Poor Rincewind How does he make it through?

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    What can I say about Rincewind. First he got caught by the Lord and he was almost going to kill him. Then he had to get Twoflower and then try to keep him safe. Then Twoflower tried to get on a horse but couldn't so Rincewind had to go after him. Then Death had him hanging from a tree under wolves and a snake on the tree. It's a good thing the luggage saved him when he fell. Then when he found Twoflower he saw him for a second and then he was captured by Dragons. Then he started running away and magic sword got him to pull the itself out and if he didn't go to rescue or fight somebody it would kill him. So he fought one of the dragon tamers and finally took him back to the Wyrmberg. Then when he jumped of the dragon he was hanging of the edge of a place in the wyrmberg. Then the tamer made him fight herself on the roof. By this time Twoflower had already spoken to a dragon and that it would obey him.So as they were fighting Rincewind fell off. Luckily, Twoflower saved him. so then they flied out of there. As I'm sure you know, about the dragons flying further away so then they fell out of the sky and to the edge of Discworld. This is only some of the things that have happened to him. But one thing that is good is that he will always have a friend in Twoflower.:smile:
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    Wow. I'm completely out of breath now! :smile:
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    Colourofmagicgirl: 2 things

    1) There are several members on these boards that haven't yet seen the Colour of Magic Movie because they do not live in the UK or have access to UK Television. For example, "Hogfather" hasn't been shown in the rest of Europe yet. The script differs a bit from the book, as I understand it, so basically you're giving out spoilers. I'd like to see the film without knowing exactly what happens.

    2) Please, please, please put a little whitespace between those sentences... Right now, and I'm not trying to be mean, I just can't read your posts.
  4. Katcal I Aten't French !

    And also, again, only meaning to be constructive, those who HAVE seen it already know what happened, so a detailed account of it isn't necessarily the best thing to trigger a lot of response here.
    Tell us what you thought, what you liked or disliked, and you'll probably spark a bit of a discussion, but just telling us what happened, as Teph said, is a spoiler to those who haven't seen or read it, and not interesting to those who have...
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    There, I fixed it for you.

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