Deathmatch II: THE FINAL

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Orrdos, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Orrdos God

    Soooo, remember when I used to do deathmatches?

    I never quite got around to finishing the last one off :)

    Granny and Rincewind won the semi finals, so, it's down to the big one.

    For people that don't know, deathmatch works by pitting 2 characters against each other in a no hold barred popularity contest.

    Simply, you vote for your favourite character and the one with the most votes wins.

    We now have a poll feature as well, so it's all good :)

    No more doing a kunpock :)

    Lets Bring on:

    Granny Vs Rincewind

    As I've said before, rincewind's one of my favourite characters. So, he gets my vote :)
  2. Orrdos God

    Oh, I should add:

    The poll ends when I feel like it :)

    If it's close, then I'll announce in advance when it'll be called, to give those floating voters a chance to get a vote in :)
  3. Orrdos God


    And one last thing,

    Please post saying who you voted for and why :)

    Makes the whole thing miles more interesting
  4. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Granny is Great but...
    Rincewind Rocks
  5. Ba Lord of the Pies

    Granny, on account of headology.
  6. fudgecake New Member

    Oh come on people... Granny is so much cooler! She cannot be beaten! She knows everything! And anyone who wears a sign to tell people she aten't dead... I mean that's just good sense! :lol:

    Edit: And, AND... Granny would just have to stare at Rincewind and he'd run off home! Nya ha ha! :badgrin:
  7. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    I vote for Rincewind, because he doesn't want to it, he runs away alot and he always comes out, the luggage likes him.

    Edit because I spelled damn Rincewinds name wrong, gah, what is wrong with me. I mean, besides the obvious.
  8. Hsing Moderator

    Granny. If Rincewind turned up at all. Well, maybe he'd win if it was a running competition.
  9. Maljonic Administrator

    Pretty much what I was going to say. :)
  10. drunkymonkey New Member

    Rincewind has saved Discworld on more than one occasion, he somehow always find a way to save the day, and he isn't selfish either, letting Coin escape from The Things.
  11. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Granny. She's clearly a miles superior character. Her books are far more powerful than Rincewind's, and still funny.
  12. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Rincewind, because I've never really been able to identify with Granny. And he's funnier.
  13. Delphine New Member

    Has to be Rincewind. He makes me laugh. And he looks like Rinso ;)

    Seriously though, Rincewind rocks. Granny is an excellent character, but I thought about it, and Rincewind it has to be.
  14. queenynci New Member

    I voted for Granny.
    Let's face it, the main reason that the Unseen University don't let women in is that they know the women would be better than them :lol:
  15. QuothTheRaven New Member

    Ricewind. He is the Librarians assistant.
  16. Hex New Member


    Because he rocks and he is funny. Humor is a good thing.
  17. McLaren New Member

    Rincewind. I tried to think of an interesting reason but couldn't, I just prefer him.

    Oh and I know that most people already know this and it's been said a million times before (and ignored by a few people) but I just thought I'd point out again just in case, that:

    you're voting for your favourite character out of the two, *not* who would win in a fight.
  18. Mooseman New Member

    Rincewind! Granny is cool, but Rincewind has:

    a) The Humor (an essential thing on the Disc)
    b) Incredable Luck (another neccessity)
    c) The Lady (who plays with him *adolescent snigger*)
    d) The Luggage (who will prod some serious buttock)

    You're big and I'm small. You're smart and I'm dumb. But... I'm right and you're wrong!
    Victory for the moose! *makes fake cheer noises*
  19. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Granny scares the dickens out of most wizards, I bet she would totally wipe the floor with a wizzard

    I also just like her better, she isn't always trying to get out of doing what she has to, I'm hoping that she rubs off on me

    edit: to put in why I like Granny best
  20. Mynona Member

    I vote for Granny because I don't like Rincewind (don't take this the wrong way, damien) He just comes across as an underachieveing overworked Character who's even worse than me at spelling.
  21. Freya New Member

    Granny is wise, Granny is good.

    Luck of the Gods and survivability are no match for the wiles of a Witch.

    EDIT: spelling
  22. hermes New Member

    I was going to vote Rincewind, but after thinking about, Granny is just a far more interesting and well developed character.
  23. Splang New Member

    Granny, because her internal struggle is a lot more interesting than "oh shit, i'm gonna die, run away!"
    Not that Rincewind doesn't also have his moments
  24. spiky Bar Wench

    I vote Granny cos she is the better character...besides I'll never forgive Rincewind for inventing vegemite...
  25. Electric_Man Templar

    Rincewind, I like his character much more than Grannys, although I generally prefer the witches books over Rinsos. Despite his cowardice and ineptitude he actually speaks a lot of sense and generally does the sensible thing. He is actually just an average person who gets randomly thrown into different things.

    Granny is headstrong and cocky, and comes across (especially in earlier books) as someone who can do no wrong. Annoying in other words.
  26. fairyliquid New Member

    thats why i like her! :lol:
  27. Tephlon Active Member


    I wonder what would happen if they ever met up... :)
  28. drunkymonkey New Member

    well, they'd probably argue a bit, but they are on the same side (the side that says that they want to keep the discworld safe and in order).
  29. Marcia Executive Onion

    I'm voting for Rincewind because Granny would have to catch him. And I like him.

    edit: I like the poll thing. You never have to reedit and recalculate the vote count 4 different times because of people cross-posting.
  30. Electric_Man Templar

    Kunpock would've hated it!
  31. Kat_in_the_Hat New Member

    Granny always wins. Rincewind always loses.
  32. drunkymonkey New Member

  33. redneck New Member

    Rincewind, cause I want to.
  34. Roman_K New Member

    I voted for Rincewind, because whenever I think of Discworld, Rincewind is the first that comes to mind.
  35. Hex New Member

    Wow. Neck and neck. How scary! :?
  36. Orrdos God


    Granny might actually lose for once :)

    Ok, I'll call this when I get home from work tommorrow. About, half 6 my time :)
  37. Tephlon Active Member

    Doors: What happens if it stays 50/50?

  38. TheJackal Member

    Ooh, I broke the tie. Now 17-16 Rincewind.
    Rincewind would have to win because he always runs away, therefore avoids allowing Granny to mess with his head
  39. Hermia New Member

    Hah! Tied again! I voted Granny. Because she is my kinda gal. If all the women in the world were Granny, we'd get along just fine. What would happen if all the men were Rincewind?

    NB I hope you're not taking this personally, Rincewind!
  40. Orrdos God

    It happens every once in a while.

    We do what a sudden death :)

    I call it, and the next person to vote has the deciding vote.

    So, if I call it, and say, Grace comes along next and votes granny, granny wins.

    So, if you've already voted, you can vote again. Basically, first person to shout a name makes that name the winner :)
  41. Electric_Man Templar

    All women as Granny :shock:

    I can practically guarentee that none of the women would get on with each other, Granny would not like to meet someone like herself. And we all know how well she gets on with men...
  42. drunkymonkey New Member

    they'd all squabble and give each other hard looks and disagree over silly little things.
  43. Orrdos God


    I call it.... NOW

    First person to say one of the combatants name, makes them win :)
  44. drunkymonkey New Member

  45. Orrdos God


    granny finally loses!




  46. drunkymonkey New Member

    yay, a historic day on the Discworld, Granny is reportedly upset but happy that she now has a new person to blame everything on.
  47. Freya New Member

    I call Foul!

    I do believe that our inebriated Alouattinae already had his vote on page 1!

    Subterfuge! Conspiracy! This Granny fan demands a recount and no blaming the "chads".

    Oh, you just had to say the name..... no voting...... Bugger

  48. fudgecake New Member

    NOOO!! Damn you drunkymonkey and your fast typing skills. :x lol.

    Ah well. Granny wouldn't care if she lost. She'd have actually won in some sneaky way... :D
  49. drunkymonkey New Member

    No one beats Rincewind!
  50. fudgecake New Member

    Grr..... let's take this outside... **puts on ninja suit**

  51. drunkymonkey New Member

    put's on monkey outfit.
  52. fudgecake New Member

    Eek! Monkey!! **hides** My awesome ninja powers are nothing against your monkey skills.

    Damn it, this happens EVERY time... :lol:
  53. drunkymonkey New Member

    I will insult you to death!
  54. fudgecake New Member

    :( Now I am as unhappy as Bob.
  55. Mooseman New Member

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm... I noticed that the Men voted Rincewind and the Women voted Granny.*

    Maybe its because Women want to meet Granny, and Men would to run away from her.

    *Though if there are any male Granny lovers, please dont attack me *hides*
  56. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Yeah, we've often seen a male/female split on Deathmatch voting. It's interesting.
  57. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Coincidence in my case. Just prefer the male character in this given choice. Had it been Nanny against Rincewind, then much as I like him, the hapless Rincewind would have (for once) been last in the race.
  58. Electric_Man Templar

    Interesting, if that's true, those betraying their gender are (Presuming I've got all the genders right...):

    Om, Delphine, Hex and Marcia for the girls.
    Ba, Mal, Hermes and Tephlon for the guys.

    So now we know who wears the trousers in a certain marriage :D
  59. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Ben, no one was supposed to know about Hex and Ba!!!
  60. colonesque10 New Member

    YAY! Finally the old bat was beaten by the coward. It's about time too. Go Rinso. 8)

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