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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Orrdos, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Maljonic Administrator

    Because squash is a sticky liquid and you're supposed to drink it, not sit in it!

    Why aren't solar powered refrigerators widely used in the desert?
  2. Cynth New Member

    Because not a lot of people that live in the desert can lug around a great big refigirator.... (being nomadic and all)

    How does tephlon stick to the pan if nothing sticks to tephlon?
  3. fairyliquid New Member

    because the pan isn't really is merely an illusion of Tephlons that the pan is sticking to her while the pan doesn't exist and cannot, therefore, stick to tephlon.

    What is your opionion on dancing dinosaurs?
  4. toadinnahole New Member

    That they should confine their dancing to buildings with well reinforced floors. Unless they happen to be purple, then they should dance on balsa wood over pits full of leeches.

    Who ate my last yogurt and did they do it to make me eat halloween candy for breakfast again today?
  5. Dane New Member

    I'm going to guess that it was a cat, nasty little buggers get everywhere

    has anyone else played this?
  6. Cynth New Member

    That was fun....

    Why do the little printer/copier goblins come and visist when you have 3million training manuals to print..
  7. Smoking_GNU New Member

    So that, when they are done fucking up your timetable they can point to you and say: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA what a stupid loser!"* :lol:

    Why is organic chemistry so easy? I studied a whole semester's work in half a day and i still waxed the exam. Yippppeeeeee!!! :D

    *This is the opinion of the goblins themselves and does not reflect the opinion of the poster in anywhay at all... :)
  8. Faerie New Member

    When you were small you wished upon a star and your wish to be an organic chemistry genius has finally come true.

    Can you convert organic chemistry genius into pre calculus genius? I don't have any.
  9. fairyliquid New Member

    sorry, pre calculus is a unique gift and can only come from the pre calc fairy as its such an abomination it cannot be merely converted but must come from pure pre-calc fairy dust...but you can contact said fairy at offer lots of chocolate!

    do you think that email exists?
  10. Dane New Member

    I hope it does, I just sent an email to it asking what pre calc is :)

    does anyone else think that this smily :!: could be hinting something?
  11. Ozzer New Member

    Depends on which track my mind is currently on... :?

    Why does time draaaaaaag when you want it to go fast, and fly by when you want it to slow down?
  12. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Because you made baby Jesus cry and now God hates you.

    Why does the Twilight Zone music make me laugh?
  13. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Because the "Baywatch Nights" themesong (music) makes you cry.

    Why did i just miss dinner??? HUNGRY!!!
  14. fairyliquid New Member

    Because you didnt eat it....well duh!

    red with green polka dits or blue with orange polka dots or yellow with purple polka dots?
  15. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Whichever hurts your eyes the most and makes you feel the most ill.

    Why do i overanalize everything?
  16. Dane New Member

    because you like french toast

    if an evil bunny had longer teath would it make it invincible?
  17. Maljonic Administrator

    Not sure, it its teeth were too long it might wipe itself out...

    What was the last thing you ate that you hadn't eaten for years?*

    *i.e. I had a Rusian slice from the bakery this morning, hadn't had one of those for about ten years!
  18. fairyliquid New Member

    candy floss! (I last had it when I was 5 and my grandfather started telling me horror stories about lossing teeth because of the sugar :? but I argue that this time the $2 went to charity and I just had to eat it after that otherwise it would have been a waste!)

    will all my teeth fall out now? :oops:
  19. Dane New Member

    With time yes but i doubt it'll be because of one....whatever the measurment is of candy floss.

    once I've read Thud! will it be worth reading Dan Browns Deception point? I've heard that it isn't a particulaly good book but i have it waiting next to my bed :?
  20. fairyliquid New Member

    You will enjoy it while reading it, out it down then wonder why because as soon as you put some thought into's not all that different from the others he has written. I'd still read it though, there is some interesting facts and, like I said, you should enjoy it while reading it.
    It wont compare to THUD! I'm sure (im waiting for the paperback so don't know) but then they are completly different styles of writting.

    How long do you think I could stand on my head for before falling over or getting bored or ny other reason?
  21. spiky Bar Wench

    1 second. On the outside 2 seconds.

    Why can't I sleep?
  22. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Because you're awake.

    Why are you awake?
  23. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Because my work desk is too uncofortable to sleep on.

    What colour do smurfs turn when you choke them?
  24. spiky Bar Wench

    Red. Its the embarassment of it all.

    Why when I can go to a nice comfy bed do I chose to sit typing at my computer...
  25. Smoking_GNU New Member

    because your computer is transmitting pshychneurological controle waves which interacts with your prefrontal cortecs and turns you into a mindless internet zombie.

    What did i just say?
  26. sleepy_sarge New Member

    [quote:e15fe35932="Smoking_GNU"]because your computer is transmitting pshychneurological controle waves which interacts with your prefrontal cortecs and turns you into a mindless internet zombie.[/quote:e15fe35932]

    What was the best thing [b:e15fe35932][i:e15fe35932]before[/i:e15fe35932][/b:e15fe35932] sliced bread?
  27. Smoking_GNU New Member

    semi-sliced bread.

    Do smurfs turn purple when they are embarrassed? (red+blue)
  28. Dane New Member

    doubt it, they'd have to grow a bit too

    how much would a pink elephant be sold for on Ebay? approximatly
  29. about 30 pence. [postage costs £52.50]

    if there is no fear, what is there?
  30. fairyliquid New Member

    everything but fear...doy!

    doy or duh? which do yuo prefer?
  31. Smoking_GNU New Member

    duh, DUH!

    What is the amount of time before my biology exam will i realize the importance of being well prepared for everything i do and start studying? (awnsers to be given in monuits, to the nearest ten seconds)
  32. sleepy_sarge New Member

    errm 256 monuits and zero seconds is my bet.

    Why does someone like me, who hates to lose, make a bet like that when he doesn't know how many monuits are in an hour?
  33. Ozzer New Member

    So someone like me can come up with an explanation.

    If 'monuit' is a bastardization/grammar mistake of French, then it is actually 'my night,' which means one must ask how many of 'my nights' are in one hour. Less than one. Approximately .375, if my math is correct. Is my math correct?
  34. fairyliquid New Member

    I have no idea but it sounds damn impressive...and thats enough for me :)

    Is maths that sounds impressive by using numbers that include decimal places or negtive signs (because anything more complicated than 1,2,3,4 is way over us left-brained individual's heads) actually imressive or do fancy explinations (with french translations included) cloud our vision?

    edit to fix stuff, cause that what editin's all about
  35. Ozzer New Member

    Oui, parce que c'est très amusante quand le gens ne comprennent pas. :D

    What is the point of pointless assignments?
  36. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    Yes, but not as impressive as mathematics with imaginary numbers.

    Why is near beer fruity tasting?
  37. fairyliquid New Member

    ozzer: dunno but better than pointless exams

    brad: cause they add fruit...doy!

    Why do I suddenly miss British weather ?
  38. spiky Bar Wench

    Because your a long way from a regular winter, I should say any winter, and its starting to have its charms. But believe me you'll get over that craving after 5 minutes of blistering cold, driving rain, and the inability to see the sun for 6 months because its still dark when you get to work and dark again when you leave work... Winter is highly over-rated.

    Does any one else miss winter?
  39. colonesque10 New Member

    [quote:ecce818484="spiky"]Does any one else miss winter?[/quote:ecce818484]

    I miss winter because it means Christmas is a long time away but I do not miss getting soaked in the 7 yards it takes me to get from my car to my flat.

    Question: Is it just me or do spiders seem bigger these days? :shock:
  40. Spidah New Member

    I take huge offence at that. I'll have you know I've been dieting for months!!!

    Should I have the chocolate or not?
  41. Delphine New Member

    You might want to change your avatar, Spidah. It's a bit inappropriate. :)
  42. fairyliquid New Member

    You will anyway...

    right foot first or left foot?
  43. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    Your left foot is the right one.

    Cotton or wool?
  44. Faerie New Member

    Wool, it's snowing and wool is warmer.

    What is the circumference of your head?
  45. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    Approximating the widest point of my head as a perfect circle, it's the same as everything else... 2*Pi*r

    What is the radius of your head?
  46. Willmolly3 New Member

    There is not a big enough tape to measure

    How Long since you took pain killers and why?
  47. Ozzer New Member

    less than a week. Stomach cramps :?

    If I kill a teacher because of homework, can I claim self-defense?
  48. mowgli New Member

    No, but you might be able to plead insanity.

    Why is it, that when I try to safely remove my external hard drive, it says "cannot do so at this time - please try again later", even after I close all programs AND restart the computer?

    ::edited for clarity::
  49. Dane New Member

    Because it's allready out

    Has anyone watched House of a thousand corpses by Rob Zombie?
  50. chrisjordan New Member

    No, but I'm currently listening to Rob Zombie's Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix).

    I'm going to put a question mark at the end of this statement?
  51. Faerie New Member


    Why must the computer shut down while I'm working(for no reason) and then require you to be an authorized user(which I am not) to get back on?
  52. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Because God hates you and you make baby Jesus cry.

    Why do I find that answer appropiate for almost every question?
  53. Electric_Man Templar

    Because God hates you and you make baby Jesus cry.

    What's better: shit ship or crap hat?
  54. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Shit ship, because its bigger and if you throw some paint on it and swab the deck a bit you could probably pawn it off on some unsuspecting pleb as a luxury yaht and make a bit of dosh.

    Have I been reading too much Bastard Operator From Hell?
  55. TamyraMcG Active Member


    Is this really the 10,000th* post in Boardania?

    * it was when I checked: editted to add th and be sillier
  56. Pepster New Member


    Is this really the 10,000th* post in Boardania?

    * it was when I checked: editted to add th and be sillier[/quote:86874a601d]

  57. koshu New Member

    there could be!

    Wats the distance to the moon?
  58. lipi New Member

    Earth-Moon distance ranges from about 360,000 to 405, 000 kilometers, depending on the position in the Moon's orbit. The average Earth-Moon distance is about 385,000 km, which is about 9.5 times the circumference of the Earth.

    Why the heck did I have to Google this? I jused to know such trivial stuff!
  59. fairyliquid New Member

    because google was made for these sort of silly triva things and intentionally forced you to forget it by bombarding you with other stupid facts you have searched for over the years

    are you feeling chrismassy?
  60. koshu New Member


    Wat does christmasy, feel like anyway?

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