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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Hsing, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Hsing Moderator

    This is probably similar to threads like the "Do something new everyday"-one (which I think should be revived) and similar ones.

    I've been pretty down lately for various reasons most of you have encountered themselves surely. They kind of added up, and inbetween nothing nice happened. And that right now, I am the last person in the time-chain [i:9d3965fff3](that's like the food chain, only that you get the little time that remains of the day for yourself after everyone and everything else has been taken care of)[/i:9d3965fff3] doesn't make it feel better. That's life.

    Still, I decided to steal, at least for a few weeks, some time of the family time account, neglect some things that maybe aren't really that important at all, and do something only for myself. It's my task for the rest of October, and maybe November, and I think more people should do it.

    [i:9d3965fff3]Yesterday[/i:9d3965fff3]: I got two cool new albums from my sister as a late birthday present and spent the evening listening to them with my headphones.
    [i:9d3965fff3]Today[/i:9d3965fff3]: I ran. 5 kilometres. Embarassingly, that takes me an hour, but as a start, it's okay.
  2. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Heh, don't knock it, I probably couldn't run 5km in 1 day... :roll:

    This does seem a good idea, I must say, but I'm not sure I deserve to steal any more time, I haven't done a decent day of good work for weeks, I have stuff to do and occasionally have to do some because someone is waiting for it, but I just can't seem to make myself work properly... I'm not quite sure why, but I guess I can't steal any more time until I have worked this one out...
  3. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Nice thread, Hsing. Today, I took an hour out to play on the Sims. Hooray!

    Katcal, when I have the problem you're describing, it's usually stress or depression - although I don't know how helpful that is to know!
  4. Hsing Moderator

    I don't really know if this is appliable to your situation, Katcal, so this may be totally useless commentary. Just from my very own experience with such periods... when I have such phases, I seriously need two things:

    1. I take out some of the pressure. If pressure wasn't involved, I wouldn't consciously or subconsciously avoid the task. I hang the goals lower: instead of "oh my God, I have three papers and six weeks to write them!" I try "Okay, I'll spend just this day at the library and see if I find some good literature for this one paper I find most interesting." It helps me to get back into the flow, sometimes at least.
    2. I need some sort of success, even if it's in an completely unrelated field - making a few good pictures may make it easier to go back on work, or reading a paper I did and liked. It's not necessarily a distraction from your actual work to do something for yourself, as long as you limit the time spent on it, but might make it easier to work around your blockade before you go totally nuts in a merry go round of demotivating guilt trips and more pressure due to the time passing. That's at least how it works with me, even if its more of a help than the perfect solution.

    Also helpful: Force your husband to tell you how great you are and what a cool job you will have done by the time X.
  5. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Thanks guys, nice of you to offer help, no matter what the relevance, the offer always counts. **thank you hug**

    Grace, I thinks it's kind of a mixture of both, I have had spells of mild depression and stress for the last year and a half... If I hadn't seen far too much of doctors in the last few weeks, I'd go see my GP, but I've had enough for now, it will have to wait...

    Hsing, thanks for the advice. 1 doesn't really apply, I'm afraid, it's more the lack of pressure that's annoying me, rather than an excess of it. 2 may be more helpful, and I do find successes helpful (I even managed to write a couple of chapters of Pirates, see !) but it doesn't really do much for the workflow, it just helps me feel better for a while... As for Hubby, he doesn't need forcing, he's always supportive, sometimes, it's just not enough...

    But hey, this is Hsing's thread, and this is a major hijack, so let's get back to the subject ;)
  6. Hsing Moderator


    I got an extra hour of sleep today. Well, that's more something my husband, who has been released early into a long weekend this week, did for me, by getting up, switching off the alarm clock, and bringing the little one to the day care unit..
    What I did... well, it's a little stereotypical, but I bought about a kilogramm body lotion. :oops:
  7. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Today, I told a so-called friend to leave me alone a bit and stop bugging me every five minutes with her hysterics and paranoia. This may sound a bit hard, but it has really been getting on my nerves lately, and I get so tired of it. It actually does feel good to be a bit selfish from time to time...
  8. Hsing Moderator

    Yes, I've always been very bad at doing things like that.
    I'm not quite sure wether I kept the habit up...
    Well... I think I may take out this evening and head for a pub with a friend.
  9. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I have been having a whole week for me. Woot!
  10. Hsing Moderator

    Hm. Isn't that cheating? :) No, just joking, but I suppose you can be pretty lucky if you can say that about your work.
  11. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Work? I'm talking about Gracecon and my birthday!
  12. Hsing Moderator

    I somehow read it "I have been working a whole week for me." instead of... My, my. I don't know why.

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