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  1. stripytie New Member

    Does anyone know why Monstrous Regiment isnt available in the black cover edition that most of the others are?. I'd really like to get the book but i have all the other Discworld novels in the black covers (barring Eric which also isnt available and Night Watch and Making Money which come out in the black covers in May).

    There is a listing for the black edition on Amazon which says it came out in June 2007 but offers no explanation as to why it isnt available or to when this might change.

    I'd probably be willing to buy the normal version if i knew it was never going into print again but i just find the Paul Kidby version fairly bland and would like to stay in keeping with what iv already got. Plus they all look awesome lined up on the shelf

    Any information whatsoever is appreciated.
  2. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    That's odd. I'm afraid I haven't any idea, have you tried emailing the publishers?
  3. Silvertounge New Member

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