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Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Silmaril, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. TamyraMcG Active Member

    This morning I touched Adam and woke him up, so he told me to go home, and so I did. I am pretty sure I am not going back. It is breaking my heart but there are a few things I need in a man and well, Adam just doesn't have enough of them to tolerate some of the things he does have.

    I'm going to trust that there is someone who does have what it takes to love me, who can accept all of me. mean while summer's coming and lots of stuff is happening. It'll be good to just be myself again instead of always missing having the man i love. It just sucks though that the cure for wanting more of someone is leaving them.
  2. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    *hugs Tamyra*
  3. peapod_j New Member

    Hugs to Tamyra.

    Well I sent off an application to university today so I'm hopping that I get in but if I don't I will re-apply next year as well as to other university's.
  4. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Thanks, I needed that.
  5. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Michael has gained over a pound in weight since he was born 12 days ago. My breast milk rolls twenties.
  6. chrisjordan New Member

    That has got to be the strangest and geekiest thing I've read all week.

  7. peapod_j New Member

    Just got home from my big brothers weeding where we had to go to cambridge and then back. It was great and we are very tired. I will be looking forward to going to bed tonight.
  8. spiky Bar Wench

    I'm sitting here with tissues hanging from my nose and a horrible stuffy feeling cos I had my sinus surgery on Friday... I didn't expect it to knock me around as much as it has and I'm feeling pretty blah. I've got to get my arse into gear as I fly to Michigan tomorrow for a conference. It'll be interesting to see how depressing Detroit is compared to San Fran last year.

    My poor nose :sad:

    Bob doesn't have a nose so he doesn't understand my pain...
  9. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Aww, poor Spiky, and anything sinus-related will be great fun on a plane too I'm sure... :sad: But hey, hopefully it'll put an end to those pesky sinus pains you've been having, so I guess it's for the best in the long run...
  10. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    Spiky, do make sure you get some advice about flying so soon after the surgery, won't you? I hope it all eases up soon!
  11. mazekin Member

    Take care of yourself Spiky!
  12. spiky Bar Wench

    A nose update from half way around the world:

    Nose held up OK. A bit leaky but I wasn't in as much pain as I usually am on planes. the doctor OKd the trip, he askied if it could be delayed and as the conference wouldn't wait for me he just gave me a huge list of sprays and the like to put up there while flying...

    As to the flight i do have to say the United are one of the worst international airlines I've ever been on. I mean the food was crap, you had to pay for alcohol which is not normal on international and there were no tvs. So I had 13 hours of staring at the chair in front of me and using my laptop until the battery died. Not happy that i have to fly home with them too. Stoopid airline.
  13. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    No TVs? Practically every aeroplane company now have TVs for flights 10 hours or over...I'll make sure I never fly with them.
  14. Katcal I Aten't French !

    So, a colleague and friend got shot on his way home from work yesterday, about 200m from the office. Sounds quite dramatic put like that, but although it was "only" a 5mm pellet gun shot, it did enter his leg and he's been waiting around the hospotal all day today to have it removed... He got sniped, walking down the street. At first he thought it was a plastic airgun pellet that had just bounced off, and carried on walking with a bit of a stiff leg, but when he got to his car after his train ride, he realised that he had a great bloody hole in his leg! The Gardai are looking into it, and they've taken the pellet, shame really, would have made a cool bit of gansta jewellery...

    Feckin kids...
  15. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Hi Spiky, I'm only a few hundred miles away, sorry about being in Detroit, I've been there and it wasn't too pretty. Michigan outside of the city is great, but the flowers are probably gone from the fruit trees by now, they are amazing. I also imagine the weather is cooler then you were expecting, I know it has been cooler then I was expecting here and we send most of our weather to Michigan.

    My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last Sunday, we had a party out in the rice shed, about 200 guests showed up even though everyone had to wear jackets. we had to make a second big(5 gallon) pot of coffee and most of that was gone by the end. We ran out of cake and the scalloped potatoes, and we served the better part of 60pounds of ham and 25 roasted chickens, plus potato salad, my sister in law's famous smoked beans , fresh fruit, frog eye salad, and something called strawberry delight as well as pickles and olives. My best contribution was a roll of 6mm plastic my brother and his girlfriend stapled up across one end of the building. I also filled a dozen vases with lilacs and put streamers down the center of the tables. I don't know how we could have done it without the help of our friends Mike and Candy, I thank my dad for having the food catered, they brought it from the grocery store in four vehicles and about ten of those roaster ovens, we had extension cords and power strips all over the place. But it was a success and people seemed glad to have come and seen old friends in a happy setting.

    I am still the Lady Steele , but I'm not as sure I want to be as I once was. Adam and I worked most of our issues out but there always seem to be more. He's down in Houston again and now is not the time for me to be making changes. I just hope I can figure this stuff out, at least there is never a dull moment being me.
  16. redneck New Member

    I've got my towel in hand and am just about ready to chuck it in.
  17. Hsing Moderator

    In what regard?
    I mean, you clearly are on my list of people in need of a serious break.
    That's not the same as chucking the towel. Not if I get the meaning correctly.
  18. redneck New Member

    I'm just about ready to quit completely. I know I'll get through and over this, but right now it's gettin me down pretty bad. Broken heart, lonely, bad business deals, people not paying me for work completed, and the government raping me every time I turn around. Just about has me on the ropes. Ready to build a little shack in the woods, lose the keys to my car, and hibernate for a month or so.
  19. Hsing Moderator

    If that keeps you from completely burning out, do so. It might seem impossible, but impossible only really starts when you are so burnt out you can't regenerate anymore.
    If you want to rant, we're all right there in your mailbox.
  20. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    If you're looking for someone great to go, New Zealand is top on my list (just came back a few weeks ago), but that might be a tad expensive. But Canada's great too.
  21. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I'm sorry you are down Nate, life does seem to hand us lemons somedays and if you don't have any sugar it is pretty sour lemonade. Adam told me today that the reason i have been down is because, well he's sure when he gets home he can fix what is wrong with me. Maybe he's right, but I sort of don't think so, I think I have a few more troubles then just that:). but I'm working fire watch this weekend so I may be able to pay my house payment and maybe have enough to go to the convention in July. Just be kind to yourself and try to be patient, like you said -you will get through this.
  22. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

  23. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Hope you get things sorted Redneck. Take that break, even if it's only for a few days.
  24. peapod_j New Member

    Well my parents are now away for there week long holiday.

    We keep chickens and one of them wasnt very well. We thought it may have been worms but sadly it wasnt so when I went out to check on it the chicken was dead so we are now down to ten hens. Called my mum on her mobile to tell her she said ten is enough.

    Hope things get better redneck.
  25. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Hate to add more bad news, but our computer has just broken, so I might not be able to post very much until we get a new one.

    (In case you were wondering, this post has been done on my Wii, so has consequently taken about 10 mins)
  26. spiky Bar Wench

    I'm back!

    Sorry to here that things are sucky Nate. Take some time off or try something Morris Dancing or pottery a new activity in a new social setting I find helps.

    Can't think too clearly at the moment the jetlag is killing me. But I can say that if you can possibly avoid it never, ever go to LA airport. Worst place ever.
  27. redneck New Member

    Don't see myself visiting LA or their airport in the near and even not so near future.

    I did try dating, but obviously I'm not really cut out for that. Any recommendations on what to try next? Small town in Mississippi, it's hard to find things to occupy the time. Who's up for some cow tippin*?!

    *No, I've never been cow tipping. Nor do I own a bed sheet with eye holes. Don't even have a four-wheel drive pickup. Not anymore anyway. ;)
  28. Hsing Moderator

    *lol* In a strict sense, I never really dated myself as such. It's completely overrated. I still ended up married with kid.

    I'd say from what I know you already do a lot of things I'd do in a small town. Being in a play, reading and all that. But if you manage to get a few days off, do drive away, even if it's not far. We don't have money or time and I bought a small tent. I'm going to a nearby lake with my daughter and my husband once the weather is stable enough. Maybe only for two nights, and it's only about an hour by train away, but still.
  29. spiky Bar Wench

    Is there a Rotary or other volunteer group there? Even if its joining the committee for the annual fete/fair...
  30. redneck New Member

    I am on the board of directors at the local theatre. And I just got a role in a friend's independent film. I get to kill several people. I am very excited.
  31. TamyraMcG Active Member

    Alrighty then , things are looking up! Have blast with the movie Nate.
  32. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    I'm doing a play, too. Learning lines is hard.
  33. Tephlon Active Member

    Well, you know how to handle a chainsaw... :)
  34. mazekin Member

    I've been having a pretty crappy couple of months. My dad's health is declining pretty fast - kidneys are shutting down and he's due for an eye operation next month to see if they can save his sight in his left eye. On top of that, my sister who is due a baby very soon has pre-eclampsia and diabetes so things have been stressful all around. (Plus, she is and has always been very high maintenance and right now, hanging around with her is a chore. I love her, but there is a limit to how much bs I can tolerate.)
    So when my friend decided that we both needed a break, it sounded like a great idea - it wasn't by the way. Taking a 2 year old away is not as stress free as she thought. I had a feeling it might be a bad idea, but what can you say to a free holiday?
    So we left last night for a nearby beach where her parents have a small apartment...and we left at about 9 o'clock this morning after we discovered that the little mite doesn't really like anything that isn't home. To forestall any more screaming and to keep my friend's nerves from being frayed, we hit the road pretty early, and ended back home at about 10.30.
    At a loss of what to do, and really not wanting to go back home to face the doom and gloom of my parents or my sister, I got back in my car and drove for about 6 hours around the coast.

    Not being biased, but I live in what has to be one of the most pretty places on earth. I saw some of the most breathtaking sights I've ever seen. My picture taking skills can't do it justice, but I am so lucky to live close to so many places that some people come thousands of miles to see. I have beaches and cliffs on my doorstep that I never take the opportunity to visit. I can see the prettiest little run-down cottages that have been half-overtaken by the surrounding vegetation, right beside the big mansions that I'd love to own but what must be a bugger to heat:).
    I can see mountains that have been scoured bare by glaciers and harsh winds from the atlantic and the ruins of castles that were built centuries ago and appear around the corner when you least expect it. And I can meet a lot of really nice tourists on the side of the road who offer you a cup of tea from a flask or a bottle of water on a really hot day when you look half-dead from the heat. All in all, I had a good day today; the first I can honestly say in months. Tomorrow, I plan to sleep and avoid my family for one more day. None of them know I took tomorrow off too.:)

  35. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Today there was a new computer lead in the post! I can now properly post pictures and stuff, with our good ol' laptop back in action.
  36. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Just back from a short trip to France, for a friend's wedding. Have returned after episodes of severe annoyance, disappointment, but also gems of happiness, and surreally weird situations involving a hotel and what must have been time travel. Will post more later, with photos...
  37. randywine Member

    Mazekin, I'm glad that you took a positive step and took some 'me' time. Its important and helps get your head together.
    Deeps breaths and counting to ten don't always work but the Beutiful Irish Countryside always will.

    Nice pic.

    Ok everyone, calm down, DEATHOFARTS* computer is now working. Panic over.:razz:

    Only joking dude.:wink:


    *Heh Heh...
  38. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    DEATHOFRATS, foolish earthling.
  39. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Meh, I dunno, DEATHOFFARTS kinda suits... **throws a potato in the general direction**
  40. Tephlon Active Member

    List time:

    - Holidays: London - St. Louis - New York. New York is frikkin' awesome. (Edit: So are London and St. Louis, but i had a great 5 days in NY)

    - New job. (Heard about it 3 days before going on holiday, started 3 days after getting back. Yay jetlag)

    - Ran 10 km (6.2 miles) with my new colleagues at a charity race. F'ed up my foot, but well worth it. Couldn't walk for 2 days.

    - Eye infection. For 3 weeks. It's clearing up now, but I haven't been able to use my contacts for 3 weeks. I hate using glasses especially since it's 37ยบ C out and I can't wear my sunglasses

    - Car got in trouble. Something in the engine went *kabloey*. It's been in the shop for a week and it looks like it may cost us nearly a month of wages.

    - I made a new Avatar

    - I should post more, by the way, but I'm already doing too much updates on Twitter (@bschildt) as it is.
  41. Lyia New Member

    I think we should all call Deathofrats, 'flatulencefatility' from now on. **Ducks just-in-case**[IMG]
  42. spiky Bar Wench

    I'm trying to decide if deathofarts means that you die by flatulence or it's the end of farting... Personally I'd rather it was the second one, there's just too much hot, stinky air in the world but if I'm realistic its probably the first one. I should get my gas mask ready.

    Well I'm back from the US, have largely recovered from jetlag, surgery etc and have also finished all the exam marking. Meaning I am free and easy for 1 week before I have to start preparing for next semester. In this week I'm supposed to get 5 chapters of my thesis written (it ain't gonna happen) but the stress is bad and makes me want to go and hide in a hole and suck my thumb...
  43. Tephlon Active Member

    Ah, I thought it was about the decline of artistic endeavors? (Seeing there is only one F)
  44. Katcal I Aten't French !

    He could be Oyrish... Death O'Farts...
  45. IgorMina New Member

    I don't think I've posted on this thread before, but I just had to poke my head round the door to say 'Wahey! Flatulence jokes!' :D

    Today I received a letter from the university confirming that I passed and that I'm definitely doing the creative writing course next year! Woo! :)
  46. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    It's always at someone's expense.

    In this case mine.

    So shut up.
  47. DEATHOFRATS New Member

    Got Mario Kart for my Wii...

    Legendary game. :smile:
  48. IgorMina New Member

    Sorry, didn't mean to offend you. :sad:

    *shuts up*
  49. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    It's normally considered courteous to pick up the potato and throw it back :D
  50. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Gah, these kids, ya have to teach 'em everything, eh!

    **Hands IgorMina an unexploded potato** Here you go... :pirate:
  51. DEATHOFRATS New Member


    Jacket Potato...
  52. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    So DoR likes potatoes? Hmmm. **Lobs a green potato into the DoR camp**
  53. Hsing Moderator

    That's what happens when you tell people here to shut up.

    Food fights.
  54. spiky Bar Wench

    Now now, you know you could yake someones eye out with that potato. Here's a nice soft custard pie for you to play with...
  55. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    Statistics have shown that a custard pie is really a short range jobbie and breaks up in flight.

    ** passes Spiky a plate of buttery, mashed potato and invites her to have another go ** :D

    (Mash has a much better ballistic cohesion factor!)
  56. spiky Bar Wench

    **Thanks Joc for the mashed potato**

    **Hurls now-safe potato at Kat for being mean to the newbie**
  57. randywine Member

    *Sits in corner rubbing hands together watching the repercusions of a simple spelling 'mistake'.*

    heh heh...
  58. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Mmm, mashed potato... **licks own face with giant tongue, Scooby-style**
  59. Joculator The 'Old' Fool

    A 'simple spelling mistake'? First time I've seen you make one of them in your posts. Unless it was deliberate?
    **rolls a freshly primed potato croquette, covered in crispy breadcrumb shrapnel into the corner ** Laugh that one off! :D
  60. TamyraMcG Active Member

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