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  1. Orrdos God

    This interview was started in September 2004


    Ok, todays guest is one of our resident Swedes (the country, not the vegetable).

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Mynona!

    Hello and welcome.

    We shall begin as always with an autobiography. Tell us who the person behind the poster really is.

  2. Orrdos God

    [b:4b02b786bf]Posted by Mynona[/b:4b02b786bf]


    My name is Sofia Jensen and I was born 21 years ago to a sunny 22nd of July. I was my parents's (Thomas and Kerstin) second child, the first one died shortly after birth. When I was 4 I got a little brother called Emil. We lived in a small village called Nol, about 20 km north of Gothemburg on the western coast of Sweden.

    When I was 12 mum and dad divorced, dad married again to Linda (who, because of some strange reason, had the same middle and surname as my mother had) and they have a child called Simon who is now 8 years old. Linda and me don't really get along. She's blond in every sense of the word and I really despise ignorance and idiocy. She doesn't like me because I don't act the same way she did when she was my age.

    I went to school as all good children does. I got pretty good grades but that doesn't really help since I'm not sure of what I want to do with my life. In our equalent of highschool I studied humaniora, ie languages, social science, religion, psycology and philosophy.

    I started to ride when I was seven and I'd like to think that I'm somewhat proficent at it. Because of some trouble at school I spent more time in the stable than with other human beeings so I'm not very good with people skills. I'm also a scout, which means that I can build a table from some sticks and that I can cook a gourmet meal over open fire (I've actually had classes in this. I still can't use a stove though)

    Summer of my 17th year I spent in the Swedish airforce's bootcamp, it was on of the most fun things I've done ever. Same year I started practicing Karate. Nowdays I practice three times a week and I'm a trainer for the children. This is a bit strange because I can manage because one child but children in plural mostly scare me... a lot. (Pray I never get any children)

    I've studied comercial law at the university for a year but at the moment I'm not doing anything in particualar. I've taken a year off to see if that is really what I want to do. I doubt it. What to do if this really is the case I don't know... suggestions anyone?

    That is the short version of my life up to this point... it's saddingly short. Haven't I done more than that?

    On a side note: It does not snow all the time in Sweden. We're lucky if we even have a month's worth of snow a year.
  3. Orrdos God

    Interesting stuff :)

    Lets turn to the future. What are your hopes and ambitions for the comining years?

    What sort of career do you see yourself in? What sort of career would you like to be in?

    Tell us all :)
  4. Orrdos God

    [b:b81e433a8a]Posted by Mynona[/b:b81e433a8a]

    And this is exactly why I added "Suggestions anyone" in the answer above.

    I haven't got a clue.

    I can't really see myself working nine to five at a desk year after year after year... on the other hand I can't really see myself doing anything. Not that I don't want a job it's just that I want to work with something I like and that I feel fit me.

    At the moment I'm very tired at "What are you going to become when you grow up?" questions. I never asked to grow up. I had been rather content to stay 8 or 9. The only good thing of being above 18 is that I've got a driver's licence.

    In short the answer is "I have no idea"
  5. Orrdos God

    Ok, lets talk more fun topics.

    What sort of music do you like? What do you like to watch on the TV or big screen? What food do you like?

    Tell all!

  6. Orrdos God

    [b:70b52da4ef]posted by Mynona[/b:70b52da4ef]

    I have a great apetite for all those things.

    Music: I listen to most kinds of music, what I listen too is mostly regulated by how I feel, if I'm glad I listen to happy music and so on. My two major requierments for 'listenable' music is that 1, the lyrics, if there are any, should be interpretable (corn and other such groups falls here) and 2, the lyrics has to have some meaning and intelligence behind it (Brittney Spears isn't worth listening to) I do have the terrible habit of singing along, something the others in the house doesn't always appriciate ;)

    I do not watch tv a lot, I prefer reading, but there are some shows I get annoyed when I miss. Unfortunally most of them go late at night or tuesday and thursday evenings when I'm not home. I can't stand soap operas, survior, popstars etc. I loathe the idiocy of them. Who in their right mind allows him/herself to get locked in a house and then get filmed 24 hours a day. They even show episodes from the bathroom. The only thing scarier than that is the people who watch it.

    On occacion I end up in front of the tv in the purpose of watching a movie and in most cases one of three things happen 1, I leave it because it was so bad I almost threw up at it (ie I shouldn't have listened to linda... this time either) 2 I end up wathing a disney film since they are, quite francly, good (the joys of having a 7 year old brother) or 3 someone else wants to watch something (mostly linda) so I have to move. I'm always the one to move, not because they demand it but because I'd love to think that the one time I *really* want to watch something she'd do the same for me. This has not yet come to pass.

    I love food, unforunally I can't cook. Spending time at dad's is therefore a very good thing... he's very good at cooking and so is his mother who takes care of the christmas party every year and some odd birthdays. They're great.

    So, Food, yes please
  7. Orrdos God

    Ok, if you were stuck on one of those desert islands that are provided for situations such as this, what 5 things would you take with you and why?

  8. Orrdos God

    [b:d27ff39a21]Posted by Mynona[/b:d27ff39a21]

    Deserted island... hmm

    1 A tent, if it doesn't rain the air's gonna be full of mosquitos

    2 Food and water... it says itself really

    3 knife, you always have use of a knife

    4 A great guy who'll do the cooking (since i'm abmysal at it) and who'll eventually fall in love with me

    5 Radio... Even if I love the guy I don't want to be stuck on the deserted island forever, now would i?
  9. Orrdos God

    Ok, one last question before we open the floor to the audience.

    Tell us some more about your martial arts exploits?

    Do you compete, what belt are you, what do you enjoy about it, any funny stories?

    After this question has been answered, then the audience may ask questions.

    Once again mynona, thank you for your time :)
  10. Orrdos God

    [b:1481d2dc06]Posted by Mynona[/b:1481d2dc06]

    I've been practicing Karate for a little over four years now, I had a hold up for about a year because my knee didn't want to cooperate.

    I've got a yellow belt with a green line on it, wich in my style (kyokushin) means I've got 5th kyu. Kyu is the coloured belts, the black ones are called dan. In Kyokushin we have 10 kyu and 10 dan grades. For those who can't count, that means I've done 6 graduations. My next one is in the middle of december.

    This weekend is the district championships and I'm going to compete for the first time. I'll probably die or throw up or something equally embarrassing. I'm going to compete in fighting since the judges don't like our kata (forms)

    I'm also a trainer for the children's group. This causes me much grief but also large amounts of fun. Who knew there were actually 37 ways to tie your belt? Some of the children are very good but some others... well... lets say they ought to stay in bed instead. What to tell them when they cheer because they get to make press ups?
  11. Orrdos God

    [b:5fb3bf4278]Posted by Mynona[/b:5fb3bf4278]

    As said earlier DC was this weekend.

    Myself I lost two matches and won one. Fourth place in total.

    The club managed 8 medals, 1 gold (by my good friend Evelina) 1 silver (by sensei) and 6 bronze (by assorted other members).
  12. Orrdos God

    [b:b8f9aa37b5]Posted by Electric_Man[/b:b8f9aa37b5]

    Audience time! Yay! Now for some serious questioning...

    What would you do if you saw a yeti coming at you?
    Would you:

    A) Ski away
    B) Kung-fu chop it
    C) Bake it in a pie
    D) Call the GGG
    E) Something else
  13. Orrdos God

    [b:1b418cab3c]Posted by Mynona[/b:1b418cab3c]

    [b:1b418cab3c]A) Ski away[/b:1b418cab3c]

    Pretty hard since there isn't any snow

    [b:1b418cab3c]B) Kung-fu chop it[/b:1b418cab3c]

    I don't know any kung-fu. perhaps karate though

    [b:1b418cab3c]C) Bake it in a pie[/b:1b418cab3c]

    I cannot cook, pies falls into that category.

    [b:1b418cab3c]D) Call the GGG[/b:1b418cab3c]

    Has some promise but would he get there on time?

    [b:1b418cab3c]E) Something else[/b:1b418cab3c]

    I'd quite possibly would bring my camera out and get some nice pictures of it before whistling for my faitful companion, Ninja, and procced to ride of into the sunset.

    (edit because I still can't spell)
  14. Orrdos God

    [b:d857faa8e8]Posted by Rincewind[/b:d857faa8e8]

    What is your biggest Strength/weakness?
  15. Orrdos God

    [b:2d112d6d62]Posted by Mynona[/b:2d112d6d62]

    I'm unbelievably stubborn. To the point where a five year old has nothing to come with.

    That is sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad.
  16. Orrdos God

    [b:414c674fd3]Posted by buzzfloyd[/b:414c674fd3]

    As a Swede, do you have any reflections on how your country is perceived around the world? What are your perceptions of other countries?

    Do you love your country? Would you die for her? Would you be happy living anywhere else?
  17. Orrdos God

    [b:b87cac3aeb]Posted by Andalusian[/b:b87cac3aeb]

    What sort of horses are there in Sweden? (sorry, I am a little obsessed)
  18. Orrdos God

    [b:66b379e0f6]Posted by Mynona[/b:66b379e0f6]

    [quote:66b379e0f6]Originally posted by Andalusian:
    What sort of horses are there in Sweden? (sorry, I am a little obsessed) [/quote:66b379e0f6]

    The four native races are Gotlandsruss (a small pony 120-135 cm high) that walks free on Losta Hed on Gotland (sweden's biggest island) Pic of the woderful stallion Bus

    The second race was once one but got separeted into two; Working horses and trotters. They're called Nordsvensk, they are a small draguth horse (about 150-160cm high) very good for working in the forests and the trotters have become known as good academic riding horses.
    Pictures of draught stallions
    Järvsöfaks Is the best heavy trotter ever. He's won more than 45 races in a row.

    Swedish half breed is the last of the races, a modern horse breed for competition. Akribori another stallion.
  19. Orrdos God

    [b:a5f73bd7df]Posted by Mynona[/b:a5f73bd7df]

    [quote:a5f73bd7df]Originally posted by buzzfloyd:
    As a Swede, do you have any reflections on how your country is perceived around the world? What are your perceptions of other countries?

    Do you love your country? Would you die for her? Would you be happy living anywhere else? [/quote:a5f73bd7df]

    I can't understand why everyone thinks it's snowing all the time :roll:

    Honestly, Sweden is a very long country more than 1700km, because of this the weather is very different in different parts of the country. Where I live we have 'winter' from the middle of october to the middle of march usualy. This does not mean that it snows all the time just that there is a chance of snowing. In the northernmost parts it snows from august to june.

    In europe people are rather well educated so they perieve sweden as it is... almost. They often think that it's colder than it truly is though. In other parts of the world... well... there is an extract from an brasilian lexicon that says (approx) "the swedes are a nomadic tribe of indians that lives in tents and travels after their reindeer herds. Polar bears can be seen walking on the streets of the capital."

    That is not true. We do have Samer, wich were a nomadic tribe, closly relatated to eskimoes but they are a minority.

    Perseptions of other countries are a bit hard to judge since, in all honesty, I only know what I have been told, I don't know how the standard US citizen live in first hand knowledge. Geography is imortant in school though and I'd like to think that I've got at least a fair assesment of the most contries. Also, tv in one form or another is important since it's the best way to keep updated (no not hollywood... ;) )

    Yes I love my country, most people do I've found. I'm not sure if I'd be prepared to die for my country's sake or not (how can one know before standing there having to make the choice?) but I think I would.

    If I had to move to another country I could quite possibly make it 'home' and like it there. I'd never forget sweden though. And I would miss it very much too. Do you have any idea how taxing it is to be in a country where you are the onle one that understands you? I know english, and a handful of other languages, but however much I try I'll always be better in swedish.
  20. Orrdos God

    [b:dae3c58327]Posted by Colonesque10[/b:dae3c58327]

    Are you a memeber of any other online communities? :)
  21. Orrdos God

    [b:74d52d2c18]Posted by Brad the Wonder Llama[/b:74d52d2c18]

    Careful Myn! It's a trap to get you to admit infidelity!
  22. Orrdos God

    [b:cd67184b5f]Posted by Mynona[/b:cd67184b5f]

    [quote:cd67184b5f]Originally posted by Colonesque10:
    Are you a memeber of any other online communities? :) [/quote:cd67184b5f]

    Yes I am, a swedish one. It's multipurposed but the messageboards I visit there are mostly horse and Pterry related. (Some people have heard me wanting to kill people from there...)

    I'm not visiting that site often nowdays, though. It just hasnt' come to pass
  23. Orrdos God

    And so concludes that one :)

    Again, feel free to ask mynona more questions, and mynona, if you could post an update on your life, that'd be great :)
  24. Mynona Member

    What's new in my life is probably that I'm now studying to become a teacher, in English and history, at the uni. Unfortunately I don't have much time for the horses but I try to practice as often as I can.

    I've joined a VtM roleplaying group and though I managed to get one of the other players killed on the very first day I think it's great.

    yes, my life is mostly boring.
  25. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Did your recent trip to England have any influence over your decision to become an English teacher?
  26. Mynona Member

    Although visiting you (or England) was great I don't think it mattered that much in myc chioce. I've always been pretty good at English so it's an easy way out, kind of. The education we're getting is hard enough even though I've chosen a subject in which I won't have to study all that much.
  27. Electric_Man Templar

    I have a three part question:

    What famous person do you think you:

    a) have a similar personality to?

    b) look like?

    c) would like to have the job of?
  28. Mynona Member


    Most of the time I don't care about famous people. If they act good I'll refer to them by movie and what character they played in it and so on and so forth. I prefer listening to music rather than looking at whomever's done it.

    In short, I don't know off that many famous persons... at all. And I have a feeling that at least b) is just so that Ben won't have to go looking for a lookalike picture himself.

    As for doing someones job...well, I'd like to be a writer so pick one.
  29. colonesque10 New Member

    On your recent trip to England Mynona, could you understand a word that Myself, Doors and Rinso had said? :)
  30. Mynona Member

    I didn't have any trouble until doors arrived. for the following hour I just wanted to fall down laughing every time he spoke because I could not understand a word he said. After that it got a bit better.

    I was mostly afraid that no one would understand me.
  31. colonesque10 New Member

    [quote:e3a711fe05="Mynona"]I didn't have any trouble until doors arrived. for the following hour I just wanted to fall down laughing every time he spoke because I could not understand a word he said. After that it got a bit better.

    I was mostly afraid that no one would understand me.[/quote:e3a711fe05]

    I could understand you a lot better than I understood Doors actually Myn. At least you don't make up words such as shoogerly or whatever he was going on about for two days. :D

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