Stuff that I dreamt last night

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Hsing, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Hsing Moderator

    We've done this before, but well...
    I dreamt last night that I'd visited the Garner family. They had a friend, a few years younger than I, with blonde curly hair, she came across as a bit superficial at first but we got along after a bad start. The Garners also had a collection of beautiful mostly ceramic marbles from countries all over the world, particularly the Asian ones were extremely old and beautiful. And a smaller collection of letter openers. I got one, too. While I was trying to put it in my hair, for some reason, little Michael messed up his parents`marble collection, they were everywhere, including a few ones that rolled into the kitchen sink and blocked it.:redface:
    Later, a lot of well known English personalities came over and fell asleep on the couch. Plus a few people from the Board, including Mal and Marcia and the usual suspects. I suppose I subconsciously believe that England is a village.
  2. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Sounds like a typical day in the Garner household... I do wish we had those marbles, though, they sound awesome!
  3. Maljonic Administrator

    I keep reading this thread title as 'Stuff that, I dreamt last night', and I have no idea why.
  4. Hsing Moderator

    Oh. Punctuation is so important. What would "Stuff that!" mean?

    (Oh, and last night, someone drove over a horse in my street.)
  5. Maljonic Administrator

    It would sound like you don't normally dream, and the fact that you did last night makes you want to give up on everything. Perhaps because you hate the idea of dreaming, but you quite like eating cheese... only because the cheese has made you dream you say 'stuff that (i.e. I'm not eating cheese again), I dreamt last night'. :)
  6. Hsing Moderator

    How much more complicated things become because of a comma.:)
  7. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    it's a defiant challenge to some unstated comment. "Fuck that!"

    the meaning of 'i dreamt last night' depends on emphasis.

    perhaps we're living in a dystopic future where the government censors our minds as we sleep so that we can't remember anything and when we awake each morning, it's with that horific 'lost time' feeling you get as you emerge from anesthesia. someone says that none of us will ever be able to dream again. "Stuff that! I dreamt last night!" Strike a blow! Vive le revolution!

    perhaps, on the other hand, it's a sarcastic self deprication, or unwittingly ironic in its earnestness. Someone's told you that you're so boring you didn't do anything last night. "Stuff that!" I dreamt last night!"

    the list goes on.
  8. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    i meant to post that after Hsing's post about wht a difference punctuation makes, but i got called away. now i seem less relevant.
  9. redneck New Member

    This has made me laugh. When I read the title with Mal's punctuation, I read it more like Clay did. His second interpretation was closest to how I heard it in my head.
  10. Maljonic Administrator

    Yeah, I might use that myself if I'm accused of not doing much in my life. :)
  11. Hsing Moderator

  12. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    My mom once said "Well, I have a very exciting dream life."

    Months later when she was feeling down about not having a social life, I said at least she had an exciting dream life... she thought I was mocking her.

    Oh well.

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