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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Hex, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Hex New Member

    A year ago today, I made a huge, life-changing decision.

    I decided to stop hurting myself. It was a problem that had plagued me for most of my sixteenth and seventeenth years, and was brought on by a number of very bad life situations involving relationships and school and parents and all kinds of other things.

    But a year ago today, I fessed up to my parents and asked them for help.
    I also promised myself that I would never intentionally harm myself ever again and find better ways to deal with problems.

    It's been a very long year. I managed to solve a lot of my problems by getting rid of one of the roots of the problem (my ex boyfriend, though technically I didn't get rid of him, he just started dating someone else), and this paved the way for better things in my life. A more positive attitude, better grades, and a new boyfriend a month or so later :D

    I moved four thousand miles, from London to Nebraska, but things have been great here. I've made fantastic friends, I have good grades in my classes and I've managed to maintain a long distance relationship (thank GOD for webcams, that's all I have to say).

    It hasn't been easy. I have wanted to give up on several occasions, but I found many new ways to cope and stay happy.

    And I'm so happy I've made it this far, and I feel intensly proud of myself.

    I wanted to thank everyone here who has been of help to me over the past year. I came to several of you for help in times of need, and you were always a great source of comfort to me.
    So thank you everyone for being an extremely cool bunch of friends.
    It means a lot to have people in my life who care.

    I'm going to go celebrate by eating junk food and buying a new book at Barnes and Noble.
    And maybe making a cake.
    You know, just because I have an excuse to make and eat cake. :)
  2. sleepy_sarge New Member


    That is an awesome achievement on a long, hard road, which does you great credit.

    You've earned the junk food - and the cake!
  3. Guest Guest

    Well done Hex :D

    You have every right to be proud of yourself. Good work. Life is what you make it and you sound like youv'e really had a hard time and managed to make a clean break of it. Enjoy the cake darlin because us women need that sork of junk and calories at every possible opportunity.

    If you ever need to talk, you know where to find me.

    You go girl.

    Luv Whiplash.
  4. Rincewind Number One Doorman

    You fuckin' rock Hex!

    For both making the decision to change your life for the better, and most importantlty, being the only one to listen to by advice about Broken Saints!


    GO YOU!
  5. Trollmother New Member

  6. jaccairn New Member

    A great achievement Hex!

    Enjoy the cake. Making it is half the fun :D .
  7. sampanna New Member

    Way to go!
  8. sampanna New Member

    Way to go![/quote:b87f3f2ec0]
    That action icon is a bit weird, isn't it?
  9. Roman_K New Member

    Way to go![/quote:24239d03aa]
    That action icon is a bit weird, isn't it?[/quote:24239d03aa]

    Indeed it is. Creepy, even.

    In any case, congratulations, Hex.
  10. Delphine New Member

    Well done, Hex. You should be proud to the max. :)
  11. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Congratulations Hexie! Have your cake and eat it! :)
  12. mowgli New Member

    :) Yaaay, Hex! Stay healthy and happy!

    (And oh yes, DEFINITELY, thank God for webcams ;) )
  13. Cynical_Youth New Member

    Congratulations, Hex. :)
  14. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Wow, Hex, well done ! I haven't been here for long, and I can't pretend I know you or what you've been through, but I know several people who have been through difficult times in different ways, and I know the difference between thos who act like you and those you just let themselves sink, and I know it can be hard to swim up to the surface, however far down you are, so Congratulations, and enjoy that cake and all the cakes still to come. Life is cake, cake is life ! :D ;) :supz:
  15. Electric_Man Templar

    Let Hex eat cake!

    You deserve it :)
  16. Maljonic Administrator

    That's great, no fantastic news Hex. Keep it up and good luck with everything. :)
  17. Andalusian New Member

    Much congratulations Hex! :)
  18. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Way to go, you have a lot to be proud of, and I'm glad you are taking the chance to congratulate yourself.
  19. fairyliquid New Member

    Well done Hex. You deserve your cake. :tonqe:
  20. roisindubh211 New Member

    wow. Congratulations, Hex. You've come a long way, good luck for the future.
  21. spiky Bar Wench

    Ditto... Its great that you've come this far, the journey is long and there is lots of pie along the way.
  22. Marcia Executive Onion

    Well done, Hex. I'm very proud.
  23. Hsing Moderator

    Yay! You're a strong gal. :)
  24. Orrdos God

    Hooray for hex!
  25. chrisjordan New Member

    Huzzah! Go Hex! 8)

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