Terry Gilliam can't get Good Omens off the ground! WTH?

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by mowgli, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. mowgli New Member

    article sent to my by my brother

    "Gilliam Stunned by Lack of Interest in Depp/Williams Film

    Movie maverick Terry Gilliam is amazed that a planned movie starring Johnny Depp and Robin Williams is still on the shelf - because American investors can't raise $15 million. The former Monty Python member was thrilled when international money men offered him $45 million to make the film Good Omens with Depp as a demon and Williams as an angel. But he was shocked to discover that Americans didn't have the same sort of faith in the project, and they failed to raise the extra cash he needed to start work on the project - an adaptation of fantasy writers Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's book. Gilliam tells US magazine Entertainment Weekly, "I couldn't get 15 with Johnny and Robin... These two guys, who would have been brilliant were not worth $15 million in America. That was the moment where I went, 'I don't understand this game. I don't understand this town (Hollywood). I don't understand any of the rules. All I know is I don't like it.'" Gilliam's last project with Depp, the ill-fated Quixote, became one of the biggest movie-making disasters in history when illness and storm-wrecked sets prompted financiers of the film to pull the plug as costs soared. The film, which was never completed, was turned into hit disaster documentary Lost in La Mancha. Gilliam hopes to complete his Don Quixote epic with Depp next year. "
  2. QuothTheRaven New Member

    This article can also be found on this vary site.
    Look in the member's writing section.
  3. Hsing Moderator

    Hm. ... Robin Williams as Aziraphal (sp?)? I don't know...
    Not that I want to turn this into a casting thread...

    I'm rather afraid that the film industry has no faith in Terry Gilliam than in the project as such, seeing what happened to his last film. Still, strange, seeing what kind of films do make it on screen...
  4. sleepy_sarge New Member

    I wonder why he is "stunned"?

    From his Wikipedia entry...

    Gilliam has acquired the reputation of making extremely expensive movies beset with production problems. After the lengthy quarrelling with Universal Studios over Brazil, Gilliam's next picture, The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, cost around US$46 million, and then earned only about US$8 million in US ticket sales. A decade later, Gilliam attempted to film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, budgeted at US$32.1 million, among the highest-budgeted films to only use European financing; but in the first week of shooting, the actor playing Don Quixote (Jean Rochefort) suffered a herniated disc and the entire film was cancelled, resulting in a US$15 million insurance claim. Gilliam's reputation in this regard has been sufficient for the satirical newspaper The Onion to run a news article entitled "Terry Gilliam Barbecue Plagued By Production Delays".

    Not exactly the most enticing investment prospect I would have thought....

    See the "Onion" article here
  5. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    But then again he's directed some great movies like 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vasas' which was both a cult and boxoffice success. Most of the problems of the 'Don Quixe' movie where accidences that where beyond this control. I think Depp would be a great Crowley. Not sure about Robin Willaims but he could pull it off.
  6. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Yes I think artistically, Gilliam could definitely do a great job. I just wouldn't back him financially - but then I do have a "Scottish meanness" myth to keep alive.

    I don't think Robin Williams could suppress his..umm...Robin Williams-ness" enough to be any good.

    But this isn's a casting thread so I will shut up!
  7. sleepy_sarge New Member

    Been researching (well it's Friday) and one thing starts to become obvious - I'm sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

    Nowhere in any of the press articles does it mention WHICH role Robin Williams is to play (or Depp come to that). assumptions were just made.

    Speculatively, a lot of the sites have Williams down for Shadwell (which sits [i:79edfbae2d]much[/i:79edfbae2d] better with me) and Depp as Crowley. Even Neil Gaiman hints at that a little.

    Still not a casting thread though.
  8. Electric_Man Templar

    I think you underestimate Robin Williams, has anyone seen One Hour Photo? He's very good in that and not a madcap joke in sight.
  9. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Or Insomina. Robin Willaims is a great straight actor when he wants to be.
  10. redneck New Member

    I agree that Williams is very versatile. Haven't looked much into it yet, but I hope it goes through.
  11. spiky Bar Wench

    I just want to know how they are going to do the aliens on patrol around the galaxy... One of my all time favourite moments :D
  12. mowgli New Member

    Wow! I dont remember aliens on patrol at all :(
  13. Hex New Member

    Depp as Crowley? I cannot supress my hormones at this point, that is a very nice image.

    Okay, done drooling.

    Gilliam is definitely known for making expensive movies that get mediocre reviews, but in his defence I would like to say the The Brother's Grimm was actually a really good movie that I found was clever and enjoyable.

    As for Good Omens as a movie, I say we'd have to wait a while, but it would be worth it. It is among my favorite pTerry books I must say.

    I would love to see Williams and Depp doing that scene near the beginning where they're getting pissed in the bookshop, talking about the end of the world. That bit makes me nearly die laughing every time.

    That and all the Queen music. If Gilliam didn't use the Queen music, I would cry.

    Okay, I'm done now. :eek:

    edit: typo fairy strikes again! *stabs*
  14. QuothTheRaven New Member

    Don't forget Twelve Monkeys. It kicked ass.
  15. mowgli New Member

    Yea, verily :)
  16. Bob New Member

    I read Depp is Crowley on the 'other' TPBooks board (i think) which makes sense.
    Surely Williams is too old ? I mean they're immortal, ok, but angels don't usually look 50-odd.. And with Depp being so much younger, I think it will look worse.

  17. Electric_Man Templar

    I always pictured Aziraphale as making himself look middle-aged, as befits a bookshop owner and an intelligent person. This is opposed to Crowley who wants to look young and cool, like a rowdy troublemaker.
  18. Apeirophobia New Member

    I see Depp as Crowley and Williams as Aziraphale. True William could do a great Shadwell, but the role simply isn't big enough for someone of his status.
  19. Ecksian New Member

    Those were both great roles, but I think his performance in 'Final Cut' has them both beat.
  20. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    Or Jakob the Liar. That one caused a sniffle or two.
  21. Hsing Moderator

    I don't doubt Williams is a great actor, but as the counterpart of Depp... I mean, in the book, both are somewhat being portrayed as the two sides of the same coin, so I automatically pictured them looking different, but the same age. And there also is a detailed description of Aziraphales age and look in the book, as far as I remember.
  22. Hermia New Member

    I'm not sure I believe all you people who said that this is not a casting thread!

    Anyhow, if I had the money I'd back it. I'd back any film with Johnny Depp in it. But then, I am fast descending into a serious obsession with that man!
  23. Saccharissa Stitcher

    ...then again Terry Gilliam can knock us all out by casting Depp as Aziraphale and Williams as Crawley.
  24. spiky Bar Wench

    Oh so wrong!

    ANyway, my concern is that these are both American actors... I'm hoping that this sort of thing (Armegeddon) isn't going to be reset in America because all American's think thats where the end of the world is...(its even mentioned in the book, it can't be in America!
  25. mowgli New Member

    I all for good actors being able to don believable accents!

    Look at Hugh Laurie as an "American" doctor House!

    (Do NOT look at Ewan MacGregor as an "American" Southern guy in "Big Fish")
  26. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Er, Williams is actually a British expat.

    Frankly, I don't care how and with whom is done as long as there are no "let's do 'Mort' but without Death, it sends the wrong message" compromises.
  27. ArthurDent New Member

  28. Tephlon Active Member

    :?: ArthurDent, what the hell is that a picture of?

    Also, may I ask why you really feel the need to reply to threads with pictures? (I'd love an explanation..)
  29. Bob New Member

    Looks like a cat mauling a tiny person
  30. ArthurDent New Member

    A monkey crying.

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