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Oct 31, 2012
Jan 20, 2006
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Sep 11, 1949 (Age: 74)
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Beautiful city of Durham (the original English ver
freelance folk musician/folk writer. I sometimes

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The 'Old' Fool, 74, from Beautiful city of Durham (the original English ver

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Oct 31, 2012
    1. Kobble
      Thanks! I posted some this morning in my albums.

      You get up really early... I only got up at 11.30 ^_^
    2. TattoedLady
      What it like where you live ? Im thinking of visiting soon?
    3. weatherwaxwannabe
      how do you get those little picture things?
    4. weatherwaxwannabe
      hi, what are the games like are they discworld related and how do i get into them?
    5. Mattkp
      All well up in the far frozen north then, you old bugger?
    6. Gypsy
      Onlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonlineonline.....and when i NEED you to send me some info...Offline. Murphy's law, let me tell you. Perhaps you've decided to keep vaguely regular hours? :D
    7. Hsing
      LOL... I certainly will, but not before I've worked my way through these 30 pages of sociology reading material...
    8. Joculator
      You are! :tongue:
    9. Gypsy
      I wish someone else would post on here. It looks like i'm hogging the place!
    10. Gypsy
      Thanks for the chat and Happy Birthday!

      May you and that 20 year old* have a great time!

      *bottle of malt whisky
    11. Gypsy
      I have just realised where I had heard of Durham before. It's the non-original version, located in Australia. I only know this because my fathet told me that when in need a while back, Japan imported some wheat for noodles from Durham, AU. Apparently they liked the noodles made from Durham wheat so much they continued to import!

      Disclaimer-I have in no way tried to find out if this is actually the case.
    12. Gypsy
      Gypsy woz 'ere

      4 a gD ThYme caLL 555-CoQ*-JOC

      *coenzyme Q
    13. Gypsy

      Lucky you...I only got requests from bands wanting to up their fan numbers, or spam. My Myspace is still up there...somewhere. I think I check it once a year - or less. Unfortunately, I got sucked in, and am a member on lots of online sites, mainly to keep in touch with family and friends. It's a shame they get clogged up with SO much crap. The crap generally outweighs the usefulness, I find.

      I get the urge to just write good old fashioned LETTERS now and then. But then I check facebook and whoop, that's half a day gone.
    14. Gypsy
      Thanks for adding me. I must admit, I was beginning to feel a bit down what with the 'You have no friends' allegation. What cheek! I'm sure I had a friend a moment ago...must have put it down somewhere...
    15. Gypsy
      I think I jumped the gun then...apologies. I'm like the mother in law who comments on the dusty mantel when the daughter in law is seconds away with a cloth in hand.

      ....that makes you...the daughter in law?
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    I want to die peacefully in my sleep, just like grandpa. Not screaming and panicking like his passengers. :shock:
    Don't drink and drive from The Lancre Tavern


    Sep 11, 1949 (Age: 74)
    Home page:
    Beautiful city of Durham (the original English ver
    freelance folk musician/folk writer. I sometimes
    Old, balding and grouchy Morris man.

    Folk music, photography, writing, multimedia creation