Reaper Man is or was a film? Seen this on a website.

Discussion in 'THE DEATH BOOKS' started by coke_and_chocolate, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Well, neither Pratchett or his publishers are known to frequent this site, but I've never heard of a Reaper Man movie that has been made, or will be made, with the exception of a guy's personal project to try and make his own animated version.

    Looking at the DV Studios website, they don't even mention Reaper Man as a project and again they look like quite a small scale studio - I doubt they could even afford to buy the rights to make a commercial film.
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    That sounds to me like Thorsun's project. He posted about it a few times on the old boards. It was an attempt to do a CG movie of Reaper Man, but I think he had to stop through lack of funds.
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    I'd personally love to see all his books made into films, animated or otherwise, loved the wyrd sisters and soul music. Hogfather was great.
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    So Would I.
    T.p's Books Would Be Great As Films.
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    This is what happened...

    Hello everyone. Man, I haven't posted on here in years.

    In case anyone is still wondering what happened with the Reaper Man project, here is an update.

    That town shot of Ankh-Morpork was from Sven Daennart and was made for our Death Valley Studios production of Reaper Man. Terry was letting us make the film but obviously wouldn't license it to us to actually sell commercially. So, we scrapped the project in favor of our own original material. We formed a new animation company called Thorsun-Escelce. The website is here - Thorsun Escelce presents...Cargo - PageName

    As you can see if you visit the website we were producing a project called "Cargo". We made a 40 minute pilot film, but that's about as far as we got. Currently we're working on a live action sci-fi comedy called "Pickerman the Great" and are in the process of trying to secure funding for it.

    I'd love to revisit Reaper Man one of these days when we have the funds to buy the film rights from Terry and his agent, Colin. I'm suspecting that with The Hogfather having already been made that we may be too late for that and the film will be made by a company other than us.

    Anyway, wish us luck with Pickerman and if anyone is interested in investing in this project please feel free to contact me at We've got a great crew on this including Yaron Levy, the cinematographer from the first 'Saw' movie and the Oscar nominated sound editors from "No Country for Old Men" and "Men in Black II".

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