Mutiny: Hidden Treasure

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  1. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Woodle stood in front of Bloodbeard and waited for a long time for a reply. He waited, and waited, and waited.

    Eventually, he would have to reply, he thought to himself. Wouldn't he?
  2. chrisjordan New Member

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  3. KaptenKaries New Member

    "Oh. Eh. No, actually I need to find the key to my chest. Can't remember where I put it, and I have all my clothes in there. Don't hesitate to come to me if you see it."

    Rick headed for the stairs up to the deck, but suddenly stopped in his step, turned around to face Olivia and added "Or if there is anything else you would like to discuss." before he dissapeared up the steps.
  4. chrisjordan New Member

    The Captain stared at the penguin with a tortured expression. Hadn't anybody else seen what he'd just seen? That Shembles girl was just...gone!

    As if in slow motion, the penguin rotated, turning to face the Captain.

    And the staring continued.

    And continued.

    And continued.

    It seemed like hours to the crew that the Captain and the penguin's stares were interlocked in an apparently neverending battle. Beads of perspiration formed around the Captain's face. Before too long, the darkness of night descended around the ship like a falling curtain.

    Eventually, one of the more reckless crewmembers decided to approach him. 'Captain! Do you think we should--'

    There was a bang and a flash. Gore splattered across the deck, followed by the rather shocked-looking corpse of the former crewmember hitting the floor with a thump.

    The Captain was stood with a smoking flintlock in an outstretched arm. His expression was crazed, his breathing deep and heavy.


    Nobody did.


    And with that, the Captain departed to his cabin.
  5. Katcal I Aten't French !

    The shot was still ringing in Paisley's ears as he clung to the wheel. In fact he wasn't really holding the wheel any more, the wheel was holding him.
    From his vantage point on (in ?) the sterncastle he had witnessed every gory detail, seen the blood spatter, the penguin, steady as ever, still staring at the captain, and the captain shouting. The actual meaning of the words seemed to escape him, but the shouting registered directly into his brain.

    Inside he was shaking, his brain was panicking, he had only been told to hold the wheel as a temporary measure, and now, the captain had gone below, Rick was nowhere to be seen, there was blood all over the deck, and the penguin... He stood still, holding the wheel, because that was all he could think of to do.
  6. spiky Bar Wench

    Slightly sat back on his heals when the pistol shot rang out across the ship. He was confused about what had happened but the captain seemed to be off his rocker mad about it. Slightly swore he saw the penguin smirk as the captain was yelled about not standing for mediocrity. Although, this could be Slightly's own mental state deteriorating and the urge to Spray'n'Wipe the smirk off the penguin's face was nearly overwhelming.

    Some self-preservation functions of Slightly's brain must still have been operating because it made him bend back over and go back to sanding the floor. "Wax on. Wax off" he mumbled.
  7. Watchman New Member

    Harris watched in mute fascination as the pirate missing a good chunk of his features hit the deck, then turned to listen to the captain's crazed rant before he vanished back to his cabin. The pirates motivated by survival sullenly returned to their duties and Harris picked his way forward to help another sailor heft the dead body over the side. Once that was done he scurried up to the sterncastle and over to the wheel, "lad, I didnt catch your name afore, but mark these words, when something like that happens, eyes on the deck. Dont look em in the eyes when they're acting crazy, else your as like as going to be next. This captains not right in the head, he wont e'en tell us where we're going or why, it's a doomed ship if'n your asking me."
  8. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Paisley listened to Harris, his eyes so mide open he felt they may fall out and get grabbed by some crazed undead monkey.

    "P... p... pp... Paisley !" He managed to squeak. "N.. n... name's Pppaisley Button. Sir. I... Can you... help me with... the wheel, please, Sir ? I... don't know how to do this..." And he collapsed in a fainted heap.
  9. Watchman New Member

    Juggling priorities took only a moment before an arm of wiry muscle shot out to hold the wheel, letting the fainting figure reach the ground. Cabin boys could wait, the captain would probably have their back's flogged to the bone if the ship got off course. Beckoning over another sailor he pointed to the collapsed figure, "heat got to him, I'll keep the wheel if you can get him below. We've enough bodies on the deck under feet as it is."
  10. Orrdos God

    "Yarr, hold that thought Woodle, there's something I must do"

    Bloodbeard reaches into his belt, and pulls out a pistol. He cocks it and hobbles towards the penguin.

    "Ye stupid bird" he spits, pointing the gun and pulling the trigger.
  11. chrisjordan New Member

    The penguin looks back at him.

    Everyone heard the gun fire, but they did not see where the lead ball went.
  12. plaid New Member

    Olivia dropped everything.

    So Karies didn't suspect her.

    No... Karies didn't [i:3ad14b0725]appear[/i:3ad14b0725] to suspect her.

    Still, she couldn't do this unless she had someone to count on. Somebody to watch her back. But who?

    Having pistol you were afraid to use did not do you much good, no matter how unobtrusively it fit under your apronfront.

    OOC: i drew this loverly self-portrait of Olivia. innit pretty?
  13. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Woodle did as he was told and held the thought for a long time, a very long time. While he was holding the thought, he chewed his beard and watched Bloodbeard fire a shot point blank into the penguin.

    "Hehehe....good on yer" muttered Woodle through mouthfulls of beard.
  14. spiky Bar Wench

    Slightly started at the sound of the second shot to be fired in his vicinity today. His nerves were getting stretched, all of this excitement was making him nervous. Making sure he kept a lot of distance between and the penguin, Slightly continued his sanding but at a frenetic speed, "waxonwaxoff" was muttered with increasing speed.
  15. KaptenKaries New Member

    Appearing on deck, Rick frowned at the gunpowder smell in the air.

    "What's been happening here, then?" he asked to noone particular, but suddenly remembering he was still only wearing a towel around his waist, he hurried up the steps to the bridge.

    During the night, Rick had dreamt of his discharge from the fleet again. [i:9c564b9155]Breach of protocol! The Admiral should see me now. Naked on the deck of the Brown Emerald, that would give him something to yell about. Hadn't it been for those tweezers... But the mistake will not be repeated, especially not here, on a ship of renegades and trigger happy corsairs.[/i:9c564b9155]

    As he appeared on the bridge Rick nearly crashed into a sailor carrying Parsley in his arms, heading for the stairs Rick had just climbed.

    "The young lad got shot?" Rick asked Harris.
  16. Watchman New Member

    The frown perpetually featured on the weathered sailor's features deepened noticably as he muttered, "not yet. Give the cap'n time and I'm sure he'll get round to all o' us though. Wouldnt want to be in your sho... well, your towel, anyway, if he catches you like that. He's shot one man today for no better reason than he fancied it and that hell-spawned beast of his has carried off another into Davey Jones locker. Still, it's one less girl on board and that's not such a bad thing."

    Harris paused to consider which omen the worse before carrying on his grumbling, "Two days out and we're three hands shy already, tell me that aint a sign of ill fortune marking this venture? That beareded lad," he added nodding toards Bloodbeard, "took a shot at the penguin. Point blank range. Either he's as cross eyed as he is ugly or his powder was wet, either way the bird didnt flinch and it sure didnt die..."
  17. Katcal I Aten't French !

    [color=red:6afaa22e99]OOC : nice pic, plaid.
    Are the sailor who died and the one who's carrying Paisley NPCs ? Basically, can I decide when, where and how the sailor puts me down, or am I waiting for someone to react ?[/color:6afaa22e99]
  18. Electric_Man Templar

    [color=red:03cc2501e4]Presume any unnamed people are NPCs unless someone steps in as that unnamed person. So unless someone else claims the 'honour' of Paisley character in the meantime, you can decide where you are put down.[/color:03cc2501e4]
  19. Katcal I Aten't French !

    [color=red:51db161707]OOC : ok, thanks Ben.[/color:51db161707]

    The sailor who was carrying Paisley tripped over Olivia's mess, dropped Paisley and marched off cursing, to nurse his viciously stubbed toe. Paisley came to, and looked up at Olivia.

    "Hu... hello, um... what am I doing here ? What happened ? The captain, he... shot that man, and... the penguin... it... just... " he managed to blub, while shaking all over.
  20. KaptenKaries New Member

    "So you say?" said Rick with a curious smile on his face, "My guess is that it all comes down to your loyalty. My loyalty is with this ship's [i:9e5b06dbb4]true[/i:9e5b06dbb4] sailors. I am sure you know what I mean."

    Rick stood silently beside Harris, his eyes gazing towards the horizon. His posture seemed to change slightly. His back straightened and his chest swelled, as if standing to attention. The effect finally wore off, and his eyes focused on Harris again.

    "The reason for my casual deck-wear is that I seem to have misplaced the key to my chest. I am not one to wear sweat soiled coats, if I can avoid it. You haven't seen a small brass key around, have you? Last time I saw it was up here on the bridge, just before I gave it to Oli.."

    Rick stopped in mid sentance and added an amused "Oh, I see." before he flew down the steps again.
  21. plaid New Member

    'Paisley!' Olivia whispered as loudly as she could. 'The Captian is shooting people!'

    This was silly, Olivia knew. Paisley would never be able to help her stand up to the large and bearded Karies.

    But she had to do something. So she spent five very solemn minutes persuading Paisley that it wasn't very safe on board this ship anymore, they'd all be much happier in Africa, and that whatever Karies tried to do or say, Olivia was very innocent.

    'You believe me, don't you?'
  22. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Paisley sat listening to Olivia with wide open eyes. Admittedly, most of what went in came straight out the other side, as he was mainly gawping at the fact that this girl seemed to really want to talk to him and wasn't running away or calling him names like they used to at home. And of course he was still slightly in shock after seeing the Captain shoot that sailor... and the penguin, it just...

    Finally, he managed to grasp that she had asked him something, and nodded franticly. He could hear steps coming near, fast, although they didn't have the usual clomping quality of be-booted sailors.
  23. plaid New Member

    'We've got to hide. Run!'

    So they ran. And Olivia found them a little closet stuffed up behind the galley store-room. It was mostly full of potatoes.

    When she'd climbed inside and half-latched the door, she carefully slid the flintlock out of her apron and held it just like she knew what she was doing.
  24. KaptenKaries New Member

    Rick's first thought had been to talk to Olivia, but as she couldn't be found, and Rick had grown tired of walking around in his towel, he knocked on the captain's door instead. "Captain, I would like a word with you about your crew."
  25. Katcal I Aten't French !

    OOC : be careful plaid, you're doing a spiky, there ;)

    As he was too dazed to make any decisions himself, Paisley followed Olivia and ended up stuck in the potato cupboard. It was quite cramped, and he could feel something hard rising between them. He looked down in embarassed horror and stared straight into the barrel of the flintlock.

    "Whwhwhwhaththe ?" He squeaked in a hoarse whisper.
  26. Watchman New Member

    Karies had placed a thought in his mind and with nothing else to do but stand at the wheel and hold it steady, his weasely mind had plenty of space to consider it. Loyalty... who to and why...

    He was still considering it when another sailor came to relieve him at the wheel and he strode down into the ship rubbing life back into his sore arms. They'd be calling for dinner plenty soon and it was time to get cooking, no rest for the wicked.

    Gathering a few ingrediants from the supplies lockers and setting the fire beneath the cook pot, he set to chopping a handful of vegetables, singing a shanty under his breath to pass the time.
  27. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    And all the while Woodle chewed thoughtfully on his beard and watched.
  28. plaid New Member

    [color=red:85dd59fba7]OOC- sorry[/color:85dd59fba7]

    'Shh.' Olivia glared at Paisley and held perfectly still as the ship's cook came down. Hopefully the man wouldn't need any potatoes.

    'I ain't never going to shoot anyone. But don't you go telling people that.'
  29. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Although not completely reassured, Paisley gulped silently and nodded at Olivia. He still had next to no idea what was going on.
  30. Electric_Man Templar

    Captain Turbulent growled at the interruption and as he opened the door he started shouting, "WHO DARES DISTURB ME?"

    He opened the door, looked agape at the half-naked man for a second, then slammed the door in Karies' face before Karies had a chance to say anything.
  31. Watchman New Member

    Harris froze as he heard something behind him, turning quickly, his gaze darting about to see what could of made the noise. A sour smile crossed his features as he reached back to the work surface and picked up a carefully sharpened knife and advanced towards the food lockers...

    Flinging the knife with practised precision he pinned the rat that had been edging out of a hole near the potato locker to the wall. Stomping forward he quickly jerked the knife to finish off the over-sized vermin, "heh, be it the King's navy or merchant mariner, no ship leaves port without it's compliment of rats, the two and four legged kinds. One less to be snacking on our perishables at least."

    Depositing the dead animal in the slops bucket to be tossed overboard later he washed the knife down and set it aside, then after pouring out the dinner into a large bowl he dragged it up towards the deck.
  32. spiky Bar Wench

    Slightly stood up to admire his work, the deck was now cleanly sanded back to the original wood all over the deck, except for a very large circle around the penguin.

    Slightly avoided looking there, the sight of an incomplete sanding would have disturbed him greatly and he would have been compelled to sand under the penguin. There was something wrong with that penguin, he knew that. Not looking at the unsanded deck meant he could go on avoiding the penguin.

    Leaving the deck, Slightly went down below to fetch the tin of varnish he'd stowed in his trunk.
  33. edster New Member

    The duck watched as Rick was walking around in what looked like a towel.

    Then he watched as Olivia and Paisley went into the galley store-room.

    Then he looked at the penguin that was it he was going to kill it just as soon as
    He got out of this straitjacket.
  34. Katcal I Aten't French !

    In the potato cupboard, Paisley was beginning to feel uncomfortable for several reasons. Firstly, he was all squished up against this pretty girl, and she actually seemed to like him. Secondly, he was among potatoes. Potatoes are turnips' arch-enemies. And thirdly he was starting to need the bathroom badly.

    In as low a whisper as he could manage, he asked Olivia what was happening.
  35. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    And all the while Woodle continued to wobble.
  36. Katcal I Aten't French !

    [quote:9f4b1ed060="OmKranti"]And all the while Woodle continued to wobble.[/quote:9f4b1ed060]

    OOC : I can't help but feel a little cheating/laziness is going on here :D
  37. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    [quote:feff16d072="Katcal"][quote:feff16d072="OmKranti"]And all the while Woodle continued to wobble.[/quote:feff16d072]

    OOC : I can't help but feel a little cheating/laziness is going on here :D[/quote:feff16d072]

    OOC: Yes, Mrs. Clever Pants, I'm being lazy. But there is a good reason for it.
  38. chrisjordan New Member

    OOC: Doors is being lazier.
  39. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Woodle wandered around the deck for a bit, chewing his beard and muttering to himself. He was hungry, and because he had been pre-ocupied with waiting for an answer from Bloodbeard, he hadn't eaten anything all day.

    He went forraging. He know where the cooks mess was, and also knew that some of the store cupboards by the kitchen had dry goods in them. He didn't want to disturb the cook because he knew what a short temper and a machette look like.

    He wobbled past a few dry goods cupboards opening and closing them quietly while muttering. One big cupboard at the end of the hall smelt like dirt. "Potatoes" he thought to himself "and a slight whiff of turnip, if I'm not mistaken"

    Taking hold of the latch on the cupboard, Woodle pulled with all his might (he was a very weak man) the door swung gently open and standing there was a lovely looking girl with a not so lovely looking pistol. beside her was a young boy (the culprit of the turnip smell), he looked like he was abaout to pee his pants.

    "Ahhh, young love in the potatoe cupboard, with a gun" muttered Woodle looking in a bit suprised. "I remember when I was a young lad on board a ship the first time. No women allowed in those days, see? My first love was a stoolie cabin boy named Hebridies, we used to steel away to the potatoe cupboard too, see?"

    And with that, he picked up a few potatoes and wobbled away.

    Somewhere in the back of his mind, a thought began to form. By the time he got back up onto the deck with his potatoe, it was a raging sea of thought, conjuring vivid sordid tales, of love, mutiny, and young cabin boys named Hebridies.
  40. plaid New Member

    'We can't stay here now,' Olivia muttered. Nevertheless she sat down on a heap of potatoes and stuffed the gun back under her apron.

    'Paisley, haven't you been listening to me? We can be friends, right? I promise nothing bad will happen. And maybe if we get to Africa, and you want to keep me company, I'll let you come exploring with me.'

    Olivia smiled at him, mightily amused by the look of terror on his face. 'Let's go,' she said. 'I have something to show you.'
  41. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Paisley scrambled to his feet, in a bewildered and slightly panicked state, he had no idea what Woodle had been talking about, and now Olivia was trying to drag him off somewhere... He gave up and allowed her to tug him away while he tried to think of something. It must have been all those potatoes... Potatoes were evil.
  42. plaid New Member

    'Are you alright, Paisley? Say something, why don't you?' Olivia took the boy's hand, smiled to herself, and tried to get him to keep up with her stride.

    She took Karies' key out of its hidey hole and turned with her most serious face towards Paisley. 'Can you keep this safe?' she asked. 'It's the key to something very important.'

    Making up secrets was always fun too.

    'Here,' Olivia took her handkerchief out of her blouse and tied the key up in it, placing the lacey bundle in Paisley' limp hand.
  43. spiky Bar Wench

    SLightly reached into the bottom of his trunk and yanked out, with a florish the varnish he'd stored there. The can was ingeniously designed to include a holder for a soft bristled bruch on one side and a roller on the other. These decks were gonna gleam, he thought.

    Stepping back into the narrow corridor that led above deck he stepped on a stray potato and was flung backwards. His legs flipped into the air while the back of his head smacked into the floor with a sound like "clunk" followed by the can of varnish which had flung up in his fall which came back down (because of gravity) and smacked him on the front of the head with a noise like "doying". He lay there unconscious with a perfect circle imprinted in a gaudy red and purple in the middle of his forehead.
  44. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Paisley took the key in its bundle. He was still recovering from the touch of a girl's hand and now he was holding something that came from [i:69af09fc77]inside her blouse[/i:69af09fc77].

    This would be his treasure for all time.

    He realised that she was expecting an answer.
    He gulped down the words that were trying to get out and thought moment before he said "Yes, Olivia, I will keep it."
  45. Watchman New Member

    Lunch dispensed with the cook lugged the left overs back to the hold and stared in confusion at the spilled potatoes and then the unconscious pirate. Must of tripped on one of the vegetables he'd been pilfering, Harris reckoned. Without pausing he headed back to the deck at a jog and reported the thief to the ship's bosun, "yes'sir he's down by the kitchens flat out cold. That crazy lad with the weird machine. Red handed he is, potatoes all over the place and one smeared all over his boot where he stood on it. There's thieving been going on and we'll not finish the captain's journey without enough supplies," he finished, letting the memory of the captain's increasing homicidal insanity sink into the bosun's mind.
  46. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    "Where's the cap'n?" Woodle yelled to no one in particular. "There be foul play afoot!" He continued, even though he knew no one was listening. "I seen the signs. Pistolas, potatoes and penguins" His eyes grew wide and frantic and he grabbed the nearest sailor. "Where's the cap'n??"
  47. Electric_Man Templar

    The bosun, Kenny, looked up at Harris and nodded. He turned to a nearby sailor, Damien and asked him to investigate the alleged thief.

    Damien wandered down to the gallet and looked at the recumbent figure of Slightly. "Bah, he just be that cleaning kid, I doubt he knows how te steal. Leave him be, I'll git the patcher."

    Damien ran off and came back soon with Patcher Adam. Adam took a small bottle of smelling salts out of his bag and waved them under Slightly's nose. "he'll be right, soon." said Adam.
  48. chrisjordan New Member

    'Yarr!' declares the Captain, bursting out of his cabin, a bottle of rum in one hand and his pistol in the other. He pushes Karies aside and makes his way onto the deck. He hums drunkenly the tune of a favourite sea shanty, and stands swaying.

    'I return!' he slurs. 'Welcome aboarrrd.'

    He throws the bottle of rum aside and totters over to Brian Shortbread, grabbing him by the collar and pushing him backwards. 'Am I a good Captain?!' he demands, bringing the pistol's snout to Shortbread's face. 'Do I command respect without mumblin' a word, eh? DO I HAVE A NICE COAT?!'

    'The sea needs scrubbing,' he says. 'Get to work.' And he throws Brian Shortbread over the side. He squints at the choppy waters, no longer able to see any sign of the man. 'I don't want to hear another peep outta ya 'til I can see my own reflection in it.'

    The Captain turns around and grins at the rest of the crew. 'Rum is good,' he says. 'Ye should try it sometime. But not without me permission.'

    And the Captain returns to his cabin.

    0) Captain Turbulent (NPC)
    1) Ms Olivia Moniker (Cabin Girl) (plaid)
    2) Slightly Sterile (spiky)
    3) Rick van der Karies (KaptenKaries)
    4) Paisley Button (Katcal)
    5) Seaman Richard 'Dick' Harris (Interim Cook) (Watchman)
    6) Woodle Needlebaum (OmKranti)
    7) Brian Shortbread (Tephlon) - Scrubbing the Seabed
    8) Victoria Shembles (koshu) - Perished by Penguin
    9) The Duck (edster)
    10) Bloodbeard (Orrdos)
    11) Edward Jackson (allthatjazz)
    12) Bob Amor (Delphine) - Skewered by Swordfish

    OOC: While the Captain is in this state, accusations are temporarily moot. There will be another update later today, via clacks/PM.
  49. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    "Cap'n!!" Woodle cried. "May I be having permission??"
  50. Watchman New Member

    Muttering about thieves, he fixed a sturdy length of chain about the food lockers hatches and bolted it in place before stepping back to admire his handiwork. A pox on em all, but he wasnt going to starve himself. Whilst considering the possibility of further defences of his new realm he heard a splash and peered out of the grimy porthole in time to see the ripples of the sinking sailor washed away by the next wave. Four men down and not even two days out of port...

    The dishes could wait. He checked his blade was freshly sharpened and resheathed it before stomping up to the deck to see what reaction this new killing would get. Finding the crew once more at work he stopped, dumbstruck and then headed over to the still strangely dressed Karies to speak to him, "come with me, if'n ya will sir, we need to speak." He nodded back towards the stairs and the safety of the galley below.
  51. spiky Bar Wench

    Slightly sat up quickly and sneezed "AAAAHHHHHCCCCCHHHHHOOOO". Those smelling salts really get up his nose.

    The quick movement made his head throb and the birdies started to tweet around his head. Swaying where he sat he looked blearily up at the man holding the vial in his hand. "Thanks. I feel very dirty" he said.

    "Thats the least of your worries" the man said, "I'd take extra care if I was you. Theres been accusations of you stealin' food."

    "Wha'? I just slipped over on all these potatoes. I don't know how they got here."

    "Just be careful, thats all I'm saying" the man said and then walked away down the hall.

    Slightly, stood up and clutched his head, noticing the can of varnish on the floor he bent and grabbed it and then followed the man back above deck.
  52. plaid New Member

    Olivia left Paisley with a smile and the key and skipped away, only bumping her elbow once on the corner. She'd just check on the Captain, see if he needed anything. Tea. Crumpets. Potatoes. More rum.
  53. Electric_Man Templar

    OOC: Everyone make sure they have checked their PMs from yesterday, if you haven't seen one yet, check again. You really need to!
  54. Delphine New Member

    A shimmery, hazy outline hovered above the deck for a moment, sparkling in the sun. The outline was that of... a long, thin thing. With legs. And arms. And a head. Apprently, it was the outline of a person.

    The angelic apparition was somewhat ruined by the mysteriously echoey voice that issued forth from it.

    "What in the name of Davy Jones's Bearded Bushy-finned Octopus is going on here!? Aren't I dead yet?"

    Bob Amor was... kind of back.
  55. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Paisley pocketed the handkerchief with its hidden treasure and head back on deck, where he was just in time to see the previously-swordfished Bob Amor standing dripping on the deck, Slightly with a strange red mark on his forehead, Karies in his towel and Harris heading for the galley... It all looked incredibly messy, and he decided to try something calm, like coiling ropes. He edged past the penguin and started looking for some ropes to coil.
  56. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Woodle stared at the haszy figure of Bob Amor "Pfffft, ghosites always wantin' more action. Never can abide just staying put in the deep. Gets cazy and comes looking for something to cure the boreds feelin"

    He walked up to Bob, having now forgotten temporarily about what he was so earnestly trying to do get rum, accuse people of mutiny, and punch the penguin again.

    "does it hurt when I dooos thisy?" he said, and poked Bob in the socket of his non-coporeal eye.
  57. Delphine New Member

    Bob snorted. "Ach, ye weird fella," he said, "that wouldn't have hurt even if i were still breathin'."

    He waited until Woodle had looked away before raising a semi-transparent hand to his eye and rubbing it frantically.

    "Bloody tickles though," he muttered.
  58. KaptenKaries New Member

    Rick followed Harris down the steps, casually explaining "You know what? I'm starting to like this towel. Nothing to loose, like. Tired of chasing thieves, too."
  59. plaid New Member

    Olivia, having ascertained that the Captain didn't want to be bothered, watched Karies carefully.

    It was time she got to know that man a little better. His pistol was still under her apron. Its weight was something she was getting used to carrying. It made everything a lot more fun.

    But secrets aren't just for sitting around in your head, are they?

    She casually followed Karies and Harris, keeping her distance, keeping her ears open, and then, at just the right minute, she made her move.

    And tripped over a rat or some other convenient object, stumbled into the toweled man, ('Ack, pardon me, so sorry sir,') and as she righted herself with a hand on his arm, yanked him with her around the corner, pulling out the stolen pistol at the same time.

    'Look familiar, eh Karies?' she grinned, placing her free hand firmly on his bare shoulder.

    [ooc: edited to add some more exciting junk]
  60. Electric_Man Templar

    Harris looked knowingly as the girl dragged the half-naked man round the corner. He decided to leave them to it and turned around.

    He saw someone walking towards him, a spring in their step as they swung a cutlass by their side. As they approached Harris, they brought the cutlass up to head height and slashed at the cook's neck.

    His head rolled around the corner to Olivia and Karies' feet. They hear someone running off and slamming a door to disappear behind.

    0) Captain Turbulent (NPC)
    1) Ms Olivia Moniker (Cabin Girl) (plaid)
    2) Slightly Sterile (spiky)
    3) Rick van der Karies (KaptenKaries)
    4) Paisley Button (Katcal)
    5) Seaman Richard 'Dick' Harris (Interim Cook) (Watchman) - Murdered by Mystery Mutineer
    6) Woodle Needlebaum (OmKranti)
    7) Brian Shortbread (Tephlon) - Scrubbing the Seabed
    8) Victoria Shembles (koshu) - Perished by Penguin

    9) The Duck (edster)
    10) Bloodbeard (Orrdos)
    11) Edward Jackson (allthatjazz)
    12) Bob Amor (Delphine) - Skewered by Swordfish

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