Three facts about YOU - newbies and oldbies

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by shadowgirl, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Sorry I got your gender wrong Darth Bemblebee, I did hesitate but then I went and got it wrong.
  2. peapod_j New Member

    Sir_Gawain i am 17 but between 2003 and 2005 my mum and dad where bilding the house we now live in as i still live with my mum and dad. our collection of Terry Pratchett is biger than my [u:d44e3c16d8]schools[/u:d44e3c16d8] libary as i am still at school and our house is indead called Drey (where a Squiral lives)
  3. Darth_Bemblebee New Member

    :D No problemerinos, Tamyra. I guess my bumblebee does have a rather masculine threatening thing going on.....or something.
  4. Sir_Gawain New Member what was your lie, peapod?

    My second lie has yet to be guessed. :cooler:
  5. Darth_Bemblebee New Member

    KnightG, my instinct says you have no brother. My instinct has never been right before, but one day it will be dammit. One day.....*looks towards horizon in noble/constipated fashion*

    Peapod, i'm just very very confused...... :?
  6. Sir_Gawain New Member

    Am I KnightG? That's a new one. :lol: And yes, I have a brother. An adorable little monster of seven. Keep on guessing! Two options left.
  7. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Sir_Gawain, I think your favourite colour is either blue or red.
  8. Sir_Gawain New Member

    No, that is not correct! My favorite color is black. Well, since that's a shade, not a color, I think my favorite color is technically dark crimson, but... You're right about it not being green. :lol:
  9. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Yay! And dark crimson is almost red. :)

    Black should count as a colour, though. Don't let conventions stop you.
  10. Sir_Gawain New Member

    Oh, I don't normally, but my sister is on this board, and she takes a certain delight in correct my irrelevant mistakes. Like weither black is a shade or color. :roll: Though fortunately she hasn't found this thread yet. I might have a bit of explaining to do if she did.
  11. peapod_j New Member

    my lie was not in the actual numberd facts
  12. Sir_Gawain New Member're not the youngest child. I think that's cheating, my dear.
  13. peapod_j New Member

    no the yunges person in my famaly is my 2nd cusin Finly

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