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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Garner, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Okay, stemming from my "The Deleter" joke about Kenny in the new introduction thread....

    everybody has to make up a TV show about someone else on the boards. I'll name someone to start us off, and then someone comes up with a TV show about them, and a teaser for the program. Then they're the subject for the next show.

    Right, The next Boardanian TV star will be... The Ba!
  2. Freya New Member

    • BBC 92 10:00pm "Ready Steady Smite"

      The host with the most, Ainsley Harriott presents a new show where contestants battle in the kitchen to create the best pie. Ably heckled by the Doormen, the contestants must make the most of their 5AMD budget. The losing pie-maker must suffer the wrath of Ba!

      Come join the fun...... or the depths of hell!

      Contestantant applications should be sent to:-
      CMOTD, BBC 92, Forest Road, Ankh-Morpork.

      (Waiver obligatory - The producers accept no liability.)

    EDIT: You know it's bad, I know it's bad. Put it this way, it can only get better from now on
  3. Kat_in_the_Hat New Member

    From the people who brought you Survivor: Boardania and Boardanian Idol comes the newest, greatest reality show ever to be seen on network television: (duh duh duh)The Ba-prentice!

    Twelve of Boardania's best and brightest compete to win the coveted place of the (duh duh duh) Ba-prentice! Watch as contestants use all their wits and charm to brutalitize the innocent, antagonize the other divinities, and bake pies! Who will advance one step closer to becoming the (duh duh duh) Ba-prentice? And who will hear the dreaded words..."You're Smote!"? Coming soon to a television near you!

    **Viewer discretion is advised, as some seens may include violence, blood, gore, brief nudity, some strong language, scenes of extensive grief and/or weeping and may leave the viewer with the strangest feeling, just like something...something round, and crusy...a pie! is watc-pleease noo argggghhh**

    Tuesdays at 8...only on BDTV!

    Edit: My attempt to put in a cool Donald Trump picture failed *Unhappy Bob* :(
  4. spiky Bar Wench

    The Ba-chellor

    Where successful, rich and none-to-bright beauties compete for the right to be the Priestess in the church of Ba, this prize will let them get Ba his pie, be told by Ba that they aren't allowed any pie cos he doesn't want them to get fat and the ultimate escape to a celestial plain with no human contact whatsoever, except with Ba!

    Contestants will have to bake, sew and clean to the exacting standards of Ba in the hope of winning one date with our diety in the evening (paid for by the contestant). Watch as our contestant slog it out in domestic duties only to be too tired to provide Ba with a stimulating date in the evening! Cringe at the poor house-cleaning skills of beautiful women! Laugh at the pathetic attempts of a deity to woo these overworked and tired domestic goddesses!

    And the ultimate twist at the end!! How will Ba react when he finds out who the chosen beauties ex-boyfriend is??

    Fox Television Tuesdays 9pm
  5. drunkymonkey New Member

    Smurfs on Hoildays!

    Four degraded people from around the World all go to Austrailia, dress up as smurfs and run around aimlessly, you win the game by not getting eaten to being beaten up by the locals!
  6. Electric_Man Templar

    Ba betters BA's brunch

    A new documentary where Lord of the Pies Ba Witda has to sort out the dreadful catering row at British Airways.

    Will Gate Gourmet crumble under Ba's unusual techniques?

    Or will Ginsters appear from nowhere to be the new caterer?

    And what will happen to the strikers?

    Find out what happens, as soon as possible hopefully because a lot of people's holidays are being inconvenienced, if not, Thursdays at 10pm!

    Caution: Show may include graphic violence
  7. Hsing Moderator

    I suppose I got the rules wrong, but shouldn't Kat have made a tv show teaser about Freya, and the next person about Kat, and so on?
  8. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Yes, I was just thinking the same thing, Hsing. Fools!
  9. Electric_Man Templar

    Ah, I was just following what everyone else has done. What's the point of reading the rules when you can copy what everyone else is doing?

    I guess the next person has to make up a show for me... *worries*
  10. spiky Bar Wench

    Well Ba did open up so many possibilities for a TV SHow... I mean the pie, the women, the desparation, it has it all!

    Oh well, so EM eh...


    "By the power vested in me by the power of Greyscull I am E-Man"

    This cartoon series tracks the adventures of E-Man an his trusty side kick donkey, through their battles with skeletor and other assorted trolls. With his sword of power E-Man will save damsels in distress and relieve them of further distress by removing the danger of being a damsel...

    There is also this funky side project involving his sister, but thats for another time.
  11. drunkymonkey New Member

    put the same reply somwhere up the board (I knew how to do it!)

    Smurfs on Hoildays!

    Four degraded people from around the World all go to Austrailia, dress up as smurfs and run around aimlessly, you win the game by not getting eaten to being beaten up by the locals!
  12. fudgecake New Member

    Big Primate

    Put a load of monkeys in a house together with 24hr surveillence (sp?) and a load of alcohol. Watch the wacky results, if you can manage to stay awake long enough. :roll:
  13. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Last of the Summer Fudgecake (BBC2 7.45pm - rpt)

    Four old codgers go wandering through North Yorkshire in search of a piece of Fudgecake. Will they find her? Will she scream if she sees them approaching?

    Or will they end up doing the same old tosh they do every week involving Nora Batty and that old git with the bike and a blonde girfriend?

    And Hilda Ogden off Corry too.
  14. drunkymonkey New Member

    sleepy sarge.

    and old war veteran looks back on his life when he falls asleep and dreams. it is revleaed that he has always been sleepy, and that he has lost many comrades because of his shoddy guard work, in the end he falls into an ever lasting sleep.
  15. Kat_in_the_Hat New Member

    Ah. Whoops. *feels stupid* :oops:
  16. spiky Bar Wench

    Kats in the City

    Watch as Kat and her 3 best gal pals take on the city, but not just any city... these girls are fab and single in Newark City, the most glamorous city in the world. Be shocked by their sexual antics and envious of their wardrobes. Warning, do not attempt this on a normal salary...

    You'll be hooked from the opening line: "Ahhh the joy of sacks"
  17. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Spiked with Spiky!

    Yet another crappy candid-camera show, this time Spiky travels all over the globe and spikes the punch at various social functions. Watch the antics at:

    Board meetings
    School Dances
    Mormon worship services
    Cult compounds in South America

    as Spikey pours a few ounces of 198 proof alcohol into the water, punch, or kool-aid supply, and then interviews them afterwards!

    Rumor has it that the 2005 season finale features Spiky recreating one of the first Electric Kool-Aid Acid tests, with some of the original attendees! Watch as these old hippies blow their minds all over again!

    Only on FOX!
  18. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Til Death us do Part BBC2 9.45 pm (rpt)

    Another hilarious episode of this Johnny Speight sitcom

    Alf Garner (Warren Mitchell) gives the new neighbours a piece of his mind. Meanwhile, down at the D&D pub, there's a big discussion on the rules for the new dominos league. Alf and his team decide on drastic action.......

    (not suitable for younger viewers)
  19. fairyliquid New Member

    Sleep sound Sarge

    The first reality sleeping TV

    Proven to send you to sleep even when channel hopping. Need a good nights sleep? Tune in at 10pm-11pm.

    Warning: We will not be held responsible for anyone sleeping in. Watch at your own drowsyness

    edit:added sarge, becuase i can
  20. spiky Bar Wench

    See fairyliquid in...

    Saya Cinta ku!!

    The Indonesian soap opera that rivals Days of our Lives, Young and the Restless [i:ea9da2522c]and[/i:ea9da2522c] Bold and the Beautiful! Fairy is a poor dangduk singer in a club in Jakarta when her life is turned upside down when she meets Stefan, a Swedish music producer who sweeps her into a life of pop stardom and intrigue...

    You know your gonna miss that strange Indon TV... I don't know if India can rival it.
  21. fairyliquid New Member

    gah! goodbye indo and s'pore soaps...hello bollywood

    edit to add: They could almost beat the US :lol:
  22. mowgli New Member

    Coming this fall on ABC...

    SPIKY AND FAIRYLIQUID: the long-distance roommates

    Fairy is a student who can can-can with a llama,
    Spiky is a teacher, she's an academic mama,
    Now they're roommates on the Board, and they will never part,
    Even though in real-life they're living half-a-globe apart,
    They'll philosophize, and schmooze, and serve a wicked glass of booze,
    On the Booooooaaaaaaarrrdd!

    Also starring- Fairyliquid's Llama, not to be confused with Llama of Arabia (he might do a guest appearance later in the season :D )
  23. fudgecake New Member

    Jungle Park

    A bunch of cartoon kids hanging around the town of Jungle Park in Delaware. Watch their hilarious, badly-animated antics, always in the worst of taste, as they try to get to grips with the new additions to the neighbourhood, including Mowgli, who has taste for Pratchett and was, oddly enough, raised by a panther and a singing bear (Mowgli, not Pratchett...).

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