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    Dear All,

    A small team of people are intending to embark on a fan audio drama. We intend to create a radio adaptation of the Discworld novel Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett. We are in a good position to start doing this fairly immediately: I have obtained a playscript version of the book (adapted by Stephen Briggs) which is in the process of being adapted for radio. Furthermore we think the story and the characters would be particularly suited to radio dramatisation. We'd like to invite anybody here who is interested in the project to join us on this endeavour: there will be many roles available and will be many opportunities.

    Some immediate characters that occur within the first half of the first episode are:

    Footnote (female)
    Angua (female)
    Edward d’Eath

    The footnote is a kind of minimalist narrator (those familliar with Pratchett's earlier work will see why this is a good choice of name.) Also, in the plays the footnote was played by a female character to balance the largely male otherwise cast and this seems to work quite well, and I think it would be wise to follow that here.

    If you are interested in being involved - in production, a cast member, etc; please reply to this post and let us know.

    We look forward to (very hopefully!) hearing from you,

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