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  1. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    We had a thread like this on the old boards, and I've always found it quite interesting - so, since a lot of people here joined since then (and I want to find out if what Tamyra says in her profile is true), I shall ask the question again.

    What do you do to earn a living? Is there something else you do that you wish was your day job, or that you intend to make your day job?

    I'm an accountant (still in training). Surprisingly, I really enjoy it. You get to snoop around in other people's personal affairs, which is great fun.

    Before that, I worked at a funeral director's as a secretary and receptionist for three educational years.

    Before that, I was still at school, but I worked at the Register Office at the weekends and during holidays, ushering for weddings and compiling a computer database of old marriage registers.

    My ideal job would be writing.
  2. drunkymonkey New Member

    I want to do journalism for games or writing.
    at the minute I'm a student.
  3. fairyliquid New Member

    I am a student but my dream job would be in some field of psycology (not decided which but i am considering sociology)

    Writting would be an amazing career but I feel I need more experience and a bit more practice before i can consider it.
  4. sleepy_sarge New Member


    I work for an oil company and I'm the manager of a team that designed and now deploys a project management system for our engineering projects worldwide.

    It sounds very boring, but it's pretty cool to whizz around the globe doing this. And I get to sit and type things to message boards.

    Been with this company for all my working life, started out as a drilling roughneck, crane driver, storeman and then worked up through project engineering to where I am now. This puts my music/english language degree to absolutely no use whatsoever.

    Before that I was a professional musician. For about 2 years, from the time I left university until I got too hungry to be one of those any more. Also did a bit of acting (same story)

    School / university vacation jobs were: fish factory, beach lifeguard, pie factory (honest!!) and delivery driver.

    My ideal job would be: rich, retired and with a recording studio as a hobby
  5. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Curse your misleading thread titles! I thought this would be some bizarre who's line is it anyway type thread.

    Anyway, I'm a Tape Librarian, Head Tape Librarian.* I was hired to reorganise the tape library for Talent Television,(ha! Dyslexic alphabet for them!) so my job was pretty much moving tapes around.

    I want to be a runner (Tape Librarian is probably abouve runner but can't lead anywhere) then to researcher. Eventually, I'd like to get into Development- where your job is thinking up new TV shows, considering the rubbish you see of tv these days (there is a show about how to train for dog on next week!) it shouldn't be too hard. Ideally, I love to work for a comedy company like Baby Cow (makes Alan Partridge) or HatTrick (Father Ted). I'd be great to be the guy who commissioned the new Monkey Dust or some thing. Too Be honest I'd love to be involved in those shows on any level.

    edit: Stupid stars

    * Ok, i'm the only Tape Librarian.

    Heres to the dream!
  6. Electric_Man Templar

    I'm currently working in Customer Support for an electronic goods company, been here about 3 months and the sing-song telephone voice is really starting to improve. The pay isn't great, but the jobs alright, allows me inordinate amount of time on the internet and keeps my brain ticking over without it being forced into overdrive.

    As for the future? I don't have a clue. Before I went to Uni I wanted to go into software design, I still half-clung to that when I left, but without any real enthusiasm which is why I never got a job in that really.

    So now I'm in a kind of directionless limbo while I decide what the hell I want to do with my career and if I can be arsed to do it.
  7. Saccharissa Stitcher

    I'm a doctor and I'm currently doing my compulsory term of serving a rural area for a year. When we're not buried in snow it's kinda cool.
  8. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    I'm an accountant. I work for a company that buys bankrupt companies for cheap and turns their books around and then sells them for loads more money.

    Yup, I'm working for 'the Man', helping the great beast that is corporate America suck the life out of the helpless masses.

    Which is odd, seeing as how I am a revolutionist and I want to topple the corporate hiarchy. Oh, well, I guess I'll have to do it from the inside out by sowing seeds of dissent. I have an accounting ruler that I have been using for about 6 years now in accounting. It has a big red sticker that says "Corporate greed is unpatriotic". Thats right, me and my ruler will crush the oppresive regime that is crushing the spirit of humans worldwide.

    Muahahahahahahaha....you can't stop me corporate America, even though I work 11-12 hour days sitting behind a computer screen with the tiny numbers on the excel spreadsheet that make my eyes water......hahaha
  9. Delphine New Member

    I'm a student. One year left. Scary, scary stuff.

    At the moment I'm working in a clothes shop called Jaeger, which is dead posh and bloody expensive. I have to posh up my accent and smile ALL THE TIME. I don't like it much.

    I've had a wide range of jobs...

    -Before Jaeger I worked for a different clothes shop, same kind of thing.

    -Before that, pub. waitressing and barmaiding.

    -Before that, I worked for a company called Ann Summers for a while, selling sex toys and underwear and the like. I personally think Ann Summers is cheap, tacky and horrible, but it was amusing for a short while.

    -Before that, a different pub. Got sacked for serving underage kids. oops.

    -Before that, DIY superstore, not fun.

    -Before that, wildlife park. Great fun! I got to hold a badger there.

    -Before that, laundry in an old peoples home. Couldn't deal with washing shitty sheets all day. I applaud anyone who can.

    -First job ever was... washing up. £2.50 an hour. I'm so cheap.

    as for the future? Not a clue. We'll see. I have to survive my degree first :|
  10. Toaf New Member

    I'm a student. I'd like to be an artist some day. I'd also quite like to work in the creative side of advertising or marketing. I would really like to be a music journalist and organize Bloc Party concerts and the like, but mainly an artist. :bear:
  11. fudgecake New Member

    I'm still at school, but I'm fairly in demand in the babysitting circuit. :lol: This is probably because most of the people at my church who have kids ask me to babysit for them as I am the only girl of about the right age - I dunno, people seem to think boys don't go in for babysitting.

    Anyway, assuming I ever grow up (which is looking unlikely) I'd like to do something in educational psychology... but as with many other people on this board, my dream job would be author. I just don't think it'd be steady enough money. Plus I can't take critisism so reading reviews would be a bummer. :roll:
  12. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    No doubt you were confusing the '90s entertainment show with the '50s quiz show about people's jobs. Also, your asterisk goes nowhere. My advice is to always write the footnote immediately after typing the asterisk, and then write the rest of the post!

    Sarge, what instruments do you play?

    Snails, you've done loads of interesting stuff! I'm jealous! And I bet none of it ever involved trying to stop a dead body falling on the floor after the hydraulic trolley broke!
  13. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Err well define play....I am sitting here looking at a synth, a guitar and a set of drums..I can get em all to make a noise. Singer and guitarist mostly.... (thats what almost paid the bills anyway) :)
  14. colonesque10 New Member

    I'm an automation and control engineer which really means I get to play with robots and cranes and stuff. Unfortunatly these robots aren't like the ones in Rinso's head but there still pretty cool. I spend most of my time tracking data that's been passed from one system to another, such as from production to the automated warehouse manager, thats the pretty boring part. The good part was seeing a Robot flip last month and knock over a huge stack of primals. 8)

    It wasn't so cool having to pick them up though and re-teach the robot. :(
  15. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Starting my English Language and Culture study in a few weeks. I plan on getting a full-master's degree along with a bachelor's in Political Science.

    I'd like to teach at university or maybe work for NATO or the UN.
  16. QuothTheRaven New Member

    I am a student, and am supported by my mother and father (elementry school principal, and Navel engineer, respectivly). I am good at physics, and will probably major in that when i get to college, but it doesn't pay well enough, so i would probably need to have a second source of income to support myself. I am good with computers and programing, so i could go into programing, but i can't really se myself working behind a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I might decide to be a writer, or maybee a director, but then again, i might not. So in short, i have no clue what i will be doing in the future.
  17. Tephlon Active Member


    I'm currently working in a "Private Jet"-company, making sure that our, very rich, owners get their cars and services at all different airports in Europe. It's kind of braindead work, but it can be fun talking to people in Poland, Russia, Sweden, Spain, England and Italy in the span of a few hours.

    I am a designer, although I never went to artschool or anything.

    I studied "Cultural and Social Education" or "Leisure studies" which means I learned to organise events, in the cultural sector. I never finished it because at the end of my fourth year I was pulling 8 hour days as a webdesigner besides my school, which ended up being the choice between "education or food".

    When I came to Portugal I got lucky and started a job as webdesigner with an internet-portal, doing most of the design. at the end of my second year I was lead-designer, overseeing 1 internal designer, and an external designcompany. Unfortunately they had to "Let me go" at the end of 3 years because they were about to go bankrupt.

    I then got a crappy designjob at a company where I scared the hell out of the designer (Who changed his title to "Head-designer" after 2 days... Even though our boss never told me that I would answer to the guy). In the end I was working with 2 other designers for a crap wage, in a different location (A small, very warm office on the other side of town) and constantly at odds with Mr. Head-designer. (The main reason being that he had/has such a contempt for his clients...)
    I quit, although they will claim that they fired me, which is okay with me, because it got me some extra cash.. :)

    I spent 6 months job-less, driving my girlfriend crazy, going to interviews but not getting lucky. It's hard to compete with "straight-out-of-school"-designers that still live with their parents and don't have to pay a house, car and other expenses. I just can't make it on 800€ any more. Experience isn't appreciated any more...

    Then a friend of mine said that this company he was working for was looking for people with good english/computer and social skills, and well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad...

    The job can be frustrating and I get a bit "Bob" sometimes, especially because of the shifts we do. I either get up at 05:00 (Start work at 06:00) which means no going out the day before, or I start at 14:30, in which case I'll be home at 23:45/0:00, just in time to find my girlfriend asleep on the couch... I work 4 days on, 2 days off, which means that I have a "real weekend" every 6 weeks. Then again, they pay well.

    My ideal job? (Lead)designer, web or print. Either my own or someone else's company.
  18. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Yes, I am a frozen french fry inspector, I work for a subsidiary of a large multinational conglomerate. My plant produces Specialty Potato Products for "that Scottish restaurant"* among others. We do several sizes of straight and crinkle-cut french fries and several shapes of chopped and formed hashbrown type potatoes.

    My current job is inspecting the product line just before it goes into packaging. I sit by the conveyor belt and watch for "foreign material" and try to pick out the worst of the defects. Because the product is frozen my workstation is cold almost all the time, I have to wear a winter jacket in the summer and in the winter I have to wear two pairs of pants and at least four layers on top. I actually work on all four production lines because I fill in for three other frozen inspectors.

    I like it better then sweating, cutting bad spots off the steam-peeled spuds on the trimline, or running around the packaging floor cleaning up after the operators, or doing the other little jobs that "happen" if you catch my drift. Right now we are in a transition period between the old crop and the new and are having a whole set of crinkle cutters added to the #1 production line, so we are re-packing potatoes that were "restricted" for any number of reasons by the QA department. We have it down to 60,000 cases from over 120,000.

    I was an art student at UMD ( where Sampanna is) many moons ago, but decided I didn't want to work in a nursing home( most of my fellow art students were ending up doing that) and the job market for teaching art was drying up and I don't think I would have been a good teacher anyway, so I ended up leaving before I got a degree.

    I went back home to my family and their pig farm, I spent lots of nights out in the farrowing barn and one day my dad brought about 20 baby calves home for me to teach drinking out of a bucket. Dad had a heart attack in 1984 and got out of the pig business, but by then I had my hands full being a maiden aunt. I did house sitting ,cabin cleaning, and babysitting, and I was the Township Treasurer (I was appointed to the post first but I was elected by a good majority to my own term, on a side note our town hall was where Winona LaDuke voted for the first time, I guess when your name is on the ballot as a vice-presidential candidate you finally have to register and you might as well vote).

    In 1986 I had my fill of the maiden aunt routine and I got a job at the potato plant I work for now, I stayed at my grandma's house in town during my work week and went back to the farm on my days off( usually back to the maiden aunt duty) but Jon( my husband) came to work at the plant in August and we got together in January, moved in to our first place together in March, and married that August.

    In September we had a chance to buy a house nearer to Jon's new job at Lund boats in New York Mills, Minnesota, so I quit my job and tried out a couple jobs(cooking at a cafe and driving used cars to a car auction), but I was out of work for a couple of years before I got a job in Perham at an egg plant. I got to break eggs for a living, and I ended up having carpal tunnel surgery which has changed my life. In 1992 we came back to the Park Rapids area to be nearer Jon's family ( a reason I came to regret).

    I got work in 1993 at the Schwarzwald Inn and the state tree nursery at Badoura. Badoura was about counting out bundles of baby trees and lasted 6 weeks, the Schwarzwald Inn is a German-American restaurant and I have worked there a couple of years (one year at a time then a break of a couple of years then back) I left the restaurant to go out on the road with Jon, who was driving truck by then. We had a little brown dog and a green Kenworth T600 with a single/twinbed sleeperberth. I can report that a twinbed is big enough for two fat people to do everything usual in bed but sleep. It was more fun when Jon got the W900 Kenworth with the condo sleeper, I got to have a bunk of my own. I have been to 42 states and Ontario, something I never expected.

    We had our lake home by then and because of the faulty furnace I had to stay home to keep the home fires burning in the winter and then in 1996 we lost our little dog in Blomington IL and I decided to stay home for awhile and went back to being Jorg's "sous-chef" for a time. I am not sure why I left there that time except it was a combination that included having to deal with my husband's problem gambling. We ended up losing our lakehome, moving in to a double wide trailer my sister-in- law had saddled us with( including a $100,000 debt) on my mother-in- laws property.

    I started some serious knitting in 1998, I have made 25 or so blankets for most of my immediate family members, I have set it down for a while but I know I'll be picking the needles up again soon, I can feel it.

    The whole story of those in-laws is sordid and I am sick of it so I will just say that I decided to go back to work and I ended up back at the potato plant 3 years ago, 2 years ago we went through bancruptcy and had to sleep in a tent for the whole month of August while we moved into a $2,500 single wide trailer, 1 year ago we bought this place and had to take the $2,500 trailer to the local landfill. I got this computer and internet access last summer and rediscovered Terry Pratchett and this spring I found Boardania, Yea.

    *(I read this term on the old board and it tickled my fancy I'm sorry I don't remember who to credit with the quote)
  19. Andalusian New Member

    My full time occupation is high school bludger, but I occasionally do some graphic designing for my Dad, who designs web pages inbetween being a Handyman (so fancy) and a house-husband.
    I am going to my first job interview on Tuesday. It is for some part time work helping customers, organising stuff and running around for a material shop. If I get it I think it will be quite good, as I am interested in sewing and make quite a bit of my own clothing.
    I haven't really decided what I want to do in the future, there are lots of things that sound interesting. My Mum works in medicine though, so that is out of the question. My art teacher wants me to study art, but there is no way I am going to do that because it pays virtually nothing unless you are really good and I am not. Commercial graphic design is the thing I am thinking about at the moment. That would be good.
  20. spiky Bar Wench

    Technically I am still astudent but thats part-time and its a PhD so not quite the undergrad scene... Its a contractual requirement of my employment that I do my PhD and as you can do a PhD in anything, I'm doing it on Discworld fans and Terry Pratchett and the relationship between the two. Most of the people here know that already but I figured I'd better let any new people in on the big secret: you are all laboratory bunnies for my experiments.

    Kidding: I'm not doing experiements but if anyone is willing I can interview over the web :)

    My real job is an academic. Everyone else has mentioned who they are working for the corporate animal...well my job is to train people as corporate animals. I teach marketing and I research how companies can get consumers to buy their products or more products etc... Not very noble but it has its rewards. My specialty is consumer behaviour so I get to look at psychology, sociology and economics in a practical way, ie. you can actually be empoyed after studying them.

    What I'd rather do is sit on a tropical island sipping pina coladas, but realistically I had my moments of wanting to be an author and as an academic I can, I just have to author drivel that will be read by other academics ;)
  21. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    ::adopts winning smile:: Do you knit jumpers, perchance? You wouldn't believe the lack in my life of people who knit.
  22. Galaphile New Member

    By evening I am a correctional officer.
    By day a dad and hubby.
    By hobby a podcaster.

    Wish I was doing the last two full time :)

  23. Mynona Member

    Well, thursday sees me starting Uni and I'll try to become a teacher in english for kids in highschool/college. in fact, I got a letter from the uni today. After one week of schooling I'm going to a college as a trainee teacher. I'm scared.

    Before this I completed school, studied japanese at the uni for one semester (just for fun) and a bit of law studies. Inbetween I've worked at a studfarm as an edcuater of young horses (3-6 years of age, and no, most of them had never seen a saddle before) the last 6 months I've worked as a cleaner as a favour. The 'real' cleaner got sick around christmas and I was asked to work for a week, I thought ok, so I did. In the end the woman I was working instead of went to the hospital because some bloodvessel had burst in her brain. I got stuck on that job for a while.

    I'm not sure what my dreamjob would be, though owning my own horse farm is tempting. I know that it's a lot of work, though, and it costs a lot of money so... Anyways, being a teacher is going to be fun... I hope and it's not something I regret trying to become even though I'm not always the most sociable of humans.

    having time to write would also be a nice thing, add to that, a chance to get a book of mine published! it's a dream though maybe not nessiciarily what I want to do for a living.
  24. Hex New Member

    Student by day, author in my spare time. I spend most of my time homeworking, but my writing is very much what I want to do with my life.
    It's my aim to get my now-finished (but still in draft) novel published in a couple of years, after many re-drafts.

    Sadly I am aware that my writing will not make me a living unless I am really lucky. So it looks like college is where I'm headed, to study something, not even sure what.
    Hopefully I'll wind up in a decent job, one where I'm not bored. Journalism, law, psychology, I just won't know until I get there.

    But I can hope that I'll be able to live off my writing and become famous, JK Rowling style. But I've got a long way to go from here.
  25. chrisjordan New Member

    I'm just about to go into Sixth Form, and then hopefully I'll go on to some University.

    Ideally, I'd like to be a fulltime author or a popstar, but these are ultimately unrealistic goals. I don't really have any idea what I want to do in a realistic sense, and probably still won't when I've finished Uni. Possibly something in the publishing industry.
  26. Marcia Executive Onion

    I am currently on a 2-month temporary assignment as a marketing consultant for a financial services company.

    When I was still living in the US, I was an advertising services coordinator for a magazine for many years.
  27. hermes New Member

    Student at the moment, but ideally something related to art. I'm also considering business... Starting an art gallery / coffee shop / bookstore is one of those ambitions for way in the future.

    More realistically, I expect to study at McGill. Cheap and beautiful. From then on is a blurry mess of plans with not much similarity between them :roll:
  28. Maljonic Administrator

    Support Worker for mostly young people, but some older people too; and a Web Site Designer. :)
  29. chrisjordan New Member

    After reading Coffeeshop Cthulhuca, I'm not sure you starting a coffee shop of your own would be a very sane idea... ;)
  30. hermes New Member


    Okay, well, you're sort of right.

    But my coffeeshop would have potable coffee, for one thing :roll:
  31. Delphine New Member

    Who told you about that?? It was an accident! ;)

    No, surprisingly, I have never had to deal with dead bodies, although at school I really wanted to. But I soon realised that my "natural penchant" for biology was nothing more than a delusion. In other words, I sucked at it. I really did want to be a pathologist. I was the only one listening with wide eyed rapture to my teacher when she talked about human dissections.

    But no. I'm jealous of *you* Grace. You and your job with the dead.
  32. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Grace, yes I have knitted a few jumpers. 9-11-01 I was in the middle of a blanket for Jon's and my niece and I didn't want to get it psychically contaminated by my feelings ( I don't know that that can happen but I didn't want to take chances) so I started my anti- terrorism sweater. It is calf length, button front, raglan sleeves and striped randomly in two colors of blue, four colors of burgundy, two types of rose, white and a couple different greys. It is knit one, purl one ribbing all over and took about the first two weeks being glued to CNN and Fox/News to finish. I was going from 9 to 9 or later knitting all day. I think it took at least 60 hours.

    It was great therapy, having something to do with your hands can be a really good thing. I learned from a booklet and a little help from some people who knit back when I was a young'un and I never have regretted that I didn't actually finish the first vest I started. It would have been incredibly dorky even back in '72.
  33. Pepster New Member

    I'm a student, I have 10 weeks or so till I finish my undergraduate degree. It is a bachelor in science with a major in chemistry. I guess I have just kept doing my favourite class from highschool.

    Currently I work weekend nights in a service-station and am employed by the uni as a tutor for the first year students.

    Oversummer (in Australia) I'll be doing a summer project which will be mostly equipment training, which will lead into a honours project next year in colloid science. Basically I'll be doing a project in paint for dulux paints but I won't bore you with details.

    My ideal job would be one where I get more sleep.
  34. Orrdos God

    I wasted my life up to this point, so I'm sadly emlpoyed in a call center, as an "energy specialist" for scottish power.

    Basically, I have to be nice to morons and help solve their shit problems, and take all kinds of crap from them.

    Please, bear in mind that should you ever call a call center, the person that answers the phone is just that.

    Don't take your frustrations out on them.

    Don't complain about the length of the queue, theres nothing they can do and you've just made their day a little bit crapper.

    Don't call them "you people" as it's dismissive bullshit.

    Don't think that you HAVE to be right, despite the trained person telling you otherwise.

    Don't think that a manager will magically solve your problem.

    Basically, don't be a wanker.

    You wouldn't speak to people like that face to face, so don't do it over the phone.

    I hate my job.
  35. chrispenycate New Member

    I'm a sound engineer. Most or the time now I'm a recording engineer, leaving touring and festival PA to those younger than myself, who appreciate the exercise (I need it more than them- but we wouldn't want to cheat them of it, would we?)
    At school I would have been a "geek", if the term had existed back then, and heavily technical side maths, physics and such. I was so hopeless at languages we had to look for a university where they'd let me in without a foreign language. So what am I doing here in Geneva spending entire weeks without speaking any english? (cue music "smoke on the water" from Deep purple)
    Back in 1972 I was working as a test engineer in Tannoy, in London, when someone offered me a months work- maybe six weeks- in Switzerland preparingthe aaudio system for the Montreux jazz festival, as someone had burnt down the casino where the concertswere generally held. And off I set, arriving in Switzerland with no french, even less schwyzerteuch (the strangeform of german which is the countries major language) and no intention of staying. Doesn't time pass fast when you're enjoying yourself (after all, I couldn't enjoy anyone else, could I?) Three recording studios, several major rock tours and no few music festivals later I speak french, and going to England feels strange.
    Funny old thing, life, innit? ;)
  36. TheJackal Member

    Going into my 3rd year of 4 in college. College life is great craic, won't really be looking forward to entering the world of full-time work.

    Hoping to get a job in the civil service when I get my degree
  37. jaccairn New Member

    I'm a chemical analyst working for a pharmaceutical company. I test things to make sure they contain what they're meant to before they get sent out. I did similar work for an agrichemicals company before this for nine years, working early, late and night shifts; I think my body has just about recovered from this. My first job out of uni was food testing for safeways - left me extremely cautious of tinned mushrooms.

    I worked in a couple of hospital labs during work placements at uni but prefered my stint the the Horseracing Forensic Lab in Newmarket. Dope testing, lots of horses around and the chance for a free trip to the races. It also meant I didn't have to do jury service for 10 years afterwords. :)

    My first ever job was as a shoe fitter in a childrens shoe at weekends and holidays - having to deal with the back to school rush and persuading parents that proper shoes aren't a good idea until their child can actually walk properly. I can still check the fit of a pair of shoes.
  38. mowgli New Member

    I am an...um... animator :), although the more accurate term would be a multimedia artist and an overall hack. I can do a bit of 3D modeling, a bit of animating, some Flash etc. (no programming - dont' ask me to do programming, it has fried my brain beyond recognition during the 2 college courses that I took). Right now I'm with a company that makes educational shows for planetariums, so up until recently, my job was to create/animate various environment shots like ships flying through space, wormholes opening, planets spinning etc. (I've also made at least ONE fjord for the icy moon Europa, and it was a damn good one, so now I feel like Slartibarfast!)

    Then a few months ago, one of our character animators went on extended sick leave, so I was allowed to try character animation. It's HARD :)! If you screw up a fjord on Europa, at least it's not obvious - very few people have actually been there, as far as I know :p . Ditto with spaceships and wormholes - there's a certain level of permitted suckiness. But everyone knows how a human moves, and it's PAINFULLY obvious when they move badly. It took me all this time just to get our poor character (a lost alien girl looking for her family) to stop moving like Quasimodo with a wedgie.

    My other jobs:

    - sandwich maker and general cleaner-upper at a deli

    - hostess at a restored 18th century tavern. Myself and a few other guides would dress up in colonial garb and tell anecdotes what life used to be like for an everage family in 1730s. One of my favorite lines was: "The women kept their hair hidden under bonnets; if a woman were to start losing her hair, due to old age or illness, she could always stuff her bonnett with whatever was at hand, to make it look like she still had a full head of hair. The men, on the other hand, were known to stuff other things. Any guesses as to what?"

    (No, it wasn't THAT)

    - telemarketer. Left the day they were going to fire me.

    - Assistant tech and general gaffer-tape monkey for the audio/video department at Drexel University. Much exposure to interesting music and new swearwords. Oh, and BradtheWonderLlama got to teach me about different cables!

    - English writing tutor. Kinda ironic, since I often speak like Yoda.

    - cashier/book sorter at the Borders bookstore. Probably the best shitjob I've ever had. Books everywhere, and most of my coworkers were either professors, or artists, or psychologists!

    My dreamjob would be to help create special effects for a Discworld movie. Or work full-time in a theater. Or write by nights and do something menial by day, so as not to forget what the real world looks like.
  39. timmmmm New Member


    I went to college and studied film/television, but couldn't get my act together to get a job doing that. -It sounded like fun, but it really was work.
    I installed telephones for trade shows for many years. No end of free pens and notepads!

    Also worked in property management, shi(f)twork for 5 years. Highlights include being the voice that evacuates a 4 stars hotel at 2 in the morning!

    Eventually I went back to school and studied electronics manufacturing. Now I am working as a technician fixing the machines that make Blackberrys. And I just found out that I got a promotion to a Process Engineering position.
    That has kinda been my dream job since I went back to school. So I'm wickedly happy about it. 8)
    It also means a lot less time lurking about message boards...
  40. Hermia New Member

    I am currently a full-time mum, or "homemaker" as they say on the questionaires, scrounging off my partner and the state. I am qualified to be a book-keeper, so I may one day do that, and I am working on becoming a qualified music teacher, so I may one day do that.

    I would really like to be a professional theatre singer/actress, preferably in London's West End, before retiring to the country to continue being a scrounger.

    Previously, I have dabbled in the following:

    - Shop assistant in BHS (frumpy department store, minimum wage)

    - Shop assistant in QS (cut-price clothing store, surprisingly good job)

    - Waitress in The Cult Cafe (Greasy spoon affiliated with a tattoo parlour, frequented by the town's writers and musicians - very cool, until the crappy wages and various other factors took their toll)

    - Trainee accountant at the same accounting practice as Grace (Stayed long enough to get a free qualification, then escaped)

    - Accountant at Osborne Energy Ltd - Managing agents for energy efficiency projects. I had to spend all day negotiating with Doors's colleagues! (Earned vast sums of money, managed to save for the first time in my life, then got pregnant and escaped)

    - Teaching piano - for a very short period, owing to aforementioned pregnancy
  41. Faerie New Member

    I am currently a new student at the local community college. I start Monday but my first class isn't till 2:30 so at least I get to sleep in. I'm working on an Associates Degree in Science and after that maybe I'll transfer to State University or maybe not, I still have 2 years to decide. I work in the library on campus, it's my first job and my first day is Tuesday. My ideal job would be running my own bookstore or something geology/archaeology.
  42. spiky Bar Wench

    Other jobs I have done:

    1. Marketing research - fruit of the devil and got out when I found that jury duty was heaven in comparison
    2. Receptionist - OK but a bit mind numbing
    3. Scanner - scanning documents into a digital format is possibly the most boring job in the world - but did give me a chance to see some pretty outrageously funny names eg The Duc Phu :lol:
    4. Waitress - need I say more? Did my back in.
    5. Shop assistant - My first job at 14yo $5/hour for 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon, yay!

    Somehow I have managed to avoid all the really interesting jobs while piss farting around to this point in time where I have a real job (sort of) but I'm still in denial about being an adult...

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