Where does Angua keep her uniform?

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  1. davenport New Member

    Hi folks,

    I'm new to these boards, so maybe this topic has already been explored in depth. I'm re-reading The Fifth Elephant right now. Carrot, Gaspode, Angua and a bunch of wolves are all running through the snowy forest. A couple of times now, Angua's turned into a person and run off to get things and put her armour on each time. I realize that these are fantasy books, but they're generally pretty logical. Where does she keep her armour? How can she carry it while running for miles and miles over the snow? Servant wolves dragging a bag? Is she borrrowing Rincewind's Luggage? I realize that there may be more important things for me to be thinking about, but I hate my job at the moment and thinking about Discworld is waaay more interesting than anything on my actual to- do list.

    Any theories?
  2. Roman_K New Member

    Firstly, welcome. :)

    Secondly, Angue wasn't wearing a uniform in Uberwald - she was wearing clothes that were much lighter - the kind of clothes that can be carried in a bag. It should be explicitly mentioned in the book, in the first Uberwald scene that has Angua. Specifically, the one after she and the wolf pack save Carrot from freezing to death.
  3. davenport New Member

    Thanks, Roman. I wondered if I missed something, although I did like the image of the Luggage making a guest appearance. :)
  4. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Generally, this is an issue that Pratchett is much better at dealing with than other authors!
  5. Hsing Moderator

    True. That it was mentioned at all in most of the books, instead of her just... magically changing her clothes along with her body/ form, like so many shapeshifters on so many other media...
  6. JAK Member

    For the normal day to day routine in Ankh-Morpork by time of Thud she had stashes of clothes around the city for her change back.

    She also had a little leather bag which held a lightweight silk dress and a large bottle of mouthwash that as a wolf she could carry clenched in her jaws for other occations.

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