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  1. jarmara New Member

    Hi, I'm not very well and going insane with boredom being off work all week. I googled for things to do and found you, you lucky people!

    I'm 30, orginally from Aberdeen but now living in West Yorkshire with my fella. I work for a bank, sorting out card fraud. I also make jewellery in my spare time and used to hope to make it a full time carreer but no longer think that's going to happen. I just sell it as people happen by that want to buy it.

    I've been into Terry Pratchett and Discworld since I was about 10 and found my Dad's copy of Light Fantastic but didn't really kick into geekdom until Reaper Man came out.

    Other stuff about me... I'm pagan, but not terribly defined about it. I'm getting increasingly into comic books, especially the works of Warren Ellis and Frank Miller, I also like Alan Moore and Garth Ennis.

    Um, that's a whole lot... anything else you want to know just ask yeah?
  2. KaptenKaries New Member

    Welcome to the boards, Jarmara! There is a standing tradition that new members answer the questions is this thread, to let us know you better. :-D

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  3. jarmara New Member

    Whoops, cardinal sin! Didn't read the guidelines, sorry.

    Without further ado then -

    1) what formed the motivational impetus for your chosen screenname?

    It's from a woodcut depicting a witch confessing to Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins, she lists her familiar spirits one of which is called Jarmara. A fat, legless spaniel in fact, I like the name.

    2) Are you male or female? (Asking because there has been quite of lot of confusion over this, on and off.)

    Ummmm, let me check....
    Yeah, definitely female

    3) what age catagory and geographic location do you fall into?

    30 years old, Scottish and living in Yorkshire

    4) do you have good faith that a discworld movie COULD be done well enough not to suck? (note, this in no way shape or form asks about casting choices you'd like to see. i have a loaded rifle and i'm not afraid to use it.)

    Absolutely, so long as Terry has editorial control and you employ that rifle to keep Terry Gilliam away from it.

    5) who or how were you turned on to discworld/pratchett?

    Since I was 10. I stole my Dad's copy of The Light Fantastic and never gave it back.

    6) what's your personal quote of the day?

    "There is something Pagan in me that I cannot shake off. In short, I deny nothing, but doubt everything."

    Lord Bryon

  4. KaptenKaries New Member

    Perfect! *rubs hand with evil grin*
  5. Hsing Moderator

    Welcome then, Jarmara!
    That's beautiful jewellery, by the way. (Yes, I do check people's sites. :))
  6. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Welcome to the boards, Jarmara! :) Like the avatar.
  7. jarmara New Member

    Thanks, for kind words about jewellery and avatars both :)
  8. Maljonic Administrator

    Hello jarmara. :)

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