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Discussion in 'BOARDANIAN ROLEPLAY GROUP' started by Garner, Dec 15, 2005.

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    okay gang, couple of concerns....

    1) the homebrew has evolved into a new rules system, a heavily modified d20, rendered classless. most of the mechanics won't have changed, but character creation promises to be more complicated at first glance.

    I very nearly think i'm approaching a beta test point, but what i probably need more than anything else is a sounding board session or two (hundred) where i can try to explain stuff to other people who can help me spot the glaring mistakes and gaping holes in my plans.

    2) the setting itself is still evolving a bit, but may be ready for some cursory discussion before too long. ideally, if i can find the time, i'd like to have some short stories about aspects of the setting to help set the tone and fill in background for the players.

    if you, the players, think that'll be a waste of your time, its' bound to be a waste of mine. be a collective dear and lemme know if that's the case before i get started, mmmkay?

    this thing's been a real labor of love for me over the past year-and-change, and while i'm no where near ready to bring it out for mass consumption yet, i'd like to think we're getting ever closer to the day when it's possible.

    and if nothing else, i've enjoyed flexing some creative muscle in the hopes of having something fun to share with you all

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