What's Your Favourite Watch Book?

Discussion in 'THE WATCH BOOKS' started by goldGOLDgold, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. drunkymonkey New Member

    On page 2 in the thread, I said Guards Guards was my favourite. It's now my second favourite. The cell scene is still one of the greatest Discworld moments, but Night Watch surpasses it because of the suspense, the drama, Vimes as a character, and the real epic and indeed moral feeling you get when you read the book. It's one of my favourite Discworld books actually, simply because it's so perfectly orchestrated.
  2. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    [quote:282be0d3ee="discaimer"] T5E is weakened by it's rewrite, Thud. [/quote:282be0d3ee]
    Interesting opinion. Why do you think so? I would have thought that a strong book is a strong book - you can't retroactively weaken it.
  3. drunkymonkey New Member

    [quote:8ba76ae0c9="Buzzfloyd"][quote:8ba76ae0c9="discaimer"] T5E is weakened by it's rewrite, Thud. [/quote:8ba76ae0c9]
    Interesting opinion. Why do you think so? I would have thought that a strong book is a strong book - you can't retroactively weaken it.[/quote:8ba76ae0c9]Well, it's like anything. When you experience the update/sequel/successor, sometimes the original seems of less quality. It's like games (I use games as the most obvious example). GTA: Sean Andreas is an immense game, and because of its existence, GTA1 is weakened, because there is simply something better out.

    It's less obvious with books, I suppose, but the comparisons can still definitely be made.
  4. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I thought you meant that Thud! was a weaker book, and that made T5E also seem weak. I have to go out now, but I'll come back later and give my arguments for why T5E is the stronger book. Thanks for an interesting discussion!
  5. drunkymonkey New Member

    [quote:3bbf96bf5e="Buzzfloyd"]I thought you meant that Thud! was a weaker book, and that made T5E also seem weak. I have to go out now, but I'll come back later and give my arguments for why T5E is the stronger book. Thanks for an interesting discussion![/quote:3bbf96bf5e]That's not me who said that. That was discaimer. I was not putting forth an explanation. Sorry, I do that [s:3bbf96bf5e]sometimes[/s:3bbf96bf5e] all the time..
  6. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Doh! Sorry! That'll teach me to read more carefully.
  7. frankie New Member

    [size=12:a9c51b5926][/size:a9c51b5926]I am torn between Men At Arms and Guards! Guards! and anyway any book that has Sam Vimes in it gets my vote.
  8. Lira New Member

    I'd have to say Night Watch. They're all fantastically wonderful in my opinion, but there's just something amazing about Night Watch.

    Anyways, I really liked the 5th Elephant. More so then Thud, actually. Maybe this isn't a common thought or maybe it is. I don't really know. Just felt I'd let it be known to the general public :)
  9. pyanfaruk New Member

    Got to be Night Watch. The whole book is a tour-de force, essentially a one-man POV novel with practically none of the usual supporting cast of characters, and it's a tribute to the writing strength of TP that it hangs together so well.
  10. Mordros New Member

    Hmmm although I still enjoyed Thud! I think Pratchett needs to give Vimes a rest for a little bit.

    I voted for Fifth Elephant, can't remember why. I couldn't decide between it and Night Watch, I also can't explain why I love Night Watch so much. :cry:
  11. mr_scrub New Member

    I said Thud! but i really can't decide. Men at arms was my first Watch book and the second Discworld i actually understood. The only thing I know for certain is that its not T5E or FOC. T5E was the first watch book i read that had a lot of boring bits (obviously excepting the werewolf chase and anywhere where detritus has the Piecemaker. Carrot was halarious in GG especially whenever he goes into a bar dwarf or otherwise.
  12. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I didn't think T5E was boring at all. I didn't stop reading it until 3.30 in the morning, then had to get up for work the next day.
  13. Angua_rox New Member

    I didn't feel that Thud! was a rewrite of T5E, but I haven't read T5E in a while.
    I must reread it and compare them. . .

    But from what I can recall, I don't see any huge similarities. . .
    If anyone who does feel they are the same could say why, I'd appreciate it!
  14. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Well, I read them both quite close together, and I can see the similarities... Vimes trying to resolve an enigmatic crime, racial tension, dwarves, etc. but still, I wouldn't say it was a rewrite...
  15. drunkymonkey New Member

    Nah, it definitely wasn't. No more so than Feet of Clay being a rewrite of Men at Arms.
  16. Tinhead Ned New Member

    Night Watch

    Night Watch all the way for mine, being centred on Vimesy/Keel gets it my vote but it is just a well-rounded book that stands out even in the exalted company of the remaining discworld series.

    Vimes being the most likable/interesting character on the Disc (or maybe im biased...) helps but NW gets the right balance in pretty much all areas - its an ankh-morpork/watch/vimes/urban based novel, which are my favourite, but also has an element of travel (albeit time) to suggest a new environment while remaining ankh-morpork, a tidbit of magic/causality etc as a throwback to earlier works. Not to mention the fact he managed to tell a new story without having to march time even further and make further advances in time, technology aging etc.(for example compare the city from TCOM to Thud) also it fleshed out many of the main characters (Vimes, Colon, Nobby, Vetinari, Rust etc.) and the city itself to give us a look at the past.

    As a checkmate, i challenge anyone to tell me they weren't entranced by the finale, from the cleaning of the nest to the final skirmish... (cmon vimesy has the best moments, from his stint as Keel to his 'WHERES MY COW' from underground Uberwald)

    How do they rise up...
  17. mr_scrub New Member

    Ned, you should make a post in the Introductions section to announce your existence to the board.
  18. kraak New Member

    I find it very weird that so many people choose "Nightwatch" to be honest... IN many ways its the most atypical of all the watchbooks becaus key characters appear only very briefly in this book whereas in the other ones they are an integral part of the story.. ( Angua, Carrot, Detritus, ...) Other characters like Colon and Nobby appear in a different form, and i must say i really liked the dialogues about those two in a lot of the other Watchbooks. My favourite is "Jingo", mostly becaus Pratchett really is at his satirical peak here for me.. I really love "Fifth elephant" , "Feet of clay" and all the other ones though
  19. Yoko New Member

    city watch favs

    Hey everyone, I'm new too. My favourite watch book ( which also happens to be the first and most beloved discworld novel I read ) is Night Watch. One of the best books I ever read...

    Btw would anyone happen to know where I can find some posters? Preferably of the Night Watch cover.

  20. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Hi Yoko and welcome...

    You can find all sorts of great discworld stuff here, including posters: Discworld Family Values Poster (and they do deliver abroad)
  21. shwelds New Member

    It's hard to choose, but I think my fave is Feet of Clay- I guess partly because the watch is now running like a well oiled crime-fighting machine, complete with forensics. The part where Fred and Wee Mad Arthur are trying to get away from the King Golem had me in stitches- I read it again and again :lol: :lol:
  22. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    I don't get why everyone says Night Watch, it only really works if you've read others and stands on the shoulders of better books...

    I'd pick Thud any day.
  23. Hsing Moderator

    I suppose stand-alone wasn't a criterium for most... I think what many loved about it so much that it wrapped a lot of background stories of favourite characters into a pretty good foreground story, so to say. It was a great read for Watch-fans.
    Looking back, I like Feet of Clay best, because it travelled so far with me... and because the Watch was already the Watch, but fresh, so to say. Purely subjective reasons, nothing academic, really. :smile:
  24. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Night Watch was one of the first Watch books I read, I'd read a few Pratchett books years before but when I rediscovered them, Night watch was the first book I bought. I think it can stand alone just fine, but having read the rest now and having re read most of them just in the last 7 or so months, it does benefit from knowing the way things worked out so to speak. I do love Thud, and Feet of Clay, but Night Watch is pretty much tied with The Fifth Elephant for first place in my affections.
  25. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    My first watch book was (I think, it seems a long time ago now) Men at Arms, which I consequently love. But I think Thud! is the book (except perhaps Night Watch) with the most depth (no dwarfish pun intended).
  26. gemreplica Banned

    Maybe if I knew how to read, I'd know that Spamming was a naughty thing.

    In other news, I have herpes.
  27. Jnine New Member

    It has to be Thud

    Having read all the Terry Pratchett books I can get my hands on, I would have to say that Thud is my favorite watch book. I even have a copy of 'Where's my cow?'. I adore Sam Vimes and his attitude to life and policing.............;)
  28. Werewolf New Member

    It's too hard to decide really. I love all the Watch books and i'm keeping everything crossed he writes another. I'm quite fond of the Fifth Elephant and Guards, Guards as it introduces Vimes, Colon And Nobby.
  29. alma New Member

    all of them.if i was pushed night watch,and men at arms.also like jingo and feet of clay.oh its so hard.
  30. willbaforce New Member

    The Fifth Elephant! Anyone?! Just me then :)

    The Fifth Elephant! I really loved it back when it came out, and it is always the first I go back to reread once I finish the lot for the umpteenth time. I disagree with disclaimer saying it is Thud's unedited version though. I think it follows a similar story down a different path. Vimes' interaction with some of the Uberwaldean(?) characters is the highlight for me.

    I can see what everyone is saying about NW and some of the others too. I really liked the tension that story of NW managed to build towards the end. Similarly, Jingo had some quality moments with some of the watch characters (Nobby and Colon's roles were great).
    The early ones really work well as an image of the transformation the watch went through too, Feet of Clay being a particularly fond memory...

    Well, reading that back I guess I like the lot, but the 5th Elephant still takes it! I just love the finish.
  31. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Jingo, definitely.

    Awesome book, although I've lost my copy of it...I really should get a new one...
  32. fids New Member

    Has to be Guards Guards but they are my favorite characters.
  33. trees New Member

    Minor point - sometime ago someone said Mr Pump's name was not Yiddish - but it is not a name it was his job title.

    I can not say which is my favorite book - I was not keen on Equal Rites but like all the rest.

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