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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Orrdos, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Smoking_GNU New Member

    ...... (no question to awnser)....

    Why don't we just calm down and have a nice cup of... of... of...of whatever you like, how about that. We don't want to get nasty here, do we?
  2. fairyliquid New Member

    course you do...why wouldn't you?
  3. Dane New Member

    That axe just a prop then? OOh well i was hopeing for a little reistance...meh

    any i've calmed down a bit....broke my wardobe, blooded my fists and nearly kiled scott allready. anyway i'm hungry has anyone got a packet of M&M's i can have?
  4. fairyliquid New Member

    sure..they're just a 12 hour plane flight away! (not adding in a connecting flight and waiting times, oh and not to mention delays bumping up the time to about 24 hours)

    how important is chocolate in your everyday life?
  5. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    Chocolate is a luxury item, thankfully.

    When will my rose colored sunglasses get in?
  6. Smoking_GNU New Member

    (Looks around to see if Dane is still around) Tomorrow. Next weekend on the outside, or the end of the month for definite.

    What's your favourite alcoholic drink?
  7. fairyliquid New Member

    don't drink, i'm too young to drink :p

    if you could die your hair any colour....just for the pure sake of it, no thinking about how it isn't good for you, etc, etc....what colour would you die it?
  8. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Vomit green. Here is a presentation: : :vom:
    This usually happens after your favourite alcholoc drink, or several favourite alcholic drinks, or just plain alchol.

    What is your favourite non-alcholic drink?
  9. fairyliquid New Member

    ice lemon tea (must be lipton)...funnily enough I don't like tea...

    what is your least favourite drink?
  10. Dane New Member

    bulls urine

    Why must we do coursework on Disney? My teachers been telling me that Disney has Logos that rival Coke-a-cola and even McDonalds and that Mickey Mouse is the best know cartoon charictor in the world. She's been saying that underneath all the happy smiles etc etc of the Disney corperation is an evil thirst for money and a hell of a lot of coruption.

    The things that gets me though is that if it's that big and evil why do we do coursework on it? It seems to me that educating us on it is the perfect way to advertise it to young people. so Wile my teacher says don't get involved with the Disney corperation she feeds it to us in every lessons. Can no one else see the contridiction in this?
  11. Faerie New Member

    Secretly your teacher works for Disney and she knows that all students are stubborn and whatever you tell them not to do they will do so now all of your fellow students will go get jobs at Disney.

    Is there [b:7011b5677e]any[/b:7011b5677e] normal person out there who actually likes and fully understands pre-calculus?
  12. spiky Bar Wench

    Me and the answer is 2x+3y-4=z.

    Where is the cheese?
  13. fairyliquid New Member

    the moon...where cheese originated and rained down on us to provide us with something to stick on bread :)

    what is your favourite thing to put on a sandwich?
  14. Dane New Member

    Bacon :D

    I'm kinda turning into the steriotypical emo boy, just wondering what your steriotypes on emo's are
  15. Smoking_GNU New Member


    (neatly combining question and awnser)
  16. sleepy_sarge New Member

    I quite liked Emo - especially when he bit Parkinson on the bum. Couldn't [i:fc448d011c][b:fc448d011c]stand [/b:fc448d011c][/i:fc448d011c]that Rod Hull though. (Apologies to non British readers)

    Is it okay to jump back to the previous entry when you haven't understood a combined question and answer?
  17. fairyliquid New Member

    yes because the combined question and answer was just confusion over the previous post...I'd explain what it is smoking_gnu but I think I have been ignoring british tv for a little to long...

    How long do you think you could survive out of 'civilization'? ie without technology/comfy beds/luxuries/etc.
  18. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Would the technology (not available to you outside of civilization) include matches, a knife (swiss army), a certain amount of cloth, some fishing gear (net and/or fishing line), a bigger nife, a spear like contraption, some rugged and long lasting clothes, rope and some companionship.

    Then yes, if it was on a desert island with no-one to bother me exept my "companion" (female).

    What kind of girl/guy do you go for (if your not allready married, in which case i would advise you not to awnser)?
  19. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I go for tall, dark, and handsome.

    Why would you marry someone you didn't "go" for?
  20. Dane New Member

    Arranged marrige?

    I think sleepys reference to Emo went right over my head. I was talking about the music, dress sense and mindset...Still you might be talking about the same thing and me not realise or you may have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

    so my question: if you could grow hair in any place you can't currently where would it be and why?
  21. Hsing Moderator

    Um.. all over my former roommates face, because she was a bitch.

    Where do I put the apostrophes?
  22. Orrdos God

    [quote:a569d524aa="Dane"]Arranged marrige?

    I think sleepys reference to Emo went right over my head. I was talking about the music, dress sense and mindset...Still you might be talking about the same thing and me not realise or you may have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

    He typoed "emu"

    You're probably too young to recall that though.
  23. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee


    Do you know what significant event takes place tomorrow?
  24. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Of course I do. :)

    What are the things you leave unsaid?
  25. Bob New Member

    The same things you are afraid to think

    Tell me about your mother
  26. fairyliquid New Member

    My mither is aff her heed

    Should I bother doing work that wont be collected till next wednesday?
  27. Willmolly3 New Member

    Dont do today what you can put of till another!

    What is the best practical joke I could play on a collegue today?
  28. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Hijack his wife (if he has one). Put hidden cameras near him. See if he is worried or relieved. After the prank is over send the video to his wife if, and only if, he looked relieved.

    Why doesn't money last long?
  29. dididave New Member

    Cos you spend it too quickly :badgrin:

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  30. Smoking_GNU New Member

    (Old one, i think it has allready been asked, but no worries) About 63.472 qubits worth.

    Why would a woodchuck chuck wood?
  31. Cynth New Member

    Because the wood was bothering him and he chucked it out.

    Why do men think women are difficult and women think men are off their rockers...
  32. shadowgirl New Member

    because a women forgives but never forgets
    a man forgets but never forgives

    what sound does one hand clapping make?
  33. dididave New Member

    The sound of silence.

    All or nothing?
  34. fairyliquid New Member

    All, otherwise we would be stuck in a void of nothingness and the question would not exist and where is the fun in that?

    What is worse...incesant noise or complete ringing silence?
  35. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Noise. With scilence you can create your own amount of noise to suit your needs. Farting, playing music ect. You can use the scilence to study also, which you cannot do with noise.

    Do I really want to ask a question?
  36. Willmolly3 New Member

    You just answered your own question by asking one!

    Do I shower or Bath tonight?
  37. sleepy_sarge New Member

  38. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    I would inagine so.

    Do you think they have names like 'Bob' and 'Jack' or names like 'Fiddlepoon Waterdale' and 'Snorklmelloy Shinderdoodle'?
  39. Smoking_GNU New Member


    Or maybe no?
  40. Bob New Member

    definately no.

    How tall are you ?
  41. Faerie New Member

    5ft 8in

    What is my mother planning on Friday that she won't tell me about?
  42. Cynth New Member

    A surprise b-day party or halloween party....

    Why is it so bloody hot in Africa?
  43. Smoking_GNU New Member

    The level of stupidity, arrogance and corruption acts as a heat sink.

    Why does N America have so few public holidays (whole day off as holiday, and only 3, i think)?
  44. Ozzer New Member

    Because we can't please everybody, so we please nobody.

    How many miles to Babylon?
  45. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Would that be Babylon Mesopotamia, Babylon the small town somwhere in america or Babylon 5?

    Why bananas?
  46. Cynth New Member

    bananas are nature's way of saying - I have a sense of humour.

    Why a duckbill platypus?
  47. Smoking_GNU New Member


    Why are girls of age 7 allways attracted to pink?
  48. Ozzer New Member

    It's a manifestation of the subjugation of woman caused by millennia of patriarchy, as well as the fact that we would have chosen blue, but the boys got it first.

    Am I for real? :rolleyes:
  49. Dane New Member

    Only just

    Does anyone else feel that GCSE ICT is just another aspect of buisness studies?
  50. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Probably. I never had GCSE ICT but i did have business studies, as we were also on the GCSE cirriculumin Namibia, until this year.
  51. Dane New Member

    Your lucky, it is useless. I took ICT thinking I'd learn about how to use microsoft office (and such programmes) and learn about the hardware and possibly programming. What i get is "how does ICT affect three groups of people affected by law and order"!

    does anyone else see my frustration?
  52. fairyliquid New Member

    yes I'm another idiot who took IT...well IGCSE but its the same thing only less coursework.
    Look on the bright side...get a C and you have passed, you now have some qualification in technology and it looks good on CV's as IT is needed in most things. It gets better though...the website is fun-ish, just make sure the topic is interesting otherwise the written report will kill you.

    what do you think about lime green cheese?
  53. Cynth New Member

    It will probably make you sick. or run away when you try to eat it
    The blue ones are better.

    Why is it when we have surface blast in the mine pit I'm always outside smoking?

    (Surface blast: the type of blast that makes your office rattle and your stuff fall out of book cases and our offices are 3km away from the pit)
  54. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Because you lean against the red "[b:f3e5f71c01][color=red:f3e5f71c01]do not push[/color:f3e5f71c01][/b:f3e5f71c01]" button on the wall when you smoke

    Would life be more fun if it was a musical?
  55. colonesque10 New Member

    Would life be more fun if it was a musical?

    Probably would be but we'd all have really sore throats all the time. :)

    Question: Is it wrong for someone to wish harm upon another person, in any circumstance?
  56. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Not if that person doing the wishing is Ba, in which case he wont just stop at wishing.

    Why do people allways do the things they do?
  57. Ozzer New Member

    Because if they didn't, nothing would get done.

    Is David Bowie the best, or what?
  58. toadinnahole New Member

    The best what? (That was too easy....)

    Why is there never anything worth watching on TV on Saturday nights?
  59. Smoking_GNU New Member

    Because the TV channels understand that most people are out on a saturday night enjoying themselves, so they don't have to make the effort to put in any good programming.

    Why am i so smart (not trying to brag or impress or ANYTHING like that!) sometimes and then 5 minuts later i am so utterly stupid???
  60. Dane New Member

    Because there is only so much smart to go around and you keep wasting yours in short bursts

    Why am I no good at back-hand returns in squash?

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