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    There was a brilliant serialisation of Night Watch on Radio 4 late on Wednesday nights recently which I managed to hear most of and I though that they did a very good job. I prefer radio plays to TV as you can still use your imagination to visualist Ankh Morpork. No TV representation matches up to Terry's wonderful descriptions of the place. ANyway Phillip Jackson (Inspector Japp from Poirot) was particularly good as Vimes. And Carcer, played by Carl Prekopp was chilling.

    Did anyone else hear it.

    What do you think?

    More of these plays on the radio would be great.
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    To add to what Katcal said, this was also the wrong forum to start this thread, as Night Watch doesn't have much to do with, say, Dungeons and Dragons. Roleplaying isn't acting - no matter how hard some of us geeks to try to pretend it is, and no matter how much the more muscle-laden geeks, who actually build a forge in their back yard and make their own armor, are scary (it's all right, they tend to scare us ordinary geeks, too ;-) ).

    On a rather unrelated note, a group of the aforementioned sub-category of geeks is trying to buy an old castle near Tiberias. And when I say "castle", what I mean is "complete and utter ruin".

    I suspect that should they actually go through with this venture, they will then spend their time rebuilding it. Then I expect them to mount bandit raids on the unsuspecting nearby populace, but that part's really just a hunch.
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    Caught up and moved thread. :)
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    I was lost

    Thanks for the advice - I admit I was lost :redface: in the depths of the Unseen message board looking for somewhere to introduce myself being a complete newbie. I have started to find my way around now.
    Thanks for the help and good luck with your castle. If you want some good examples of castle ruins for inspiration you should visit the castles of Wales. Some lovely mouldering piles in stunning locations. Look up Carreg Cennen Castle or Dolbadarn Castle on the web to see what I mean.

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