A Guide to Pratchett's Novels Adapted for TV

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    A: Discworld Movies for TV (3 / 1 more in production)
    1. Hogfather
    (Note: Released by Sky One in 2006)

    2. The Colour Of Magic/The Light Fantastic
    (Note: Released by Sky One in 2008. The adaptation is simply called The Colour of Magic but contains the storyline of both The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic)

    3. Going Postal
    (Note: Released by Sky One in 2010)

    4. Unseen Academicals
    (Note: Due to be released by Sky One. Release date unknown)

    B: Discworld Series for TV (2 in production)
    1. Ankh-Morpork City Watch Series
    (Note: Due to be released by Prime Focus Productions. Release date unknown)
    2. The Watch
    (Note: Due to be released by Narrativia Productions. Release date unknown)

    C: Other Movies for TV (2 / 1 more in production)
    1. Johnny and the Dead
    (Note: Released in 1995)

    2. Johnny and the Bomb
    (Note: Three-part TV series for BBC. Released in 2006)

    3. Good Omens
    (Note: Release date unknown)

    D: Animations (4)
    1. Truckers
    (Note: A stop motion animated movie. Released in 1992. Released on dvd Oct 7 2013)

    2. Soul Music
    (Note: Released in 1996)

    3. Wyrd Sisters
    (Note: Released in 1997)

    4. The Duel
    (Note: World Premiere was in Oct 2013. Unsure if this was released publicly since then.)

    E: Short Movies (1 in production)
    1. Troll Bridge
    (Note: A Short Story adapted into a Short Film by Snowgum Films. Release date late 2014)

    1. Only movies for which production has actually begun, or those confirmed from the horse's mouth, are included in the list.
    2. The release dates may be wrong in some, differing from when the were initially broadcast to when the first became available on VHS or DVD.
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    As the Guide to Pratchett's Written Works has been a success, I thought fans might find it handy to have another thread dedicated to Pratchett on the big screen.

    So above is a work in progress on which his novels I know were adapted over the years.

    The release dates may be wrong in some, differing from when the were initially broadcast to when the first became available on VHS or DVD.
  3. Maljonic Administrator

    Great idea. You could put them in chronological order, within the same categories though.
  4. TheJackal Member

    Thanks Mal! I originally thought the order should be when each book was published but the year each film was made seems better alright.

    Should I put up links, to it's wiki page for example? I'd avoid links to/mention of where it can be bought as that's advertising, whether meant to be or not.
  5. Maljonic Administrator

    Yeah, I think wiki and imdb is ok - unless you want to painstakingly write your own descriptions. :)
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  7. TheJackal Member

    List updated to include the City Watch series
  8. Maljonic Administrator

  9. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Huzzah! As much as I love the DW books, I still have a very special fondness for Good Omens, it was my first...
  10. TheJackal Member

    List updated. PTerry has his own production company now called Narrativia.

    They will be making The Watch (in 13 parts) and Good Omens.

    Not sure if this mean the planned series on the Nghtwatch by PrimeFocus productions is now not going ahead
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    Updated for The Duel

    the Discworld inspired animation being made by Giant Animation Studios and the Animation Hub -animators from Ballyfermot College of Further Education and Trinity College Dublin.
  12. Maljonic Administrator

    Looks interesting I think.
  13. TheJackal Member

    Truckers has been released on dvd today, Oct 7th 2013
  14. TheJackal Member

    Top list updated

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