Hogfather cast news!!!! Teatime and Susan

Discussion in 'THE DEATH BOOKS' started by The_Red_Avenger, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. The_Red_Avenger New Member

    Okay so I'm new but hardly new to Pterry's works.

    So I've been lurking a few months now and was going to join when I had the time.

    Well!!!! That was until I found this little nugget of news and that was when I decided to join because you should always join a messageboard with a flourish I would say.

    I know who's playing Teatime (maybe some of you already know) and Susan, but I've been looking for cast news for weeks now and so far zip.

    So to my delight I stumbled on this little link at Digtal Spy which led me to this page on lspace.org


    which had this near near the bottom:

    So I did a search on google for Marc Warren (I know who he is I just wanted more evidence to try and confirm it and found his official page with this little gem on their forum

    Well yes, thankyou Robina and Minx for posting that one.

    So there you have it Marc Warren will be Teatime.

    Now I know some of you haven't a scooby who this guy is (and some of you do. Er...scooby means scooby doo - clue) but let me tell you that this is perfect casting because, well you know the rumours flying about that it would be Malcolm McDowell, well Marc is a deadringer for McDowell but with about 30 years shaved off.

    He can be seen playing Danny Blue on the BBC's Hustle.

    I'll try and dig out a few pics. You won't believe the likeness.

    As for Michelle Dockery I will be back with some info about her soon.

    Not a bad first post if I do say so myself :)
  2. The_Red_Avenger New Member

    ...or is it the other way round? :D



    Uncanny isn't it? :)
  3. Hsing Moderator

    I have to agree. They really look related, and would both make a good Teatime!

    Oh, and don't be surprised if someone pushes this thread into the "Death Books" - forum. :) It [i:bc9e525695]might [/i:bc9e525695]happen.

    Also, welcome.:)
    I'm sure your research skill will lead you to the Introduction thread in [i:bc9e525695]no [/i:bc9e525695]time. ;)
  4. Faerie New Member

    I did not have a clue who he was but I did recognize him from an episode of Doctor Who.
  5. Angua_rox New Member

    He's good in it.
    Very strange voice.
  6. datingdeath New Member


    He has a great acting range and yes the voice was strange but that's what makes the character, not what we were expecting.

    The two do have a similar look.
  7. SusanCromwell New Member

    Cool i like the hyperlink you gave
    I wish i had of known Marc Warran was playing Teatime before i first watched it but i realised soon enough

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