What music are you currently listening to?

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by sleepy_sarge, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Nester New Member

    I figured I'd revive this just because I found another great CD. I just picked up "Big Iron World" by Old Crow Medicine Show. Not really your standard band. All accoustic bluegrass/folk/blues/whatever music. My boss gave me their first cd a while back and I loved it, this one is sounding pretty good, too. Probably not for everyone's playlist, but I think it's great. :cooler:
  2. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Ooooooh! I'm jealous, Nester. :shock:
  3. Angua_rox New Member

    I bought A Night At The Opera by Queen recently. . . . Excellent stuff.
    #hums Bohemian Rhapsody#
  4. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I'm jealous of Angua and Nester
  5. Dane New Member

    My dad has ever Queen album, so I'm deffinately not jeolouse (God knows how that ones spelt) of angua *remembers screaming along to Bohemian rhapsody in the car with four friends like wayns world*

    I have loved Brand new for ages, a wile ago i learnt that they were playing one gig in England this year. that gig was on wednesday, I (unfortunately) didn't get to go. However a band called Say Anything were supporting, i decided that any band supporting brand new must be good. so i checked them out on myspace and on the interweb site, I Love them! So imageing my surprise when i find out that they're playing this thursday at the manchester academy! I'm trying to get tickets but untill my mum pays me for last weeks work I'm stuck :(
  6. Faerie New Member

    I love the new Step Up soundtrack. So much so that now I have to start listening to other things so I don't get sick of it when I play it over and over again in my CD player.
  7. Nester New Member

    I'm getting tickets for an Old Crow Medicine Show concert tomorrow! Wooha! Even if you don't like that kind of music, imagine seeing a full rocking bluegrass band in a venue that can only hold about a 1000 people. This shall rule....

    Also I was totally caught off guard when my roommate came home last night witha new G. Love cd. Great stuff. Good chill out music. He re-did a song with Jack Johnson on it called "Rainbow" Great music to sit and drink a beer to.
  8. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    I'm really liking ''deceptacon' by Le tigre (probably mis-spelled) it has so much energy!

    I watched the squid and the whale the other day (wierd, but great) and heard for teh first time 'hey You' by Pink Floyd. Loverly song. I love indie movies they always have the best sound tracks.

    Edit:Correct band name and track
  9. Dane New Member

    but there isn't much music you can't drink wile listening to and enjoy*

    I've been listening to The new Another dead hero album, They're an unsigned band local to Colne (where i used to live). Its refreshing hearing music that isn't bound by a record label.

    *even if its only the prospect of being drunk drowning out the music
  10. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Well, if it's supposed to be French, then just for once, you have spelled it write :D (Grace, put that hammer down, it's a joke, not a mistake...) Bravo Rinso !

    Tell you what, from now on, if you spell anything wrong, just say it's French...
  11. KaptenKaries New Member

    Currently having an arena rock period. There's been lots of live albums of AC/DC and Iron Maiden blasting through my headphones this week.

    It must be a very special feeling standing on a stage with 60 000 worshippers singing along to every line you sing, and in some cases even to the guitar solos!
  12. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    I am listening to To Be Free by Emiliana Torrini. Excellent tune!
  13. KaptenKaries New Member

    Is it the same To Be Free that was part of Chicago's medley Ballet For a Girl in Buchannon?
  14. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Uhhh...I don't know. I do know it was on the Crazy Beautiful soundtrack.
  15. redneck New Member

    I thought this was interesting, "Researchers in Denmark found that beer tastes best when drunk to the accompaniment of a certain musical tone. The optimal frequency is different for each beer, they reported. The correct harmonious tone for Carlsberg lager, for example, is 510 to 520 cycles per second."
  16. Andalusian New Member

    One thing: The Butterfly Effect

    Listen to them, they are great. Hard rock/metally type stuff. But not wankery or deviod of meaning.

    Another awesome Australian band.
  17. Faerie New Member

    My most recent obsession is Reba McEntire, I saw her on CMT Giants and so I went and downloaded a bunch of her songs. I've always liked country but lately I've been downloading older stuff because it reminds me of when I was little and listened to country all the time because it was what my parents liked.
  18. Anna New Member

    What a diverse collection of musical tastes! I'm mostly a folkie- and I won't apologise for it! I love Spiers and Boden, Bellowhead, and Seth Lakeman. I'd be here all day if I listed them all, but Bellowhead's Burlesque is in the cd player at the moment, because it's my newest one. I also like some bluegrass type stuff, Nickel Creek are great. I like lots of non-folk too, including Razorlight, Kaiser Chiefs, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and lots more. I just love music, really.
  19. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Anna, I love Spiers & Boden. Sadly, I don't have enough money at the moment to extend my collection of their stuff, but I will do when I can. Have you got Eliza Carthy's Rough Music? It's a great album, and they play on it too.
  20. Mynona Member

    My MP3 player is currently sporting songs in six different languages, which shows the verstatile-ness of my ears. I'll listen to most everything if I can hear what they're saying.

    Currently it's mostly Punk, J-rock, hard rock or anything else with -rock in it
  21. Roman_K New Member

    Currently listening to Metallica's S&M live album.
  22. Delphine New Member

    Mostly I've been listening to Muse, as I saw them in concert a couple of weeks ago and they were absolutely mind blowing. I'm going to see Placebo next week, so I'm also listening to them.
  23. drunkymonkey New Member

    Love My Way by a band I can't be bothered to type out.

    The 80's rock.
  24. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Discovered Swervedriver. 90s alternative rock. Mezcal Head is a very nice album.
  25. Nester New Member

    I'm trying to find some good angry music to help with a little project a friend of mine suggested. "The Red" by Chevelle was an obvious and good one. A few songs by Cold, a couple of Seether tunes, and other various rock groups.

    Anyone have any ideas for music that just ticks you off? And not makes you angry in a Kenny G way, that's more pity than anger I think...
  26. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Anything by Chevelle, The Seether Karma & Effect album, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. That should be a decent start.
  27. RebelwithoutaPause New Member

    One of my favourite bands from the 80's/90's and in fact still going are New Model Army.
    They defintely made music for disenchanted youths to get angry about.
    Vengeance is about drug dealers and criminals getting rich why the innocent suffer.
    White Coats is about laboratory testing of animals and the destruction of the planet.
    Small Town England is about pettiness and waste.
    And a multitude of songs about War (especially the falklands as it was current at there peak)
    There are many many more that basicly make your blood boil at the injustice and the music whilst it is easily categorised as alternative rock with a punk attitude. Im no muso and find it difficult to describe music well but one thing even someone as tone deaf and with no rythme like me notices is that the percusion is almost militaristic in its simplicity and probably works in the same way as drummers did in infantry lines in the old days.
    In many ways they where a parody of the government they hate as the hard core of fans that used to follow them around where reffered to as "the militia" and where almost like a little army, dressing uniformly in ripped jeans and sleevless t-shirts with long hair shaved at the sides and heavy boots or clogs ( dont ask..)

    I saw them at an 80's revival concert about 3 years ago and it was interesting to hear him talk about how frustrated he was after championing the cause of the labout party during the eighties that now they are in power he feels even more frustrated than he did when Maggie was in power..

    Sorry I rambled....found some footage of them on u-tube the other day and whilst it was a bit rough it brought back many happy memories of my angry youth and this gave me an opportunity to ramble a bit.
  28. Anna New Member

    Buzzfloyd - hurrah! Someone else who loves Spiers and Boden! :D Yes, I do have Rough Music, and it's a corker! I went to see S&B last night, and apparently Bellowhead are on Jools Holland on friday night. I think I'll have to tape it, it's on after my bedtime!!
    Rebelwithoutapause - thank you for reminding me that New Model Army exist! I'm glad they're still going, they were great.
  29. Hsing Moderator

    Seether... Who got me started on Seether again? I don't remember, but they are in my folder, too. Also still: Emiliana Torrini, Seeed, and the newer discoveries: Damien Rice, Joanna Newsom (it's really an m at the end, I bet she too had to correct people at the time).
  30. Faerie New Member

    I just bought a 2 CD set of Christmas music from Bath & Body Works because I realized I have no Christmas music on CD and it was pretty cheap for 2 CDs and $1 goes to the Make A Wish Foundation so me buying CDs with my gas money went to a good cause.
  31. drunkymonkey New Member

    My Vice City soundtrack.

    What? It's awesome!
  32. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    I'm listening to The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.
  33. colonesque10 New Member

    Costello Music by the Fratellis. It's just....awesome! :)
  34. Delphine New Member


    Kenny! where have you been? Your dinner got cold and mouldy.
  35. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    And you missed OmCon and GraceCon.
  36. chrisjordan New Member

    Oh, how vile. A common scouser.
  37. Angua_rox New Member

    Om, I too am listening to that, it's very good! Keeps getting stuck in my head, which to me is the mark of a good tune.
  38. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Kenny, what do you mean by posting once in this thread then disappearing again? Come back, damn yoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!
  39. RebelwithoutaPause New Member

    I take it you guys know each other and thats an in joke :)
    Cos personally Id say Runcorn was more "Placcy Scouser"...course Im not even gonna get into the whole Wirral thing... Posh Scouse? Welsh? Gods own little acre?....

    Man its a small world really.
  40. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee


    Of course, the real truth is that no Scouser is posh.

    Edit: 'Real truth'... that suddenly raises the concept of 'false truth'...
  41. jarmara New Member

    Listening to 'We're In The Army Baby' by the God Damn Whores.

    Which makes a slight change to my usual Wildhearts stuff.
  42. chrisjordan New Member

    Well not got into. Scouser yourself, by any chance? That smiley has a whole 'It'd better be an in-joke or I'm going to punch you in the face' kind of thing to it.
  43. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Listening to "Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts" by Kula Shaker.

    Great Album.
  44. Dane New Member

    currently listening to a local band called the technical, they're very much like Reuben, Engerica, the future are the left and Mclufsky. All of which I love and have been listening to on and off.
  45. colonesque10 New Member

    Luckfully mouldy and cold is how I like my dinner. :)

    PS: Hi Grace, Om, Ella, Posh Scouser Wannabe and anyone else i've missed from this thread. 8)
  46. chrisjordan New Member

  47. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Listening to loads of Leonard Cohen. Because it's nice when you want to slit your wrists to have some good music to do it by.
  48. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Exactly why I can't stand Leonard Cohen!

    Does anyone have any Lonnie Donegan?
  49. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Who's that?
  50. listening to my chemical romance - mama. love this song
  51. jarmara New Member

    Listening to a cover of Ra Ra Rasputin as done by insane Finnish Folkmetal band, Turisas.

    Rocks :lol:
  52. Mynona Member

    We have missed you from all the threads!

    Are you going to go back into hiding for another year now?
  53. RebelwithoutaPause New Member

    LoL no quite the opposite it was more of a "woo can I insult the scousers as well but make sure I dont get a punch in the face for it by putting in a smilie to show its only local rivalry not any real dislike"
    Im from St Helens so to scousers Im a Woolyback, and the gods little acre is my own in joke from a guy I work with. He's from the wirral and gets wound up when I call him a scouser, he claims the Wirral is Gods own little acre of land.
  54. Nester New Member

    A friend just gave me the John Butler Trio EP and I'm officially addicted. I've now ordered every single CD of theirs I can find. I started listening to the track "What You Want" this morning and I've been repeating it all day. I love when you find the pefect song :)
  55. mr_scrub New Member

    I don't listen to music much but when I do the only thing I really like is Weird Al.
  56. Tephlon Active Member

    At the moment it´s Corrine Bailey Rae. Happy feelgood pop.

    I´m also listening to Nostalgia 77´s cover of seven nation army. Incredible.
  57. Mithras-Kosmokrator New Member

    All sorts - classical stuff, Roman stuff, but my most listened to music at the moment is Murray Gold's soundtrack album from Doctor Who.
  58. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I've been listening to a lot of a capella stuff recently. Black Voices, who are an amazing all-female a capella quintet from London, and a lot of American Sacred Harp music (shape singing).
  59. Mr_Teatime New Member

    About now, it's Rise Against, along with some techno that you most likely haven't heard of. I like music that makes me wanna punch something/someone 100,000,000,002 times. Otherwise, I listen to the 4th movement of the new world symphony, because in my favourite anime someone punches someone else 100,000,000,002 times with it in the background.
  60. Dane New Member

    I'm listening to quite the selecting of music includeing Blink 182, Mogwai and Dozen Furies at the moment (quite the opposite ends of the spectrum) because i have finally got a decent sized fistful of songs from my huge collection on my dads computer. YAY.

    Other than that i've been listening to Future of the left none-stop. They're a little known three man band from Cardiff. the drummer and guitarist/lead vocals are both from Mclufsky, a much better known band from the 90's.

    They released a 7" EP not long ago but i couldn't get my hands on that, only 500 made and the only one to hit a shop in Bury my friend who got me into them bought it :?

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