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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Rincewind, Aug 20, 2006.

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  2. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    I'm thinking I should have put this in a separate thread. It could have made a good competition. :smile: Any moderators thinking the same?
    If I had to guess, I would say the head might have a medaeval type cap so it could be Orlando Gibbons.
  3. DEATHOFRATS New Member


    Cult worship of "Chris".
  4. Hsing Moderator

    Chris will be pleased to hear.
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  6. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    That's just what I was going to say.
  7. Hsing Moderator

    Two I digged out yesterday, but actually made a while ago...
    Just for fun.


    Double rainbow
  8. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Inspirational as always, Hsing.
  9. Hsing Moderator

    I saw six rainbows in May! And one of them ended in our neighbours garden. More rainbows than in my entire grown up life so far, I think!
  10. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    I've got loads of photos, but most are from New Zealand (we just came back from a three-month trip there), but this one is of the snowman in our garden when it snowed in February.


    (Sorry about the brightness, I couldn't fix it in Microsoft Image Editor)
  11. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Where's my cow? Is that my cow?


    No , that's a ....?

    Meet Spud. If you can't guess what he is, the answer is in this article

    It had me guessing. :D
  12. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    That's a hedgehog?

    Would never have guessed that...


    I remember once seeing this huge hedgehog in my back garden, at first I thought it was a cat...
  13. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I love the second pic in the article, he so looks like anything but a hedgehog :D Poor ickle thing though.
  14. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I knew he was a hedgehog right away , what else could he be? I'm glad they didn't show the bald squirrel though, that would give the jig up about squirrels being something other than rats with bushy tails. He is at least as cute as a hairless dog or cat, maybe they will find a spineless girl hedge hog and a whole new pocket pet will spread like the plague of shaky Chihuahuas we just barely survived.
  15. randywine Member

    I am sitting at my desk right now sniggering away quite happily at a mental image caused by that last line.

    Nice one Tamyra.

  16. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    I bet there are a lot of Mexicans who are pretty upset that you're 'extracting the water' from their national symbol (Taco Bell anyone?).

    But I admit that description does press the chuckle button :D
  17. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Dug up another NZ photo. Anyone here who has seen LoTR 1 may (or may not, it's not a great photo) recognise this as the Ford of Bruinen (spelling?), you know, the bit where the Black Riders are stopped from reaching Frodo by a giant magic wave.

    (sorry, not a good description)


    Warning: it's huge. As I am on the Wii, I cannot save and mess around with photos. Could someone please copy, shrink, and repost this photo for users with slower internet?
  18. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    If you want to refer to picture(s) in other blogs or news sites, it would be easier to just post the link(s) and a brief description of what you want others to see

    It makes it easier for people who have slower download speeds to decide if they want to see the picture or continue viewing the original thread.

    For personal stuff it is a sort of an unwritten agreement that pictures are re-sized to about 600-800 pixels. Many boards, including this one, limit postings to personal albums to a maximum of 600 x 600 pixels.
  19. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    By the way, did you like the photo? (Technological cock ups aside)
  20. randywine Member

    It is a nice photo, strangely enough at the start of the walk going up Ben Ledi just north of Callander the river there looks just like that.

    Except for the sunshine of course.

  21. mazekin Member

    Some pics from my trip around Clare today.

    This is my favourite one:





  22. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    New Zealand Pictures

    Some of those are beautiful. I'm going to have to pull out all the stoppers to beat them...

    Mount Taranaki:

    Somewhere on the Coromandel Peninsula:

    A really acidic lake on White Island:

    And these are from the Milford Track:





    These were all taken using the camera on a mid-range phone. It just goes to show...something.
  23. randywine Member

    Damn, but those are nice pics D.

  24. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    What's the story behind the small church/chapel/crypt/well cover/electric sub station/Gateway to the Kingdom of the Little People, Maz?

    Just curious.
  25. mazekin Member

    I know, it looks like a shrunken prop from the Lord of the Rings or something, doesn't it:D It's a well. The sign inside is basically a warning that the water isn't fit to drink. There's a couple of them dotted around the North Coast Road up by Black Head, but that's the only one I could spot with a small pull-in area for cars. Every time I've passed it I've been in someone elses car and they would never pull in - mainly because we were on our way to the beach. It's always fascinated me though. I'm glad I finally got a picture of it.
  26. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Thanks Maz, the well is now probably full of salt water if it's that close to the beach.

    I also thought I'd let you see the hitch-hiker I picked up when out shopping this morning. Humidity up here in Durham was about 80% and this beastie spent a good ten minutes on my shoulder having a breather and drying itself out. I talked to it, just in case Granny Weatherwax was listening :D It was only about 22-25mm long.

  27. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Decided to 'join the club' as it were and took a trip with a friend up to Tynemouth. Great weather gave me a series of hand held shots that stitched together quite nicely for this panorama. The full size picture is over 5000 pixels wide so I've put it HERE
    Camera is my little Fujifilm FinePix F700


    Of course you NEVER leave your camera lying around when you take a break... Otherwise this happens. She called it 'Aphrodite rising from the waves'.


    And I was really enjoying that cigarette.
  28. Katcal I Aten't French !

  29. Hsing Moderator

    For your viewing pleasure (I know, cat picture are almost cheap... still.)

  30. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Here are a couple I like from my last batch. One is a pic I didn't pick for the Flight comp, as you will see, but I still like it...


  31. IgorMina New Member

    Ooooh Katcal, those photos are awesome! I love the detail on that Spider one. :)

    I recently got a new camera toy (Cosina C1) that I've been playing about with, and I think this is th best photo I've ever taken.

    This one's not bad either, they're both from the Edinburgh Fringe run of Nights at the Circus that I was involved with.

    Finally I discovered this weird effect when I got the film developed. I think it happened because the film didn't wind on properly between photos.
  32. mazekin Member

    There is a little story attached to these 2 photos: It's the miracle car that saved my brother's life on Thursday night when he ran into a herd of black cows on a black road on a rotten black and moonless night. I think the main thing is that he walked out of it with no more than a cut above his eyebrow and a black eye. So thank you, 97 VW Golf aka 'The Tank'...

    ...weird thing is, the engine still works, even after having 2 cows land on it...


  33. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Hell! Maz that is some damage. A cut eye and a black eye is a miraculous escape. I don't know what Irish law says, but unless it was an unfenced country road like moorland, in the UK the farmer could be prosecuted considerably for not having kept those cows securely penned up. It might not be the first thing on the families mind at present, but may be worth checking out for the insurance claim.
  34. Katcal I Aten't French !

    This is gonna sound silly, but are the cows ok?
  35. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    They might be totally burgered :D
  36. mazekin Member

    Sorry Kat, but the cows were completely burgered and most definately not ok. The steak jokes started once we realised he was going to be fine. One of them died on impact and the other was put down when the vet finally got there. He'd just come out of an area of streetlights and went up over a curved hilly road and straight into them. He said it was so dark that he didn't even know what happened until he got out of the car and something by his elbow went 'moo' and scared the living daylights out of him. Then he used the torch on his keyring and realised what had happened.

    Fom what I've been told, the police will handle the 'you had cows straying we're going to rap your knuckles' part, and my brother's solicitor will be knocking on their door about the head injury, injured hand and "look at his feckin' car!" part. I think it's mad that that's only a recent development; not too long ago, he'd have been prosecuted for hitting the cows!:shock:
  37. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Someone has to ask the obvious...

    -Were them cows mad?
    -Well they weren't exactly pleased!

    Groan away....
  38. Hsing Moderator

    A few nighttime pictures, which happen to have been taken in the late evening of Halloween (which isn't really being celebrated here, but still).


    They were taken at the Historical Cemetery (top two) and in a nearby park (the lower two).


  39. Hsing Moderator

    ...and a few for the season:

    Do you see the smile?


    The Flying Spaghetti Monster!

    What do you call these in your language?
  40. redneck New Member

    Hsing, the smiling tree is awesome. Do you know if it was an Ent or a Nymph?
  41. Hsing Moderator

    I don't know for sure... but the bust looks vaguely female to me. Dryad in stasis? (Wouldn't you be the expert? ;))
  42. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Nice shots Hsing, I haven't ventured out into the chilly air with a camera for weeks. You're shaming me into it :D

    Not that there's much to photograph at present.

    For reference, the hand held fireworks are known simply as 'Sparklers'.
    It has something to do with iron filings mixed with the rest of the paste the wood splints or wires are coated with.
  43. TamyraMcG Active Member

    We call them sparklers here too. I saw the smile and I think it looked feminine, maybe she was an Entwife?
  44. Hsing Moderator

    Snow! Cats!


    I told her not to lick the white stuff off her fingertips like they always do in the movies, but she did it anyways.


    More snow. We were happy to find our Saab was still under it, but after not driving it for weeks, it took us four hours to dig it out.

    This janitor works hard for his money:
  45. redneck New Member

    Great pictures, Hsing. Love the black cat in the white snow.
  46. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Wow, Hsing, that first one is really stunning! Kitty envy creeping in. must. resist.
  47. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Spring is Sprung

    After the bad weather it is nice to see signs that spring is moving in and summer cannot be too far behind. Here are some shots from our 'wildlife garden' now sparsely carpeted with the harbingers of warmer weather.
    I cant even remember planting them so they are probably a gift from the birds that flock to our feed tables along with a couple of hedgehogs and our urban fox. Something I'm keeping from our neighbours who think hunting them is 'cool'.


  48. mazekin Member

    They are possibly my favourite flower. Simple, elegant and always remind me of hope - hope that the weather might actually get better. Sadly, it is a hope that is usually dashed by rain...:D

    Beautiful pics Joc - keep up the good work keeping the foxes safe!
  49. Hsing Moderator

    Here are a few new favourite places from my new hometown...

    From Friedrichstr./ -reichstagsufer to the Reichstag.

    Just around the corner from us...

    The "Oriental Gardens" in the "Gardens of the World" in Marzahn...

    Cherry trees blossoming in the ""Gardens of the World" in Marzahn...

    M├╝ggel Lake, Berlin's biggest lake, a few Tram stations away from us.

    Other favourite locations will be illustrated soon, if anyone's interested.
  50. Hsing Moderator

    Hah! To no avail, as we know now! :razz:

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