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  1. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Last night, Buzzfloyd and I played a board game based on the works of H P Lovecraft. The game was called Arkham Horror, I believe, and mighty Cthulu showed up more than once!

    It occurs to me that there are a number of great classic games that often get unofficial computer versions produced for playing online. There's also knock-offs and official games that are hosted on major websites.

    Yahoo! has a version of scrabble called Literati. has actual bonafide Monopoly.

    I think we should expand our gameplay group a bit. if any of us can figure out how to play, we might even want to throw together a weekly bridge game.

    This is just an idea for rigth now, but if anyone would like to make suggestions, please do.

    More importantly, if anyone has or knows of any good/cool internet friendly versions of funky board games or similar, suggest them!
  2. Cynical_Youth New Member

    I'd be up for a bridge game (and any other card game and most other games for that matter). I'm not that good, though.

    Edit: little mistake that sneaks in and ruins my day (well two minutes of it)
  3. colonesque10 New Member

    Would there be anyway we could play the Pirate game whilst online Clay. I miss kicking all your ass's at it, especially Rinso's. And even Doors feet couldn't destroy that game. :)
  4. Rincewind Number One Doorman


    In your dreams kenny, you pirate loser.
  5. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    There is, to my knowledge, no computer version of the Pirates of the Spanish Main card game yet.

    There are a few games of a similar theme, if not a similar nature. Might be worth checking out.

    If someone wanted to check the Underdogs website for any interesting looking [b:2ec910395c]freeware[/b:2ec910395c] multiplayer games, I'm sure something could be found.
  6. Tephlon Active Member

    Yay, found a thread where this would fit.

    "Casey and Andy"'s creator made this nifty piece of software:


    Might be interesting for your Online RP-Group?
  7. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Been testing it out, and have had nothing but headaches. the program seems functional, but no one can connect to me when I host.

    that's probably not a good sign :cry:
  8. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    okay, i may not be able to host, but i can join. we shall experiment more tomorrow.
  9. Saccharissa Stitcher

    I cannot participate tomorrow, as I will be travelling back to the village :(
  10. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    I do believe that there's Thud online ;-)
  11. tanatie New Member

    really? where? how? what's the rules even? but besides that yahoo has more than just literati...usually I play Go on it but there's lots more:

    Board games:
    Game No.of plyrs
    Backgammon 4,078
    Bingo 358
    Catan -
    Checkers 1,735
    Chess 11,336
    Chessmaster Ch… -
    Chesster -
    Chinese Checke… 64
    Dominoes 9,273
    Dots 100
    Emperor's Mah … -
    Go 294
    Jigsaw: Great … -
    Jigsaw: Landsc… -
    Jigsaw: Medley -
    Jigsaw: Pets -
    Jigsaw: Wyland -
    JigWords 124
    Literati 10,968
    Mah Jong 107
    Mah Jong Adven… -
    Mah Jong Garde… -
    Mahjongg Fortu… -
    Mah Jong Jade … -
    Mah Jong Medle… 52
    Mah Jong Quest 13
    Mah Jong Tower… 177
    Midas Mahjong -
    Naval Command® 127
    Reversi 92
    Saints and Sin… 70
    Super Mah Jong -
    Word Slinger -

    Card games:
    Addiction Soli… 297
    Aloha Solitair… 457
    Aloha TriPeaks 74
    Ancient 4 in 1… -
    Ancient Hearts… -
    Ancient Tri-Jo… -
    Ancient Tripea… -
    Blackjack 648
    Bridge 1,342
    Canasta 5,907
    Cribbage 1,485
    Deuces Wild 247
    Double Down 90
    Euchre 3,647
    Five Card Delu… 6
    Freecell Solit… 194
    Gin 2,090
    Go Fish 94
    Golf Solitaire 87
    Go Stop 57
    Hearts 2,517
    Hold 'Em Poker 3,207
    Honey Combo -
    Hotel Solitair… -
    Klondike Solit… 140
    Pinochle 2,365
    Poker Supersta… -
    Pyramid -
    Pyramids 6,233
    Sheepshead 175
    Solitaire 13 230
    Spades 7,939
    Super Solitair… -
    Super Solitair… -
    Tornado 21® 215
    Turbo Solitair… 117

    there's also puzzle games, word games, arcade games and 30 other (?) games...
    hope this doesn't look like a commercial, just trying to be helpful:)

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