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  1. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    "Somehow it seeped in their conscious that my attitude was just simply stay the course. Stay the course means let's get the job done, but it doesn't mean staying stuck on a strategy or tactics that may not be working. So perhaps I need to do a better job of explaining that we're constantly adjusting."
    -- George W. Bush
  2. Angua_rox New Member

    God, our world is messed up.
  3. spiky Bar Wench

    Oh that clears that up.
  4. Pixel New Member

    I think that all the American politicians aspiring to have their mail delivered to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue must be worshipping Dubya - he must be considered "an [i:9dca255d8d]easy[/i:9dca255d8d] act to follow"!
  5. roisindubh211 New Member

    from someone who took this long to get rid of Rumsfeld...

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