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Discussion in 'THE WIZARD BOOKS' started by kasyx, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. kasyx New Member

    is it just me or is David Jason just to old to be playing Rincewind in the new Sky adaptation of The Colour Of Magic. maybe someone younger would have been better?? what do you think?
  2. Tiffany New Member

    I know what you mean - I think someone on here mentionned Mckenzie Crook from the office as a good rincewind, and I was expecting someone more like that myself to be honest! I reckon he'll do a good job of it though
  3. kasyx New Member

    what a BRILLIANT idea. Crook would be perfect. hes tall n skinny and shifty looking. Just like Rincewind is discribed in the books. :razz:
  4. BlueOrca New Member

    What about Philip Glenister?
    or maybe John Simm?
  5. kasyx New Member

    i think that Philip Glenister would be good to play Vimes because, if you watch Life on Mars, he has the right kind of world weary look but a `screw you, i the law round here` approach to policing :lol:
  6. Marcia Executive Onion

    You know, I had another look at some of the illustrations of Rincewind, and his face actually does look kind of middle-agey (sort of worn and tired).
  7. kasyx New Member

    if thats the case Marcia, maybe I should play Vimes then :lol:
  8. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Age set apart, another thing struck me as I watched the trailer, David Jason is... Jolly. Rincewind isn't, he's scared, sarcastic at the best... but then, it was just a trailer...
  9. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Just to make a point, I just checked this with the Discworld Timeline on l-space, and Rincewind is supposed to be 31 at the time of the CoM/LF. I rest my case.
  10. kasyx New Member

    my point exlaxly. Jason is to old and to,dare i say, erm..... well upholstered:)
  11. randywine Member

    David Jason was an executive producer so it may have been a case of "I will put a wad of cash into this project but I'll be playing Rincewind'.

    Maybe/Maybe not [Shrug].

  12. kasyx New Member

    the thing that gets on my nerves is when the person playing the lead in somthing that was taken from a book, is when they say `ive always been a huge fan of his` etc. when its so blatently obvious that they are only doing it for screen time.:shock: (or if they are exc producer?) or am i being paranoid??:lol:
  13. randywine Member

    He certainly seems to be on telly all the time.
  14. gazz New Member

    Simply David..........

    Although I enjoyed TCOM I, like many others here, thought David Jason was too old. The producers would have done better to cast a complete unknown actor rather than go for a ratings winner. And they should definately had Steven Berkoff playing the Patrician!
  15. TheJackal Member

    I agree that David Jason was too old.
    He was perfect for Albert in Hogfather and it seemed to me that they wanted to keep such a big named actor for CoM. They therefore gave him the role of Rincewind because no other big role in that book suited him.
  16. Katcal I Aten't French !

    There were plenty of Wizard roles, he would have made a good arch-chancellor, no problem... I'm wondering if Randy isn't right about the whole producer thing.
  17. kasyx New Member

    dont you think though, that he would have better playing the chancellor, poppin his dried frog pills?
  18. Katcal I Aten't French !

    That's the bursar, and he didn't pop anything at the time of CoM...
  19. kasyx New Member

    tsk! getting my characters mixed up. It must be my age :surprised: i should get some frog pills :lol:
  20. Thereisnopilot New Member

    I think for sure Nigel Planer would have made a great Rincewind. I really don't know why they didn't cast him in the part.

    I can also see Mackenzie Crook in the role.

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