Who Could Play Vimes in a Movie?

Discussion in 'THE WATCH BOOKS' started by ArthurDent, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Hsing Moderator

    I can picture him as Vimes very well, despite the differences in the literal description...
  2. FairyHegehOGG New Member

    some where i believe it is mentioned that he is 35-probably (Mum wasn't too good at the counting).
  3. BadEarthMum New Member

    Sam Vimes in the Movies

    There is a well known or not so well know Australian actor, goes by name of Marton Csokas, watched him in a film a few weeks ago - Ultraviolet? I think he would be just perfect to play Sam Vimes. Rugged, not so clean cut looking - my perfect image of Sam Vimes!
  4. BadEarthMum New Member

    Casting the Discworld

    Oooh alright if you insist here - IMO only - are who should be who in the Discworld. If you don't know any of these here actors have a look on The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), tis a brilliant film website! Anyway here we go:

    Sam Vimes - Marton Csokas
    Nobby Nobbs - Steve Buscemi
    Vetinari - Alan Rickman
    Nanny Ogg - Miriam Margoyles
    Granny Weatherwax - Dame Maggie Smith
    Carcer - Rhys Ifans - he can be nasty enough!

    Oh there are just too many to mention, but it's very subjective isn't it? Who I see as playing Sam Vimes or Nobby, might be awful to someone else. But as I said all IMO!!:wink:
  5. Pinkystupot New Member

    i agree, steve buscemi would be very good
  6. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    You know, having just looked him up... I think you could be right!

    This picture is what convinced me.
  7. Katcal I Aten't French !

    hmm, yes, I guess so. Strange that someone who has played in so many big films is still as anonymous... I wouldn't have had the faintest idea who he was, even looking at that photo !
  8. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Telltale sign of a good actor!
  9. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Marton Csokas looks very like Vimes from Where's My Cow?. I'd watch him gladly.
  10. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I take that back, I want Clive Owen to play Vimes, I really really want that.
  11. alice New Member

    what actor would make a good sam vimes

    Hugh Lorie
  12. Sunna New Member

    I'd widdle myself watching "Celeborn" rolling around in the gutter
  13. LonaHoxworth New Member

    who should play vimes

    Okay I like Bob Hoskins for Vimes or even for Sgt. Colon....or a Hoskins-esque physique with maybe a younger guy for Vimes.
    As for Carrot maybe Ioan Gruffud?
    Nobby would have to be Linda Hunt..she does asexual very well.
  14. LonaHoxworth New Member


    MartinCsokas is okay, but isn't Vimes 40ish?
  15. LonaHoxworth New Member


    Steve Buscemi would be a great Igor.
  16. Pixel New Member


    Miriam Margoyles as Nanny Ogg - now there's a good idea!
  17. Sunna New Member

  18. Raven New Member

    Much as I hate to think about American actors taking what i really see as british Roles, Clint eastwood would be perfect, or Pete Postelthwaite.... Needs to be someone a bit haggard really, Hugh Laurie is a bit too posh...
  19. jaccairn New Member

    I take it you haven't seen Hugh Laurie in House then.
  20. Raven New Member

    I have seen Hugh laurie in 'House' and he is brilliant (in everything he's in) , just not right for my own personal mental image of Vimes! Perhaps I am too biased following his Blackadder days... I still think Clint or Pete have 'the look' - older, gnarlier and crotchety!
  21. kasyx New Member

    definatly Hugh Laurie. with the scruffy House look:)
  22. Raven New Member

    ah well, each to their own eh?
  23. Hsing Moderator

    I think he definitely developed away from Vimes, if he ever looked the part. Too tall and thin.
  24. kasyx New Member

    what about the woman who played Nursey in Blackadder the Second to play Nanny Ogg??:wink:
  25. Silvermoth New Member

    I can only imagine Hugh Laurie in the role...

  26. kasyx New Member

    check Silvermoths picky of hugh laurie.... hes a dead ringer 4 vimes :surprised:
  27. davenport New Member

    I love Hugh Laurie, but somehow he doesn't look haggard enough. Vimes has such a dark side and so much anger under the surface, I think Laurie's big blue eyes don't convey that. I've always pictured someone like Ed Harris. . .

    Photos of Ed Harris
  28. Marv New Member

    He looks a bit old (I havn't seen him in anything but from those pictures)
  29. kasyx New Member

    Now, I`m not being picky or anything, but shouldnt the actor playing Twoflower be in the least bit oriental?? or have I totally got the wrong end of the barking dog :lol:
  30. kasyx New Member

    What about Philip Glenister (DCI Hunt in ashes to Ashes n Life on Mars) to play Vimes? he looks haggered yet deterined enough (no offence mr Glenister sir if ya reading this :lol:)
  31. Silvermoth New Member

    Y'know, I have been thinking so hard on who should play Carrot and suddenly it just came to me.

    What do you guys think about Charlie Hunnam playing Carrot?

  32. Anelida New Member

    Yes! I do still like the idea of Hugh Laurie, but could definitely see this. For those not familiar with Life on Mars, IMDB isn't really blessed with photos of Mr G, so here's a link to one:

  33. leev New Member

    whenever i read the watch books i see vimes as Pete Postlethwaite check out this link Pete Postlethwaite
    he is the one who should play vimes in any watch movies
    hugh laurie looks too well brought up for vimes who to be honest had a hard upbringing but pete looks just the part
    And for nanny ogg it should be the actress who plays lisa dingle in emmerdale (cant think of her name) but she would be perfect after all she can control the dingle clan the ogg clan shouldnt be much trouble after that
  34. leev New Member

    you must be either mad or american. Buzz lightyear as vimes not a chance
    I could see him in a nobby nobbs role though
  35. legspin New Member

    Haven't been here in a while.

    This is a topic that has exercised my mind on occasion and I believe Carrot should look like this.

    Paul O'Connell Munster and Ireland second row.

    'Tis a real pity he's a rugby player though and has a strong Limerick accent
  36. Arrowcat New Member

    I think the guy who played the lead detective on Midsomer murders would be the best. I even believe his character on that program had the same personality. Unfortunately I have a feeling that he passed away. He was certainly a lot more closer than Morse or Hugh Laurie.
  37. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    I think you mean John Nettles... and he is still very much alive.
    An interesting choice and I agree he would be worth considering.
  38. Arrowcat New Member

    I do believe you are right.

    Midsomer Murders - Cast Details

    I can picture him as Vimes. At least thats the kind of person I always imagined when I read the books.
  39. Zim New Member

    while I sort of agree, I think that the john thaw (godresthissoul) would be to old, I see Vimes as a middle aged man who has aged simply because of his duty. I dont know who would be a good actor and at the risk of being unpopular I'd stab Clooney in the dark. He seems like a man who has aged grecefully and as such, with good make up, could look like a younger man aged by drink and hard work.

    Poselthwaite was a good one (however his name is spelled.. ask his mother).

    The best depction in my opinion wast the scarred and eyepatched version on the cover of Night Watch.

    Which book are we talking about though? Vimes ages a lot througout the books.

    P.S Please forgive my spelling, punctuation and grammer. I am on holiday and as such am trying to learn a new language so I am taking a liberal view to my mothertoungue (did I spell that right????)
  40. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Come back Buzzfloyd, we need you!
  41. DWMF New Member

    Too smooth in my view. My vote would be Ray Winstone - he definitely has the toughness (like John Thaw's Jack Regan) and the sentimentality when necessary. Robert Glenister is also a good choice (thanks kasxy).

    If RG gets Vimes then RW would also make a brilliant Detritus.
  42. brensson New Member

    For me Ben Kingsley would be the perfect Vimes, right age and stature; and if anyone saw Sexy Beast will know he can do mean.:rolleyes:
  43. Maljonic Administrator

    I agree, Ben Kingsley looks the part to me. Sexy Beast is a good film too.
  44. fids New Member

    Sam - Craig Charles
    Carrot - Steven Merchant
    Colon - Ricky Tomlinson
    Nobby - Lee Evans
    Angua - I think they have her nailed on from the Skt TV shows.
    Sybil Ramkin - Beverley Callard
  45. brensson New Member

    Nobby - Tony Robinson (nobby is similar in style to baldrick anyway)
    Colon - Jim Broadbent (though maybe a bit too tall)
    Angua - Michelle Ryan
    Sybill - Pam Ferris
    Carrot - Ross Kemp? (not sure about this one) :question:
  46. Maraphina New Member

    I personally have to thrown the name of one Steve Coogan into the hat to play Sam Vimes. Having seen him in several different roles, I think he may just have what it takes.
  47. Londo New Member

    who would play who in the movies

    Hmmm. well thats a tough one. But i think the question really should be 'who would play the character the best?'. Having seen Going Postal and Hogwatch i have to say that some of the choices made for such well established and well known characters were difficult to fathom. David Jason as Rincewind was a poor choice, especially as he has also played the assistant to Death. David Tennant may have been physically better but I am not sure who i would have play him otherwise. In Going Postal Angua was played very poorly by a Danish actress called Ingrid Bolsø Berdal. She played Angua badly but not because she acted poorly. Its rather that Angua does not, at the drop of a hat or the apprehension of Moist, just change into a werewolf. Its well established in the books that she is very resistant to being seen in the transitional form by anyone including Carrot. She certainly wouldnt just 'pop into werewolf mode' because she sees Moist. And neither would she ask someone if they would be lunch. Picky, I know, but i hope you get my point. We know who she is and how she would act. Pardoxically, the actor choice of Lord Vetinarii was brilliant. Charles Dance nailed it to the wall, skinned it and wore it perfectly.
    So who would play Vimes. Well i have to admit that Ray winstone does make a good starting place. But not Pete Postlethwaite. Too boney, not hard enough, not enough prescence. Remember, Vimes is a leader. The actor has to get that right. Vimes is a man who leads and commands. Sean Bean perhaps. I know i would love to see Sean play Doctor Who. I cant stand Doctor Who (and i love scifi) but i would watch Sean Bean as Doctor Who. I think someone mentioned Ben Kingsley as Vimes. No. Definetly not. He is a fine actor. But he cant play Vimes. As seen on Wikipedia ' Paul Kidby, who has collaborated with Pratchett on several works, portrays him as resembling Clint Eastwood' but i never get a sense of that when reading the books. If he was to be played by a character who looked like clint then we would be expecting him to sound like clint and not vimes. I dont have an answer as to who would be best to play Vimes. But i think it would have to be someone we dont know. And who would play Carrot. Now that is a toughie. It would have to be done well. this one would be way to easy to screw up. You can just hear a producer saying 'just get some football player'. Any thoughts on who would play carrot WELL.
  48. Maljonic Administrator

    Good arguments. However, the total geek inside me simply has to point out there is no such character as Doctor Who. The TV show is called 'Doctor Who', the leading role is called 'the Doctor'. The running theme is we never get to know any other names besides 'the Doctor', hence the title of the series is Doctor Who. However, Doctor Who is often erroneously used as if it were an eponymous title in popular culture. Sorry. :redface:
  49. Maraphina New Member

    I think Rob Brydon would also make a fine Vimes. I definitely want to see a UK actor in the job. Americans would just ruin all that is good about it.:)
  50. DWMF New Member

    Hi Londo. You must be a Babylon 5 fan! Thanks for picking up my suggestion of Ray Winston. Returning to this thread after a few years. My new thought for playing Vimes would be Jason Statham. He has a strong suggestion of suppressed violence that would spice up the role.
  51. Maljonic Administrator

    That might work. I already have an unhealthy collection of Jason Statham films. I keep seeing them in the shops when I go looking for a film, thinking 'meh, he's not so bad I may as well watch that' when I can't decide what to get.. and now, a few years down the line, I seem to have about twenty films with him in it. :)
  52. Yvonne New Member

    Sean Bean as Sam Vimes

    Found this msg board after searching för "Sean Bean as Sam Vimes". In my opinion Sean is the only possible choice. Sean is a fantastic actor and that mix of toughness and tenderness is unforgettably portrayed by Sean in e g "Sharpe". The question is: will they ever make a movie of the Watch books?
  53. Maljonic Administrator

    It would be nice. Hopefully they will get around to doing the Watch books eventually. I think the next one is meant to be Sorcery. I agree about Sean Bean. I saw a clip of something with Robert Carlyle in the other day and think he might fit also now he's getting a bit older.:
  54. pilgrim New Member

    If he were an actor, Prince Harry looks like what I picture Carrot and his lineage is almost as good.
  55. MayChaser New Member

    If you could turn back time...

    Every time I read the books, I can't help visualising Tommy Lee Jones as he was in 'The Fugitive' and 'US Marshals'. Whenever I see re-runs of those two movies it's almost as if Sam Vimes had been transplanted to contemporary USA. The attitude, approach and most of all the LOOK seem spot on. He'd be too old now, of course...

    Kevin Whately might just be able to carry it off. He's matured well in 'Lewis'
  56. Maljonic Administrator

    I never really thought of Kevin Whately like that before. If it was ten or twenty years ago I would have thought you were mad, but I can see what you mean now he's more mature. :)
  57. MayChaser New Member

    The Whately idea, continued...

    Thanks, Maljonic! Have to say that I was somewhat eccentric 20 years ago and haven't changed, so your initial judgement is probably right...(!)

    The advantage to Whately would you could have a bit of fun with a cameo role - Laurence Fox (Hathaway) in a walk-on as Visit-the-Infidel-with-Explanatory-Pamphlets perhaps?

    Mind you, thinking about it, Fox would make an excellent William de Worde.
  58. Maljonic Administrator

    I'd never heard of Laurence Fox, had to look him up... which also means I discovered I haven't watched Lewis. I've only seen Kevin Whately as Lewis on Morse and probably also seen him in TV promos for Lewis. Before Morse I'd only seen him on Auf Wiedersehen, Pet in the 1980s. :)
  59. MayChaser New Member

    Morse and Lewis

    'Lewis' as a separate series (following on chronologically from Morse) is well worth a look. Sergeant Lewis is now the Chief Inspector, following in his old boss's footsteps and Laurence Fox plays Sgt Hathaway (he's the son of Edward Fox, the Jackal in the original 'Day of the Jackal' movie). If you enjoyed Morse, you'll find all the elements that made it so good are still there. Of course, without the great John Thaw (and what a Vimes HE'D have made) it can never be quite as superb. There are some wonderfully touching references to the late Morse dotted throughout the episodes.

    Check it out if you get the chance!
  60. alexintraction New Member

    No , perhaps not,may I suggest Anthony Head,even the americans Know him from Buffy,and of course Chris Hemsworth as Carrot.Andy Serkis as Nobby,and Robbie Coltrane as Sgt.Colon.Miranda Hobbs as Lady Sybil Ramkin,easy aint it,any gainsayers I would value any input,(Oh and Rowan Atkinson as Lupine Wonse,any questions??

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