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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by plaid, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. plaid New Member


    i graduate this semester.

    this is my last semester.

    then i will graduate.

    i have many options.

    technical writing is a humongous field. i just need to tailor myself to a specific aspect of it and go for it.

    big fat huge decision uno: go back to england or stay in the US? spend my savings on plane tickets and new furniture or a car and gas and car insurance?

    big fat decision dos: focus on being designer? writer? both? something else?

    big fat decision tres (if i opt out of the UK idea): eastcoast/westcoast/inbetween?
  2. KaptenKaries New Member

    Guinness. Need I say more?
  3. chrisjordan New Member

    I say the moon. With the Plaid Program in place, our outer colonies will be able to expand and we shall dominate the solar system.
  4. plaid New Member


    the plaid one does not drink.
  5. chrisjordan New Member

    Filthy lies. I saw you with that milk.
  6. spiky Bar Wench

    I said someplace else but I think Australia, with better weather than the British isles and the added upside that its not full of americans. How could you go wrong :)
  7. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Stay in the states for a while, until Plaid has established herself economically, using the savings as a fall-back. Then, when she's saved up enough to be sound financially, she can move to England with no worry about supporting herself.
  8. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    I say risk it. Go to England.
  9. fairyliquid New Member

    Ba's suggestion is probably the most sensible but I'm still with Om...I think the UK just has an unbeatable feel to it. In the end though...it's whatever you want to do...good luck with the decision!
  10. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I have to vote for Blighty, I'm a hopeless nostalgic, I love to go back, and if it was technically and financially a good idea, I'd be gone already. Dammit, I even miss British cooking !

    But then again, 'tis a very personal thing to help you decide on, it really does have to be the solution that YOU feel at home with/in.
  11. Electric_Man Templar

    You could also save money by swimming/rowing across. Think of all the extra furniture you could buy with the money you'd save!

    Seriously though, the decision seems, to me, to be between your heart and your wallet. It may be wise, as Ba said, to build up the funds first, although it may be possible that you can get an equally (if not better) paid job over here as over there.

    I'd suggest scouting the job market in both places, see what's available. I don't really know what to advise career wise, you've shown adeptness at both designing and writing - I guess it comes down to which you enjoy most and possibly also the job market again.

    "Go where the job market tells you" doesn't quite have that romantic ring to it, does it?
  12. Perdita New Member

    I would follow Ba's advice - but it would also depend on the availability of Job's and possible job oppertunities in your chosen field- if there are oppertunities in the US - why not stay there for a while- say, give it 6 months - you would then have 6 months experience and something to write on your resume before you head to GB.
  13. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    The weasel speaks you the truth. If you can get a job/inturnship sorted before you move it will make everything alot stabler. Also, don't limit your job searc just to england, the world is your oyster, any new country you move to would be a great experience!
  14. Maljonic Administrator

    [quote:20711d095b="OmKranti"]I say risk it. Go to England.[/quote:20711d095b]I agree. :)
  15. Marcia Executive Onion

    Have you thought about how you would get permission to live in England? You would either have to come as a student, get a work permit from an employer there or apply to enter as a highly skilled migrant (or marry a Brit). Or do you have the right to claim British citizenship (i.e. by ancestry)?
  16. Saccharissa Stitcher

    This is a very difficult decision and I am very hard put to give you advice. All I can do is give you some things for consideration.

    Obviously you must have had a lot of fun in England last time you stayed here, otherwise you wouldn't be considering coming over.

    Thing is, you will be away from your family and away from your faith. I don't know how numerous the community of your denomination is in England but chances are you may found a job in a town where there is no such church.

    It all boils down to what kind of daily routine would you like for yourself and for your children. Personally, I would be thrilled if you were added to the Doormencons and the sister of one of my best friends is currently working in England and she is very pleased with her job and her daily routine, so yes, happiness is possible away from home ;).
  17. Hermia New Member

    All the cool people are English these days! Come and join us!

    Money: It sounds like money's a factor here. If the choice is between the plane ticket and the car, you're going to lose the money anyway, so go for the plane ticket! That way you get further and don't have to go on paying and paying and paying!

    Career: Which do you enjoy more? Sounds like an obvious question, but people seem to forget that one sometimes!

    East/West: West. Dunno why, it just sounds good.

    Religion: You're a Mormon, right? We have over 180,000 in England (check out research girl!). As far as I know I haven't met any of them, but there is a LDS church right here in the nicer part of St Leonards. ::beckons enticingly::

    Visa: If you don't have any other way of getting into England, I'm sure one of the boys won't mind marrying you. That seems to be a popular thing to do round here! ;) Kenny, Ben, are you single?
  18. KaptenKaries New Member

    Wow, you got an LSD church now? *reevaluates his opinions about christianity* :rolleyes:
  19. Hermia New Member

    Well, yes, I'm sure the Latter Day Saints do have trouble with dyslexic religious acid junkies wandering in off the street.
  20. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    So I tried to buy crack of a preist ONE TIME and you just won't let me forget it!
  21. sleepy_sarge New Member

    [quote:8097097612="Rincewind"]So I tried to buy crack of a preist ONE TIME and you just won't let me forget it![/quote:8097097612]

    It's how you offered to [b:8097097612]pay[/b:8097097612] that we won't let you forget :shock:
  22. Guest Guest

    [quote:884f9b1336="sleepy_sarge"][quote:884f9b1336="Rincewind"]So I tried to buy crack of a preist ONE TIME and you just won't let me forget it![/quote:884f9b1336]

    It's how you offered to [b:884f9b1336]pay[/b:884f9b1336] that we won't let you forget :shock:[/quote:884f9b1336]

    That and the fact you were dressed as an alter boy at the time! tut tut Rinso...... :evil:
  23. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    [quote:48ec3100f1="misswhiplash"][quote:48ec3100f1="sleepy_sarge"][quote:48ec3100f1="Rincewind"]So I tried to buy crack of a preist ONE TIME and you just won't let me forget it![/quote:48ec3100f1]

    It's how you offered to [b:48ec3100f1]pay[/b:48ec3100f1] that we won't let you forget :shock:[/quote:48ec3100f1]

    That and the fact you were dressed as an alter boy at the time! tut tut Rinso...... :evil:[/quote:48ec3100f1]

    Are you guys insinuating that my choir singing abilities are not worth crack?

    I'll have you know I have the voice of an Angel!
  24. Guest Guest

    :D an angel who's halo has slipped and is making you sound like a strangled cat....... and to be honest, i think you went to the wrong priest because they are supposed to keep things confidential and this one told a hell of a lot of people, when you said priest did you really mean gossip columnist?
  25. Maljonic Administrator

  26. Pepster New Member

    The decision is difficult as each has its pros & cons. I do however suggest you take both Ba and Rinso's advice.

    Take 6 months in America, avoid buying a car if you can or purchase a decent used car. Then after that if you still wish to move abroad, make the move then.
  27. Dont bother with England Come to WALES!!!

  28. plaid New Member

    but that welsh accent is so.... strange... how will i ever converse with any of you?
  29. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    I'm not allowed to go to wales :(
  30. LaughingFire New Member

    Plaid said back to England, Marcia. Presumably there's some claim to the right to live there already....
  31. Maljonic Administrator

    [quote:2f29c84428="LaughingFire"]Plaid said back to England, Marcia. Presumably there's some claim to the right to live there already....[/quote:2f29c84428]
    Not necessarily, she might have come to England to study then gone back home. In fact I think that is what happened isn't it?
  32. plaid New Member

    yes. i was only there for one year to study. i have no other claim to anything on that side of the pond.

    unless it's chris jordan's little scouse heart. maybe. :p
  33. Hermia New Member

    Right, so you're ok with Scouse, but you can't deal with Welsh? Now that seems very unfair. (Yes, the other, proper, advice is good, but that's not the point. Come to England.)

    Garner, why aren't you allowed in Wales? Do you have previous convictions for sheep offences?
  34. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    No, a very nice person who's friendly and a pacifist has threatened to kill me if i do.
  35. silverflagon New Member

    Come to the UK, we welcome wanabe priest types all the time, just leave your hook at home :D LOL!

    Seriouly though, students are always welcome, but working can be tricky if you allow your visa to run out. Just don't run when the police shout halt.

    Oh heack I am sorry I am still in weird mode, please excuse the last sentence as well, not all our police are paid up louts.

    Please doo come to the UK, we do have some great universities :)
  36. plaid New Member

    but, silverflaggon, i'm through with university. i need not any more of uni, unless i find a rich person who really wants to send me to law school or graduate school or something. what i need is a career.

    also, i'm not sure what you're trying to mean about the wannabe priest thing.
  37. silverflagon New Member

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