Are there any discworld box sets (for books - not the DVD)

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by transpiral, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. transpiral New Member


    Can anyone tell me if there is a box set for all the Discworld novel printed to date. I would rather not order them all from Amazon one by one. I just read The Night Watch and I want the rest but not the hassle of buying them.

    Cheers for not sending snarky answers!

  2. Hsing Moderator

    Um... That would be a rather huge box... with more than 30 volumes... :)
    I once owned a jumbo volume with three Death-books and three Rincewind-books, but that was a German edition. Maybe amazon holds similar jumbo editions for the English original.
  3. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    I've only seen the 3 books in 1 books. If you want a box set for a gift, I suggest you either buy the 20th addition cool black covers or the speical addition covers with the maps in them. Amazon is your friend for this.
  4. Katcal I Aten't French !

    OR you can buy all the books individually (with the same edition of covers if you want it to look really neat) and then find an apropriately sized box to put them in. A big box indeed. But it would be neat.
  5. Maljonic Administrator

    Found this but there's only two books in it, not much help.

    Then there's The Rincewind Trilogy

    and the The First Two Discworld Novels

    and A Discworld Omnibus

    There's a few other trilogies on the above pages too if you scroll down.

    You could ask your local bookstore to order them, but I bet amazon is cheaper - you can get used copies at amazon really cheap sometimes.
  6. Hsing Moderator

    I hate amazon. Due to a technical problem, I couldn't pay a bill in November. The first two weeks delaying was my fault, but then, everything on their side didn't work... It took me quite a few mails to sort that out and get them to actually take my money. Since then, they take my orders, and then send me a mail that they cancelled it.
    I've left quite a few Euros in their pockets during the last six or seven years.
    I guess they checked where I'm living, and decided that in such an area, there was no money to make.
  7. Maljonic Administrator

    Don't think I ever bought anything from amazon myself, I thought they were usually quite good though. Sacharissa sent me a book of poetry via amazon okay.

    I know what you mean though, sometimes with big companies you get caught in a loop of crapness. A mistake is made somewhere and it keeps coming back and going around in circles.
  8. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I have ordered from Amazon for many years, simply because getting english books here is incredibly expensive in the few shops that stock them, and also because I'm lazy :D They have always been great, efficient, never a problem... But then, I do know how annoying it is when a problem does occur, my bank hasn't been able to generate a checkbook for me (on a check account) for over 10 years, and noone can explain why. So I have to use the joint account checkbook, and mess around transferring money... Apart from that, they're a very good bank. Crap happens, don't let it get to you ;)
  9. TheJackal Member

    To buy all of the Discworld series in one box set would cost a fortune, considering the books themselves & postage.

    There are however, 8 omnibus editions:
    1. The Witches Trilogy
    (contains: Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad)
    2. Death Trilogy
    (contains: Mort, Reaper Man, Soul Music)
    3. The First Discworld Novels
    (contains:The Colour Of Magic, The Light Fantastic)
    4. City Watch Trilogy
    (contains: Guards! Guards!, Men At Arms ,Feet Of Clay)
    5. The Gods Trilogy
    (contains: Pyramids, Small Gods, Hogfather)
    6. The Rincewind Trilogy
    (contains: Sourcery, Eric, Interesting Times)
    7. The Bromeliad Trilogy
    (contains: Truckers, Diggers, Wings)
    8. The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy
    (contains: Only You Can Save Mankind, Johnny And The Dead, Johnny And The Bomb)

    I've also seen a box set for first two Discworld novels, and another for the 4 'compact' Discworld novels
  10. Ba Lord of the Pies

    If Transpiral doesn't mind joining a book club, the Science Fiction Book Club has a Rincewind the Wizzard omnibus, containing the first two books, Eric, and Sourcery. They had another one with Pyramids, Moving Pictures, and Small Gods, but it doesn't appear to be on their website currently.

    Joining a book club like that can be either a very good deal or a very bad deal. Right now, their deal is to get five books for $2.50 US. Then one has an obligation to buy three more books over the next two years at the regular price. This is generally pretty good since their regular price is often much lower than the bookstore price. Thud, for example, is currently being offered for $12.99 US. Even factoring in shipping, that's not a bad deal.

    The tricky part is that, once joined, one has to remain a member for a certain amount of time; two years or so. In that time, every so often they send out envelopes showing their current wares, and something called the featured selection. The featured selection consists of two books that they particularly want to sell that month. Part of the agreement one signs with them says that, if one doesn't say otherwise, they can simply send these straight on with the bill.

    This isn't as bad as it might sound, however. One has a few months before they actually send it, and that gives one the ability to cancel it. In the past, one had to mail back the little slip saying no, but these days one can use the internet. And they even send out a helpful email saying when the order needs to be cancelled. And if one should forget and accidentally get sent these books, he would simply need to refuse the package, and the bill would be cancelled.

    It really depends on how much work Transpiral is willing to do to get that omnibus.
  11. TamyraMcG Active Member

    If you hurry it will only cost a couple hundred dollars to get the paperbacks from Harper/ Collins, I worked with my local bookstores, they gave me a couple of large cardboard boxes and now they are (almost all of them) on a special bookcase in my livingroom and they are beautiful. :D

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