Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows book cover

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  2. Maljonic Administrator

    Yes it does. It could well be, seeing as it's a related genre, that Jason Cockcroft is fan of Josh Kirby and is influenced by his style somewhat.

    Some of his other work is a little different though:

    Bloomsbury.com - Children's Authors
  3. Katcal I Aten't French !

    It does look a lot more like a Kirby than the previous ones did, I have the rest of the books in "Children's version" and they have been illustrated by various people, Jeckson croft did the last two, and I particularly liked the phoenix one, this one looks rather more "cartoony" than the previous ones, but still, good.

    I like the other things he has illustrated...
  4. Buzzfloyd Spelling Bee

    To be honest, I don't really like the new cover. It feels too busy and the characters look too silly. Those were problems I had with Josh Kirby's illustrations too! Still, when you're reading the book you don't have to look at the cover, and it's not exactly going to put me off buying it.
  5. Hsing Moderator

    Here's another one...
  6. jaccairn New Member

    That one looks more interesting, and a bit intriguing.
  7. Katcal I Aten't French !

    Well Pterry's books are silly. In a very intelligent and fantastic way, but still, I found the Kirby illustrations a lot more fitting than some I have seen since (the Harper Torch editions are just plain ewww !) and enjoyed spotting the characters and situations, although they were far from influencing the mental picture I got by reading the books, which has always been quite different.

    But I agree, the cover won't stop you reading a book if you already know you
    want to buy it. It might influence you one way or the other if you didn't know the author...

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