What happened to Kring?

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  1. Lawless New Member

    Last I remember, Rincewind is in a swordfight with Lio!rt whilst hanging upside down in the Wyrmberg. I think then the rock gives way and he ends up hanging on to Lio!rt's arm for dear life; and then Kring his talking sword just seems to vanish from the narrative! Someone told me that Rincewind accidently (on purpose) later "dropped" Kring off a dragon and into the sea... but I don't remember reading anything like that. Any ideas?
  2. Maljonic Administrator

    Lspace says: Its current whereabouts are unknown, although it may have been dropped overboard from the back of a dragon flying at great height above a very deep sea. Whoops.
  3. Lawless New Member

    I've read that. But there's absolutely nothing in the novel to even suggest this. Just seems kinda lazy on TP's part. Kinda like how Tethis the sea troll just seems to be forgotten about between COM and the LF. Maybe TP's Alzheimer's was just beginning to kick in. :sad:
  4. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Those books were both written a long time ago I doubt the Alzheimer's had anything to do with it. It is just hard keeping track of every little thing, Sir Pterry was skewering a whole genre of silliness that was taking itself mighty seriously(and still is for that matter, which is one of the reasons they, CoM and LF, still seem new and relevant) give him a break for being human. I think I would have found someplace to drop Kring a lot sooner, but it would be fun if the sword did end up back in Rincewinds posession, maybe when he becomes Chancellor of UU. It could just show up in the Luggage.
  5. Lawless New Member

    Well... maybe I'm being a bit too critical. It just would have been nice to have at least been told that Kring was in fact dropped, but we didn't even get that.

    I always imagined that because Rincewind was hanging from the roof of the Wyrmberg, maybe he dropped Kring and Kring landed in a giant dried up lump of Dragon dung! Intead of the "Sword in the Stone" more the "Sword in the Turd" kind of thing. And maybe a joke-footnote about how Kring had to stay there for a long time because no potential Kings wanted to get near enough to pull him out. :D
  6. Maljonic Administrator

    It was his first Discworld story, written 28 years ago, and before he realized how popular they would be. It was more a parody of fantasy novels and Dungeons and Dragons, rather than the well thought out satires his later works developed into. I don't think Terry was really considering the future of the characters, let alone incidental talking objects.

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