What about Nanny????????

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  1. Githa New Member

    The first book I read was Light Fantastic and dont know that I would have gone on to read the series (several times) had I not picked Wyrd Sisters.
    Granny and Nanny are a double act that bounce off each other. Tiffany .........As of yet I'm not a fan but I'm happy wait and see.

    And although I am a Watch & Witch fan in equal measure......the Stick and Bucket dance cracks me up every time :p
  2. Mithras-Kosmokrator New Member

    Nanny is a great character, and 'Wyrd Sisters' is one of my favourites - it does help that it is inspired by/parodies two of my favourite Shakespeare plays! I quite like Tiffany - she reminds me a bit of Susan who (post-Soul Music) I do like very much as a character.
  3. mr_scrub New Member

    Yah the stick and bucket is genius :D :lol: My sense of humour seems to have dissapeared mysteriously but it still brings a smile to my face.
  4. pfft New Member

    Nanny Ogg is great but sometimes Granny Weathewax REALLY gets on my nerves. Is she turning into a GOD or something? She even scares DEATH!!! Personally i think Gandalf decided NOT to go "into the west", had a sex change and moved to Lancre. (Would YOU want to spend an eternity with those snotty elves!). And remember, she HATES elves, AND assaulted Gollum in "Witches Abroad"!!! <Wink>

    "Gytha! Don't forget to brush your tooth!"
  5. Shammie New Member

    Nanny´s grasp of foreighn lingo

    I agree with all positive comments on the witches, the books have seen me through some tough times. But no one has mentioned Nanny´s flair for other languages....have we forgotten Witches Abroad..how Nanny on her return told how she got on with people like a "masion du flambé" :lol:
    But Terry...if you ever read these I have a sick and twisted story line for you. Nanny Ogg "getting involved" with Rincewind! Because there reallllly needs to be more Witch books. Sorry Sam Vimes. :shock:
  6. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Rincewind is not allowed near females, he smel... oh, in the books ! Ewwww...
  7. greenfairy New Member

    ha yep the witches are by far my favorate characters! more books would be great

    I quite like Tiffany... possibly caus the wee free men was my first pratchet book... though granny weatherwax IS the most amazing character :smile:
  8. Shregor New Member

    What about Nanny?

    ...besides he'd fall in love with anyone who offered him potatoes.:wink:
  9. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Again, this is strangely also true with our own boardanian Rincewind.
  10. AuntieM New Member

    Nanny Ogg is a wonderful character. Have you read her description in the Discworld Companion?

    It says, "After an adventurous girlhood -always chaste, as she says, and often caught - and a period as a maid at Lancre Castle, Gytha Ogg was accepted by Biddy Spective as her successor to the cottage in Lancre Town where she brought to the craft of witchery an honest, earthy outlook, a non-judgemental understanding of human nature and the ability to crack walnuts with her knees."!

    And plenty more of course.
  11. Pinkystupot New Member

    nanny is by far the most entertaining character on the discworld. I know this has been in lots of different threads but who do you think should play her in a movie, i think imelda staunton [i think thats how its spelt] but i'm not sure, shes a personality and image all of her own
  12. LondonWolf New Member

    Nanny is great, have just read her cook book and can not wait to cook. Mind u I would love 2 see a nanny's song book. Mind u would it be full of things we should not know about. LOL Still want a copy:biggrin:
  13. Lyia New Member

    I like Granny best because she is more complex. But if I had to hang out with one I'd choose Nanny in a hartbeat.
  14. Ook New Member

    Poor Agnes Nitt seems to be suffering a lack of appreciation... I love her, think she's great - probably more representative of how I would be as a witch lol :p

    And sorry to say, but I haven't come accross Tiffany yet - which books is she in? What's she like?
  15. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    I like Agnes too. Tiffany Aching is in some of the young Discworld books; A Hat Full of Sky, The Wee Free Men and Wintersmith. I enjoyed them very much, I'd recommend them.

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