes of his, later becomes semi-important.

    He too, Reinhardt von Arnhem, is worried about the apparent Maskerade breaches, but strangely reserved towards the newscomers despite them carrying the usual written greetings from the higher animals of the hierarchy and all.
    He promises support, but not of the active kind.

    They investigate around, gathering details like who vanished, who was killed (four people by now, in a sorry state, who had all been killed a few days after they had vanished, some strange signs on their badly, and post mortem, mutilated bodies) and where they’d been found. A few red herrings appeared and disappeared again.

    Then, when I had them all in one car, said car was attacked by a small force squad that extremely well equipped - they ended up in a kind of concrete silo or something looking like it, with one tightly bolted security door and guards on the roof.
    (Guards on the roof is a hint they are not in the middle of the city…)

    At brute force (flamethrowers, quite a lot of personnel, and whatnot) one of the party is forced to agree to give a blood sample, which is passed over Silence-of-the-Lambs-style (no direct contact with the brute squad members, no chance yet to escape.)
    Some time later on, a small, bald man in a jump suit is thrown into their pit – at first sight a dinner, then they realize the man regards the vampire who gave the blood sample as his master. You have presented with a ghoul! Make of him what you want, but he should be allowed to tell his story: He was a patient in a closed facility, and he is somehat hard to follow, but the party members gather he has spent the last ten years of his life there, rather willingly, and under the wings of one Frau Doktor he is rather scared of. The party concludes he is talking about a vampire that is part, if not in control, of said closed facilitie's staff, and keeping some of her patients as a herd, and few of them as ghouls, as this one – until recently. Then some guys in a black van came to catch him and brought him here. You don’t get any details, such as adress etc, out of this guy, except for one telephone number.

    The guards are good at the brute force thing, and have been told what to do. They are nervous about the nature of their prisoners though, and –of course the party can’t tell, but the GM knows- they don’t know much about the various magical abilities the party members might have.
    They manage an escape later in the night – how in detail should be designed for the crew that’s actually playing. They kill the guards on the roof (dinner time, if need be).

    They find themselves on a former military training area, one like this, only deserted for quite some time now:

    I took the buildings as they appear on the photo and added a subterranean hangar complex.
    (I drew four different plans, two for me, two for the party – I can add them should anyone ever be interested to see them).

    Now it’s action time: six guards are in one of the buildings they made their quarters. The party members quickly realize that more of the important who’s and why’s are underground, and that they have to get past them to get down the stairs that lead from the quarters into the storey below.

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