Possibly another Pratchett film.

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  1. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Dreamworks, the makers of Shrek have announced they will be making three films in 2012. Two have already been decided upon but the good news for Pratchett fans is that they are considering 'Truckers' as a possible third.

    'Truckers' is one of three candidates that will be judged throughout the development stage for their attention. The other two possibilities are 'Crood' and 'Super Secret Ghost Project'

    A little more detail can be found here.

    Meanwhile, I promised my self to re-read 'Nation'. It was such a big change from Sir Pterry's Discworld stuff I wasn't too impressed and it also seemed to have been written for the American market. However, it has impressed a lot of people.

    'Nation' is one of 10 finalists for the Mythopoeic Awards and has already taken the top place at the 2009 Boston-Globe Book Awards.

    Congratulations and keep 'em coming.
  2. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Oooh, Truckers by Dreamworks could be really good! :)
  3. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Would it be animated, or with real actors? (not putting down voice actors, of course...)
  4. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    In the Mythopoeic Awards, it calls Nation a children's book. Is it? I thought it was written at roughly the same level as Discworld...

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