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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Maljonic, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Log in?

    Mal, thank you! I'll get back to work fixing more tags later. And that quote thing is indeed pretty neat!
  2. Hsing Moderator

    Hm. It keeps showing me some threads as unread, and some as read, no matter if I have checked them or not. In one case where it keeps telling me there's a new post, I was even the last member to post in it. Or am i getting something wrong?
  3. Mynona Member

    I was logged in, both times.

    Anyways, now I have a question for Mal, is it possible to get times displayed in 24h format? A minor thing, I know, but still.
  4. Maljonic Administrator

    It probably is, if everyone wants it that way. Or do you mean just for you?
  5. KaptenKaries New Member

    I was wondering about that too. I didn't find it in my control panel. I think Mynona only means for her, as in it would be configurable per user.
  6. Maljonic Administrator

    Personally I don't mind either way.
  7. Orrdos God

    How does Mal get an avatar?

    I don't want to be a faceless drone!

  8. Maljonic Administrator

    Oh yeah, that. I'll look into it in a few hours, have to go out now.
    If anyone is interested you can get your old PMs (clacks) from the old site on the front page after you log in, via the button "Old PM". Other than that I don't think there's an easy way to get them into this message board. Of course we could be totally "out there" and have two lots of private message systems. :)
  9. Orrdos God

    Cool beans, theres no rush :)
  10. Tephlon Active Member

    I Second the 24hour thingy. I much prefer it over AM/PM
  11. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Ah, you crazy continentals!
  12. Electric_Man Templar

    One thing I'd quite like to see is a return for is 15 post pages, it seems strangely short with only 10 at the moment. Obviously not a major thing, what do others think?

    Also, the thread rankings - they seem a bit unecessary to me and the line of yellow dots on random threads is unsightly to my eyes. Again, another opinion thing.
  13. mr_scrub New Member

    Can people who where here during the migration have special titles if they request them because eveyones title is being updated? Just a thought.
  14. Mynona Member

    On the old boards er... on these new boards in the old format you could choose yourself in which format you wanted time displayed. That was what I was aiming for since I believe people who are used to the 12h system will be as annoyed by the 24h one as I am with the 12h.
  15. Maljonic Administrator

    How did we have it before, I don't even remember?
  16. Mynona Member

    it was in our personal profile, you choose it when you choose 'when' you live, ie what timezone you wanted the time displayed in.

    Other than that, I have no idea, I didn't make those boards, I just spent loads of time there
  17. Maljonic Administrator

    Actually I meant on our old boards, seems just like yesterday. Anyway it's been changed to 24hr, I think it looks much clearer myself now that I see it.
  18. Mynona Member

    Actually it was the same thing there, you choose displaymode in your profile.

    Thing that's now happened to me three times, I've posted but my posts disappear. is it hating me again?
  19. Maljonic Administrator

    If you click on your own name and choose "find all posts by Mynona" you can see if they disappeared or not.
  20. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    You can choose how many posts to a page you want in your personal Control Panel.

    I'm not sure what I think about the thread rankings. I personally don't find them unsightly, but I can't decide whether I think they're good or bad.

    Edit to add:
    Thanks to Hsing, KK and anyone else who's been editing their own posts to correct code! It's quite time-consuming going through threads and editing all the problem posts. Could I ask, though, that you use the new 'reason for editing' box to say why you edited - 'Fix tags' or whatever? I know it may not seem important, but it's part of our protocol and I think it's important. Thank you!
  21. KaptenKaries New Member

    Will do next time. And no, I don't think it's important.
  22. Hsing Moderator

    Okay! :) Well, I tried, but forgot multiple times. So, let me hereby announce: All my posts that have been edited yesterday, 28. Feb 07, have been edited for reasons of code and link adjusting.
    It is true though, if we tell future newbits to explain editings if they do make them, and they stunble across all these unexplain editings...
  23. Maljonic Administrator

    That's been changed now seeing as it's so easy to do, and it's how we had it before.
  24. Electric_Man Templar

    Thanks Mal!

    Ah, I see that now - still getting used to the new options and stuff, plus all the extra ones that appear as the migration continues
  25. Hsing Moderator

    Could someone explain to me how new posts appear, and what the term is referring to on the new board? Because the yellow pages signalizing new posts still appear slightly random to me, wether its "new since you last checked" or "not older than 24 hours", both doesn't apply.
  26. Hsing Moderator

    Okay, when I look at it now, it makes sense to me for the first time. So, maybe it was just me after all. :)
  27. Orrdos God

    Aww, my elephant shrunk :(
  28. Electric_Man Templar

    That's why you do not leave your elephant in your trousers' pocket when you wash them.
  29. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Yeah, complain why don't you... look what happens when you do, and then wash the trousers with your rabbit !

    Ach !
  30. Hsing Moderator

    *tries to fend of ugly mental imagine*
  31. Maljonic Administrator

    What about your elephant's trunk?
  32. Andalusian New Member

    I don't like the colour scheme. It's too heavy and doesn't have enough variation to make it interesting.

    Also, the new smilies suck.

    The new post thing on the front page is annoying and vastly inferior to the old one.

    Hovering over a thread title no longer gives a few words from the most recent post. This is annoying.

    Are there supposed to be any improvements, or have I just missed them?
  33. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I like the new smilies.

    The improvements are to do with the overall functioning of the board and how easy it is for Mal to run it for us. I think that kind of thing is pretty important, since we don't reimburse him for it!

    There are also some things that I am much happier with, such as the 'reason for editing' box, the new moderator functions, the automatic quoting in PM replies, the improved Search facility and so on.
  34. Maljonic Administrator

    There's bound to be a few things that are a little different, new, that seem not so good at first. This message board system is most definately an upgrade though.

    I'm not totally happy with the colour scheme myself but haven't got around to fixing that up yet. The main priority, I thought, was to get the thing working first so everyone can carry on posting as soon as possible.

    The smilies aren't a problem, I'm going to add all the old ones back in alongside the new ones.

    I don't like that thing on the front page either, the main site has a few bits that are still a work in progress that will get better. I only just yesterday managed to get all the stories moved across with a lot of PHP code fiddling. One bugbear with that was TheJackel had put html code in all his titles for some reason and I had to take them all out before any of the stories could be moved.
  35. Maljonic Administrator

    Also, I just realised something. Some people might have their options set to only show the basic post editor (I did). If you go to "User CP" at the top left and choose "Edit Options" and scroll right down to the bottom and change your editor to the full wsiwyg editor you get a lot more options when posting.
  36. Hsing Moderator

    Okay. Wow. That's a lot of options.
  37. jaccairn New Member

    Our own little word processor. It's even got a spell checker. That should make some people happy. :D

    (Once you download it that is. I'm not sure I can do this at work as technically I think it would count as commercial use and the company would probably block it anyway.:( )
  38. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Mal, thanks for doing all this for us in your free time. It really is appreciated.
  39. Mynona Member

    I second that Grace.

    I've also corrected the coding in the majority of my posts. From this day on I'll never use code again!
  40. mr_scrub New Member

    Are the games coming back?
  41. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Fah. Everyone knows he's only doing it to make his own life easier.

    ...Just pretend Ba debased himself so far as to use a smiley here.
  42. Orrdos God

    Yeah, we should all give thanks to Mal. There's not many people that would go out of their way, and give up their own free time, to make and maintain a message board.

    I don't think anyone is in a position to actively complain, or whine, about anything on it really. If there is something that he can do, Mal's a man that will do it for you, if you ask him politely.

    Makining asinine remarks about some changes is not something I'd approve of, really. We should be grateful to have a board at all. If we aren't happy with aspects of it, and bearing in mind it's still transitional, I think it would be far preferable to do what the majority have done, and just ask Mal if he can do something about it. Nicely.

    But, hooray for Mal!
  43. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I wouldn't say anyone's making asinine remarks. But it is worth bearing in mind that the upgrade has been started but not finished, and that Mal's doing this for us in his own time and with his own money.

    But people should also feel able to say if they think there's a problem.
  44. Delphine New Member

    I was uber surprised to see the new board the other day. It looks great. It must have taken ages! I'll join (nearly) everyone else in saying thank you for all the effort, Mal. It's very reassuring to know the board is more secure now.

    And Andalusian, honest opinions, constructive criticism... fine. But your post in this thread made you look whiny and ungrateful to me. We all owe a debt to Mal for even still having somewhere to post. There's no need to be so rude.

    Edit: Andalusians post didnt come out as a quote, so i deleted it.
  45. Orrdos God

    Well, on the basis that asinine doesnt actually mean what I thought it did, I would like to amend that.

    Replace asinine with querulous.

  46. Maljonic Administrator

    Sorry for messing around with the login bits. I bought this bit of software to integrate the message boards with the main site and it didn't work properly so I've reverted back to the normal message board login for now until I sought the main site out.
  47. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Wait till you sort it out too! ;)

    Introductions thread has now been re-stickied.
  48. Maljonic Administrator

    Gah, that's what you get reading PHP and HTML code all week, normal language gets and snarly upworded. :)
  49. Andalusian New Member

    Meh, I've been toying with the idea of leaving this board for ages anyway. Now seems a nice time to do it.

    Bye, everyone!
  50. Katcal I Aten't French !

    :eek: Adele ? Hang on a minute !! What the... ?
  51. Orrdos God

    Meh, it's not exactly out of character is it?

    She posts something rude, gets pulled up on it, then decides to leave.

    Well, fine. Personally, I think she should be apologising and not just bailing out, but fuck it. It's her choice, her decision. If she can't stand to be accountable for her words and actions, then who are we to try and convince her otherwise.
  52. chrisjordan New Member

    Bye, Andalusian!
  53. Cynical_Youth New Member

    It's not this thread specifically. She hasn't been interested in the topics discussed here as much any more and she doesn't like the community as much as she did.

    Regarding this thread, she's not trying to escape accountability. She's an opinionated person and if you don't agree with the way she handles that, then you two aren't going to get along. Not getting into an argument about it is just an acknowledgement of that fact.
  54. chrisjordan New Member

    It's fine to be opinionated, but there's a difference between being blunt and really coming across as a bit of a brat, which is quite frankly how it seemed to me.

    Still, probably not much point in further discussion if she's gone.
  55. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Blunt perhaps, but brat implies dishonesty. I suppose it does in part depend on how well you know her.

    Added: I think it is fair to say she wasn't the only one who came close to being blunt.
  56. Orrdos God

    No, I wouldnt say that brat implies dishonesty. It does mean "a child, esp. an annoying, spoiled, or impolite child"

    We can certainly use the impolite bit here. Regardless of what way you look at it, turning round to a man thats spent his own time, effort and money on running a message board for people to use, and saying "what improvement?" and "everything sucks and is annoying", is very impolite.

    It is not being constructive, it is not being helpful, it doesn't even seem to serve any purpose that I can see, other than giving the appearance of someone chucking the toys out of the pram.

    If you were Mal, would you have liked to have read that? I'm not even Mal, and it bugged the hell out of me.

    Mal: I have spent hours working on a new message board, to upgrade and make it more secure and stuff. It's still a work in progress, but I put it up just now so as not to cause disuption

    Someone: It sucks. It is annoying. What improvement? (And i shall say this in the most sarcastic way I can think of!)

    So yeah. Perhaps you can see how it could be thought of and read as bratish?
  57. Cynical_Youth New Member

    I would say that implies dishonesty, emotional at least. The terms don't really matter, though.

    I see why you see it that way, but I don't agree. She indicated what she didn't like, there was no intention of hurting Mal there. As for it not being constructive, she did indicate exactly what she didn't like.
  58. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Good grief.

    Coppe, perhaps you could pass on to Adele that I'm sorry this is how she feels. (Assuming she's stopped reading this.)

    Reading over her original post, I don't think it was quite as rude as Doors thinks, but I do think it could have been more polite. Having opinions and expressing them is fine, but the connotation of 'blunt and outspoken' that the word 'opinionated' carries is perhaps something to be avoided. However, I don't think the wording of the post itself was that bad. It was the attitude it represented that seemed more problematic to me - the apparent lack of awareness of Mal's hard work and generosity. I thought perhaps the reminder I gave might help her put things in perspective.

    To me, the second post is worse. My way of dealing with the response she received would have been to apologise for any offence caused - assuming I hadn't wanted to offend - rather than imply that other people's hurt feelings don't matter.

    I think Adele is a person who's suffered enough from the unkind and unthinking words of other people (who don't openly accept responsibility for the hurt they cause) to be more aware about her own behaviour and how it affects others. I find it hard to believe that she actually doesn't care if she upset someone. And, although I don't mind her expressing an opinion, I am rather upset by the 'screw you' attitude to others' responses to that opinion. It would be nice to be treated with a little more respect, at least as humans, if not as friends.
  59. Ba Lord of the Pies

    It's perfectly fine to have opinions. Andalusian has a right to hers. But with that right comes the responsibility for how those opinions are said. Ba doesn't think it's quite as rude as Doors believes, but then, it's still a rather mean thing to say to Mal, after the work he's put in. Only Ba should be allowed to get away with that sort of behavior.
  60. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    *Sigh* A couple of things:

    Adele's young, and at times very headstrong. I found her post to be devoid of constructive criticism and, especially in light of the fact that (as has been pointed out in rebuttal) this whole gig is a labor of love for Mal, rather thankless.

    I think Doors' response, while however accurate or apt, was likely to go down badly with Adele. I was honestly worried when I heard that Ella was going to join in on Doors' side (Grace has been filling me in on developments in the thread when I haven't been reading it directly), as I had a sudden nightmarish thought that if it came to a fight and it was suddenly one of my favorite couples of my favorite people in the world (Doors and Ella) versus another of my favorite couples and favorite people in the world (Coppe and Adele), we might actually see a very painful and very un-pretend flame war break out.

    I'm extremely glad to see that's not the case.

    Now, on to pointlessly weighing in with my own two cents and a half brick:

    1) I think 'brat' implies emotional immaturity rather than dishonesty; I'd agree with Doors's definition on this one and I can see why he used it. However, I've met Adele. She's not a brat. She can be obstinent, adamant, and headstrong, but she's not a brat and is in fact quite mature. While she CAN be those things i just named, they are NOT her primary personality traits.

    2) I don't know enough about the code/script/behind the scenes workings of message boards to have an opinion on the mechanical upgrade that Mal's undertaken. I do, however, trust him and his skill to run this place well. As for the aesthetics of the upgrade... Well, the color scheme doesn't actually look that different to me, but I do find the new post indicators are insufficient - yet this is already on the 'to do' list so I'm not remotely fussed about it.

    3) I'm sorry to see Adele leave the boards. I hope this is more a vacation than an eternal departure. However, I do not see this as Adele leaving the *community*, which to me is bigger than just the boards. She's still Coppe's partner, and he's still sticking around. She's still our friend, and that doesn't change just because she's not posting here.

    I think that by and large these days we can easily exist as a community outside the confines of a website. We see each other too often in 'meat space' for it to be otherwise - not to mention MSN Messenger and AIM, or the google mailing list.

    So, on those grounds, I cannot see that Adele's left the community, nor will she have unless some day comes when she deliberately says she doesn't want to be our friend. And she wouldn't do that... cause it'd make baby Rinso cry.

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