In memoriam: Tempus Fugitive

Discussion in 'BOARDANIA' started by Saccharissa, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Saccharissa Stitcher

    Here's to having more people as brave and kind in the world, to make up for the loss.
  2. Roman_K New Member

    Hear, hear!
  3. TheJackal Member

    Yes, indeed
  4. jaccairn New Member

    As Jackal said.
  5. Maljonic Administrator

    Was there ever any more news on this, or will we never know do you think?
  6. mazekin Member

    I think that it's going to be one of those distressing mysteries that will stay with us for ever. At this stage, if there has been no news...
  7. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I will always miss him, he was one of the good ones we don't get to keep for long. Thanks Saccharissa, for keeping the memory.
  8. Hex New Member

    Miss him.
    Agreed with all the above, I hope for more people like Tempus in this world.
  9. redneck New Member

    I was just trying to think of a way to let the newbits learn a little about Tempus and let some of the older ones remember him. I think it would a good idea if there could be a compilation of some of his posts as a reminder of him. The one post of his that always comes to mind when I think of him is when he was working first aid on the girl that had been beaten and raped while the guy that did it was joking and laughing with the police. I just remember him talking about overhearing them while the girl was bleeding in his arms and he was powerless to do anything about the asswipe that did it. I'll try to find some of his old posts this weekend, but if anyone else has time feel free to take this idea or to improve on it. We miss you Tempus.
  10. sampanna New Member

    He was a good man. One of the things I remember - after the tsunami hit Sri Lanka, the government denied aid to the rebel areas. He and a friend went in on a motorbike at great risk to help the people in those areas.
  11. Saccharissa Stitcher

  12. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I remember reading those threads when the bad news was announced, and crying although I had never even spoken to him, almost because I had never even spoken to him. I guess if people who never met him remember him, then he was very obviously a special person and an example to us all.
  13. Rincewind Number One Doorman


    I don't have any words, only emotion.
  14. mowgli New Member

    People have been in captivity for longer than 2 years... John McCain spent five. I wouldn't be surprised if his family had given him up for dead during that time...

    I want to believe he's alive. Damn hard though it is.
  15. Garner Great God and Founding Father

    Last time I heard anything from his girlfriend, they'd found his equipment and kit, but no body. Granted, no body means no proof he's dead, and it seems a bit odd that they'd leave gear behind and lug away a corpse, but one would assume there'd have been ransom demands if he'd been taken hostage.

    All that can be said is that he knew how high the risks were, but he took them anyway. Amazing man, really.
  16. chrisjordan New Member

    Ditto. I can't believe it's been two years already.
  17. OmKranti Yogi Wench

    Yeah, I miss him too. He was a good man.
  18. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    This is a month old, but I'm bumping because I'd been thinking of Steve and I'm glad you all were too. His legacy will not be lost.
  19. Cynical_Youth New Member

    I think the fact that a lot of people still think of him regularly speaks for itself.

    Glad you bumped this, Grace.
  20. Pixel New Member

    I'm still hoping that he will reappear - in that area, people can be held incomunicado for long periods - and someone with medical experience could well be a valuable prisoner. I am sure that Tempus's standards would allow him to treat anybody, be they friend or enemy.
  21. Tephlon Active Member

    I was thinking about him the other day. Something about Afghanistan was in the news, and I thought; "Damn, I wonder about Tempus."
  22. Hsing Moderator

    Something similar happened to me whenever the news reported on the Korean hostages in Afghanistan.
  23. Bradthewonderllama New Member

    I've run into a Kiwi Vietnam Vet, and naturally I've been thinking of Steve. So, I'm bumping this.

    :raises glass: To those who cannot be here.
  24. TamyraMcG Active Member

    I hope Steve knows that he was loved and some how I hope that who ever took him figures out just how wrong they were.
  25. spiky Bar Wench

    Wow Iwas thinking of him the other day as I was going through my interviews. Its still sad to think that he' gone.
  26. Katcal I Aten't French !

    I thought of him too, probably around the same time as you spiky. We were walking past the cemetery in our new town and I remarked on the "flying egg timer" motifs over the gate, and how they always remind me of Good Omens. Reg asked what they meant, and I explained about Tempus Fugit, which of course reminded me of him. May he never be forgotten and this thread eternally bumped.

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