Another Weekend Is Upon Us

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by TheJackal, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. TheJackal Member

    So it's finally the weekend. Ireland has the best week of sun that I'll probably ever get in my lifetime, and I have been working through most of it from 10am to 10pm!

    Finish early today! (9.30am-8pm) so only have 15 minutes left.
    Bring on the weekend, with promises of rainy spells (typical), 2 birthdays to go to, and getting a mowhawk haircut tomorrow :)

    Anybody else have plans to sun themselves (I'm dangerously pale, being stuck indoors), or of drunken debauchery?
  2. Hsing Moderator

    Hm... We're going to a lake tomorrow, which makes the outlook on another hot and humid day almost bearable, even though I shudder at the thought of 40 minutes in a car.

    Or wait - no - I don't shudder. Not at all. But I know no word that would express the opposite.
  3. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    On Saturday, besides household chores (which are all my responsibility at the moment, since I quit my office job), I have the last singing lesson before an important singing exam on Monday. The reason the exam is important is that it will qualify me to teach singing, music theory etc, which is how I hope to earn a living from now on. Garner will play all day, as it is his day off from work. Then, in the evening, we will attend a family barbecue.

    On Sunday, I will have church, while Garner has more playing. Then, after lunch, I have a rehearsal for the show our stage school is doing in September, followed by singing a duet with Hermia in the concert that evening (one of the regular students' concerts for the stage school).
  4. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Mostly spending money which is forbidden (camera money) tomorrow. I'm going to london Zoo- Huzzah for Monkeys and Penguins! I love the zoo. Then out for drinks (though I don't know how many I can afford to have

    Then on Sunday my cousin is paying for me to go to Thorpe park. Which should be fun.
  5. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Tomorrow (or today for you on the other side of the pond) I have loads of chores. Laundry, house cleaning, pharmacy etc... which should take up most of the day.

    But Sunday is going to be great. Barnaby is coming to visit. Woo Yay!!! This company that he has had some phone interviews with is flying him out here for an interview on Monday. So, hopefully he will get the job. And move here. Huzzah! Long distance relationships suck.
  6. fairyliquid New Member

    I'm going to look at cars.

    I do not like looking at cars, so might wander off down the street and spend some money instead while everyone else looks at cars.
  7. redneck New Member

    Well, I started my weekend off by working 11 hours. Today I'll go back to work and stay until they chase me out. Woo hoo!! Then I'll try to find something to catch my fancy until Monday.
  8. koshu New Member

    well this weekend started with Me and some mates having a party. today (saturday) were having a braai ( a barbique ((sp??)) as others would say) with some mates and tomorrow i can catch up on all the work i was supposed to do on frida and saturday :lol:
  9. Orrdos God

    I have high excitement this weekend!

    OH YES.

    Secretly: sitting in the house. Why, I might not even get dressed today! It's just the way things are going
  10. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    Why, I might not even get dressed today! [/quote:2a9247e661]


    Or Nudist!
  11. Orrdos God

    I have LOUNGEWEAR on!

    That's right!

  12. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    I don't think at old potato sack counts.
  13. Orrdos God

    I wear it!

    I lounge in it!

    It fulfills the criteria!
  14. Faerie New Member

    No plans this weekend. I would like to go to the Tall Ships Festival but it's not likely since we are going camping in a week and what with the price of gas we won't be spending money for awhile. The ship I wanted to see isn't there anyway. One of the tall ships was refitted so it could be in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean but they had a lock malfunction on the way from New York and had to turn around.
  15. Delphine New Member

    On friday I went to a beer festival! i got very drunk and hurt my leg. But it was fun.

    On saturday i went to a barbeque to recover from said festival, which didn't really work because they had lots of free beer there.

    Today i am recovering from said recovery-barbeque.
  16. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Woah... this weekend is a big one... I was co-organising a big Daifen-con ( is a free online wargame in French, I have been playing for many years and I'm a mod and head organizer of the IRL meetings...) around the theme of Monty Python's Holy Grail applied to the imaginary universoe of Daifen, and Grulll, our own personal God of mess and disorganization.

    This means that hubby and I have been messing around for months making "horses" out of wood and papier mache, hollowing out coconuts, and other classic accessories, all this to keep 20 adults happily running around going clop clop with their coconuts, catapulting cow-pattern-tennis-balls, jousting with swimming noodles and many many other silly things.

    It was awesome ! :D

    Now for some rest !

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