No spoilers - Harry Potter...Deathly Hallows

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  1. mazekin Member

    Right, I did it. I'ts over with now. The hold that that woman, Rowling has had on my life over the past couple of years has been severed...mostly (there are, of course, several more films to come...eek)

    I read the book. I enjoyed the book. The bit where ::for those of you who have read it, insert faveourite bit of choice here ::was brilliant! I laughed (not much) I cried (at the end) ...a good time was had by all. Except those who died, of course...

    And I'm quite proud to admit, it only took 4 hours and I didn't do my usual speed reading of it to get to the end. Big, big happy smile on my face :)

    Just thought I'd share that, heh heh heh...
  2. Hex New Member

    I'm finished also. Took me about four hours also. Agree with you on all counts.

    Now, can we start a spoiler thread? I may implode... :D
  3. Hsing Moderator

    There already is one in the Non-Terry-Pratchett-books-section.:)
    If you don't mind, I am moving this thread there.
  4. mazekin Member

    Sorry about that - didn't spot it (yes, I am blind :) No worries
  5. Hsing Moderator

    Oh, I was just pointing. :)

    And now, someone start the discussion - I have a two pages list of things I didn't like. ;)
  6. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I'm still waiting for it to arrive... damn Amazon...
  7. Hsing Moderator

    But doesn't that mean that by now, you should get it for free?:smile:
  8. Katcal I Aten't French !

    books ain't pizzas, my dear :D (unfortunately) It was dispatched on friday, it's probably the post office's fault.
  9. Hsing Moderator

    Well, offered that you get the book for free if it was pre ordered and didn't arrive on Saturday.
  10. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Well, yeah, Germans think efficiency is important and things should be on time, I'm in France, remember ?
  11. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I still haven't got it. The post office should just... die ! :sad:
  12. Faerie New Member

    I got it from the library, a day early too since someone shipped them early. I'll wait for it to come out in paper back before I buy it.

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