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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by chesterguy, Oct 29, 2005.

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    (Mods, if you feel this would be better suited to another section, feel free to move it)

    On [i:7d7e38f32d]World of Warcraft[/i:7d7e38f32d], one of my characters on the Role Playing server is a Gnome Rogue known as Duckular*, who is just an Alt for when i feel bored of playing as my main characters.

    He is effectivley the Nobby Nobbs of the server, more the younger one that appears in Night Watch, but with elements of the older one in him, and abit of CMOT Dibbler there also...

    Basically his current profession is to follow people who are walking along or standing around in the streets of the busy human capital of Stormwind (Dont bother with running people, as their not likely to be in the mood to understand this RP). So, following them along, often on "stealth" mode so he is transparent - which actually really makes him more noticeable, i will make references to his smell in the form of emotes. i.e. something along the lines of "Duckular checks his armpits to check their nice and smelly". eventually the person will usually turn around and say something along the lines of "Hello" or "Why are you following me" at which point he explains:

    "Hello there Sir/M'am, Duckular at your service"

    Duckular Bows to [name]

    "I'm what i likes te' call a "Professional Follower an' Irritator" "

    [other person] "I see... I notice your quite smelly..."

    "Aye, well 'tis part o' the job see..."

    "Month an' a 'alf of not washin' this, to get the [i:7d7e38f32d]genuine[/i:7d7e38f32d] smell"

    "What 'appens is, i follows people 'round, they gets annoyed o' the smell an' pays me te' go away - everyones 'appy!"

    [Other Person] "Really...?"

    "Aye fer 1 silver i'll go away, and wont bother yer 'til i see's yer another day, or fer 5 silver i'll add yer to my "Do not disturb" list, an' i wont bother yer as long as I remember yer face"

    At which point, the person will either pay up (a suprising amount have), run off, or in one horrible case RP chucking me in the river...

    Once my fishing and cooking levels have raised abit, i intend on trying to sell some badly cooked food at rediculously high prices.

    Also Duckular has had a brush with the City Watch (player guild) last night when he accidentally walked into their offices and stupidly said

    "Cor bugger! your all watch arent ya! Erm.. ill be goin'... I aint dun' nuffin'!"

    At which point he was taken back into their HQ and questioned, explaining his profession and all his little crimes, like stealing the spoon once when given some soup by a person out of pity...

    He was allowed to go, once the watch discovered he hadn’t done anything too big, at which point he made a rude gesture at the officer and ran off, before sneaking back in later and stealing a spoon...

    So, as you can tell, I’m having enormous fun RPing him.

    However, I’m considering setting up a guild, just for him to be in, meaning that he will have a couple of words under his name, and i need a suitable title/couple of word long description for him...

    Which is where you lot come in… I need a description a couple of words long, that would sum up this kind of person (well… gnome…) quickly, so those I choose to annoy will have some kind of clue what he’s like…

    *[size=9:7d7e38f32d]I was forced into using this name, due to the fact that i[i:7d7e38f32d]apparantly[/i:7d7e38f32d] run like a duck when playing football... :roll: [/size:7d7e38f32d]
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    Moved from the role play club forum. It'll get better coverage here, and the role play group's for table top more than MMO's.

    will try to think of a suggestion for the original post later, when my brain's had sleep
  3. chesterguy New Member

    Thanks Garner,

    Earlier today i was approached by a fellow gnome, asking if i wished to join a Gnome gang... When i enquired what they did it turned out they did "organised crime" and i was quite interested... then he said that you had to dress smart like a gangsta... at which point my interest fizzled away... looking smart is just not something that would suit Duckular ;)

    Edit: I've decided that for the time-being i shall go with the imaginitive title of "Stormwind Petty Criminal" although if anyone can come up with a better name to describe Duckular it would be appreciated. One day i hope to be able to join the "Stormwind City Watch" guild... once they've forgiven me for the Spoon incident... :roll:

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